Jürgen Steffen

(Electric Lady Band)

In Sommer 2004 I got a email from Jürgen Steffen and he told me, that he is a lefthanded bassplayer and he lives in Bielefeld / Germany! Wow! A lefty from my hometown!! Of course we arranged a meeting at the local Irish Pup.
When I met him, Jürgen showed me his new and his coustom made Sandberg bass. A wonderfull instrument with a great spectrum of sounds and light weight!
This evening we talked a lot about music and bass guitars (I hope not too much for Birgit, Jürgen´s wife).
We planed a visit in my home.
When Jürgen and Birgit came to us, he checked out some of my basses and he felt in love with my Fender 76´Jazz.
On Okt, 2nd 2004 Jürgen and his Electric Lady Band had a gig at the local pub called Augustus.
Of course, Angelika and I became curious and we went out to see this gig.
What we saw was a trip back to 1977 (Rockpalast).
When I closed my eyes, I saw Rory Gallagher and his band playing on stage!!! We saw a authentic evening of that phantastic Irish guitar player and his perfect band!
It was a great evening and a incredible concert!

Sept., 18, 2004

A next signiture for my "Autograph-Bass"

Jürgen checked out...

...some of my basses.

Equipment: Sandberg Bullet, Ashdown MAG 210 und

Hartke 3500 Amp

We are just talking in front of the gig this night

Two lefties on guitars

used one mic!!

Small talk after a great show.