Niels Broekema

Band: Switch

Groningen / Netherlands

Niels Broekema, born in 01-01-1970.

I bought my first bass when I was 15. An Ibanez Musician, left-handed, I still regret ever selling this one. If you know somebody who wants to sell one, please let me know. (even you Arni, you got one).

In oktober 2003 I bought a Warwick Infinity 5 string. The sound is superb. You can play everything on this bass. Any sound you want, you can get. Along with my Glockenklang Soul head and a Duo 210/8 en an Uno 115/8, I got everything that my heart desires. It's a great thing playing bass if you got the right equipment. I have an KSD705 jazz bass as well. Equiped with Glockenklang electronics and Seymour Duncun pickups, It’s an amazing bass also for every music style you can imagine.

I play in the coverband Switch (It is written in dutch). It's a great band, if I may say so myself. An example:


Warwick Infinty 5 string, neckthrough

Westone Thunder 1-A, 4 string fretless, Ebony fingerbord, Bartolini pickups (an extra jazz pickup) and EMG electronics

KSD705 jazz bass, Glockenklang electronics and Seymour Duncan pickups

Glockenklang Soul Head
Glockenklang Duo 2 x 10 cabinet
Glockenklang Uno 1 x 15 cabinet