Michael Klahn


In the 04/2004 update I had the honor to feature you Michael Klahn from Bonn / Germany.

If you had took a view to my second rubric past times, you saw that Michael offers this lefthand Warwick basses: Warwick Fortress Fretless 4-string, Warwick Corvette Proline 6-string and a Warwick Thumb 8-string bass.

Michael owns a new and expensive double bass.

He was looking for a Fender Jazz bass to play some parts of music, he can not play with his double bass. He asked me in May 2004 if I was intrested in trading this Warwick Thumb 8string with one of my Fender Jazz basses.

We made a date here at my home in Bielefeld / Germany.

On May 31, 2004 Michael comes for a visit and two lefty basses got new owners.

Michael Klahn with my former Fender Jazz Bass

The deal: Lefthand Warwick Thumb 8-string and Fender Jazz Bass

We only talked about the deal and basses of cousre.

Michael Klahn signs the "Autograph-Bass"

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