Marco Mazotti



Stefanie Heinzmann


Visp Oberwallis / Schweiz

Ciao Ragazziiiiiiiiii

I`m Marco Mazotti (32) and live in the Center of the Swiss Alps, called WALLIS.
The famous Matterhorn is quite close, so feel free to asked me, if u wanna visit, Arni his wife and me did it once and it was a great pleasure for us, to sign his MEETING BASS in front of this wonderful mountain J

My language is Swiss German dialect, i also speak/write normal German and English.

I play Bass for around 15 years now. I started in local Bands (Rock, Metal), after the School-Age i did lot of Jobs in Coverbands (that was the time - learn to perform) beside Bands with own stuff (Rock, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Pop) we began to write.

After i learned Chemical asistant (Laborant) in industry ---- I work now as a Musicteacher since 5 years (with classes, 13-16 years old Kids). There i discovered the talented Girl STEFANIE HEINZMANN, took her into the School-choir, sended her to the Vocaltrainer and after she finished School, she became a Bandmember of our Band called BIGFISCH. Bigfisch first started as an acoustic Pub Coverband, moved later to a Rockcoverband with own stuff (CD « Chum ins Wallis » came out in 07 and was a big sucess in our valey).

After the big and unexpected sucess of STEFANIE in the german TV Show TV TOTAL from Stefan Raab, 2 Members of BIGFISCH started to form the Tourband for Stefanie. Me (Bass) and Ephraim (Percussion) played the Summer-Shows and probably till end of the Year 08. Whazz up with the future there ? – we will see ….

Since 4 years, i play in the famous Rockband AEXTRA from switzerland too, wich is a cool Job because the are great guys, its own stuff, they have a Majordeal with Universal (New CD is comming out in Sept) and we will play till end of Summer 09 for shure.

Beside my Jobs, i always wrote my own Stuff – and ist still important for me. I made a CD by myself a few years ago called HEALINGCOLOURSOUND. It was fun to discover my force, and i`m still looking forward - beside my Jobs as a Side-Player … to give my own Music room and Space – of course shared with other Members/Ideas.
I hope one day, there will a great Band with no Musical Limits, where i can live my ideology „dont mind wich style, ist just music“ - « SpaceEthnoWorldmusicRockPopMetalJazz“

I also study Musictherapy in University of Art in Zürich. It takes 4 years and i`m in the first now. Beside playing in Bands on Weekends, this Job will finaly take a Big Part in the future of my life.

I like beeing in nature general. Swimming, hiking, snowboarding biking, blading ….
I also like meet friends, barbecues in Summer and stuff like that !

Influences in Bass ; Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Tony Levin a.m.m
General ; KingsX, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Sting (Police), Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Zeppelin and many many moooooooooooore Styles .. Jazz, Classic, Funk, Metal, Worldmusic, Electronic, Folk …….

At the End, i will say THANK U ARNI for your work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I now him for many years now --- and its a pleasure to visit this site. And to sell / buy other Basses … i did a lot of Deals in the Past, and there where never Problems to get money or Basses. This is a honest community. Thank u guys !!

Peace – Love and Groove

Fbass BN5

Ibanez ATK 5string

Musicman 5String

Warwick Streamer 4String

Warwick Rockbass 5String

Warwick fortress 8String

(and some acoustic guitars as well)

Markbass TA 501, 106 HR 6x10
Gallien Krueger RB 800, Peavey 8x10
Ampeg 4x10

Boss Synth, EBS Chorus- Octaver, Sansamp Bass Driver