Jeroen Gahrmann

Band: Eve's Fall

Leidschendam / The Netherlands

Hi, I'm Jeroen Gahrmann from the Netherlands, 24 years old. I have been playing bass since 2001 and still enjoy it very much. It's hard to find good lefthanded instruments that suit you in music stores, so I have always heavily relied on second hand websites like eBay or Arni's website has been a very helpful addition for me so far, and I have also been able to help other lefthanded bass players find the bass they were looking for in the Bass Wanted-section on this website. So I think this website offers a great possibility to help eachother out :-)

Currently, my bass gear consists of:
Ellio Martina Forza (Netherlands), fivestring, finished in natural (my main workhorse);
Sandberg Bullet (Germany), fivestring fretless, finished in a beautiful tobacco burst;
Jan Bak custom Precision Bass (Netherlands), finished in sunburst, upgraded with Hipshot Bass X-tender;
Ibanez ATK305 (Japan), transparent black;
Ibanez ATK300 (Japan), transparent black;
Kydd 'Big Kydd' (USA) 35" electric upright;
Longbow American Classic (USA) 2-string shortscale fretless (righthanded, with reversed strings);
Cort NTL-B FL (Zuid-Korea), fourstring acoustic fretless with Fishman Prefix Pro
(all links are clickable and lead to a Photobucket album of each bass)

I play these basses through an Ashdown ABM300 C210T EVO II with an ABM115 Compact extension cab and some effects. The Kydd goes through a Fishman Pro EQ Platinum Bass. For really small gigs (and home practice sessions at low volumes) I use a Line 6 Lowdown Studio 110, a great little amp!

I also play a little guitar, my guitars are:
Music Man Silhouette Special (USA), finished in purple pearl;
G&L ASAT Special (USA), finished in natural;
Squier E-series Strat (Japan), olympic white, with some upgrades;
Squier Affinity Strat (China), brown sunburst, with Levinson singlecoils from a Blade R2 and several other upgrades;
-Washburn D12S (China), with a B-band UST and Core 99 preamp;
-Crafter D7 (Korea);
-Taylor Baby BT-1 (Mexico) 3/4 western.

I play guitar through a Koch Studiotone head with a matching straight 2x12 cab (vertical).

My main band is
The Bullfight. We play a style of music that is sometimes referred to as 'pop noir'. Dark, atmospheric, laidback pop music (but very intense at times). People sometimes compare our music to Tindersticks and Nick Cave, which I think is a great compliment (even though we never intended to sound like them). On stage, we like to try and offer something special, not just to listen to but also to look at. We often wear suits on stage, and we have a female cello player in the band (who also plays organ) to add warmth, class and esthetics ;-). There's also always room for some fun, we all love a good laugh. Hopefully our second album will be due by the end of 2008.

Ellio Martina Forza (Netherlands)
Sandberg Bullet (Germany), fivestring fretless
Jan Bak custom Precision Bass (Netherlands)
Ibanez ATK305 (Japan)
Ibanez ATK300 (Japan)
Kydd 'Big Kydd' (USA)
Longbow American Classic (USA)
Cort NTL-B FL (Zuid-Korea)

Ashdown ABM300 C210T EVO II

ABM115 Compact extension cab

and some effects

Line 6 Lowdown Studio 110