Marco Mazotti

There is a lefty bass player, I am in touch with nearly day by day. It´s Marco Mazotti from Switzerland. We have planed a meeting month before, but we must cancel it. On May 29th, 2003 I met Marco in Visp in the midst of the wonderful mountain area.
At first I learned the lifestyle of this hospitable guys. Snugness over all! Togehter with Marco´s friends I could take part of a big party at a typical house. Marco´s played on his acoustic guitars all kind of songs. We had a lot of fun.
Next day we went by train into in mountains of the Switzerland "Alpen". It was Marco´s idea to sign my autograph-bass in front of the great scene of the Matterhorn. At a high of 3135 meter over sea we had a great view to the more than 4000 meters high mountains and glaciers. This scene was unforgettable! Next we stayed in Zermatt and made some shoppings.
At evening I was going to Marco´s appartment. He showed me his Warwick basses, including his special ordered 8string. Here I could listen to his great and impressive bassplaying.
On May 31st, 2003 I had to drive back home to Germany. During this trip to Switzerland I have won two good friends. Reto Bauert and Marco Mazotti.

I like to thank you all very much for your hospitality and friendship. It was another impressive example for friendship between lefty bass players.

Barbecue with Marco´s friends

Marco Mazotti on acoustic guitar

Marco and his impressive bassplaying

His Warwick Fortress 8string and Warwick Streamer

Fortress one 8string

Marco signed the bass in front of the Matterhorn

Impressions of the Switzerland mountains

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