Jean-Pierre Fortin

Band: Death Dealer

Montreal Canada

Hello Arni .

IT will be an honor to figure on your lefty paradise! Thank you so much.

I am a bass player since 1980. Played with hard rock band Deaf Dealer on Polygram Mercury for 2 album between 1985-1987. Song writer and singer i recorded a self-produced album named Relexion in 1998.

Actally in studio for the next one. Maine influences: Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Billy Sheehan.

I am from Montreal Canada 40 years old.

Play with Musicman Stingray and Ibanez Roadstar 24 frets for lead bass (solo).

Fender Jazz Bass

Musicman Stingray

Ibanez Roadstar 24

Gallien Krueger 200 and a 4X10 GK