Paul Di Leo

If you check out Pauls website, you will see the names of some very famous musicians, which Paul was playing with. Please check out.

When I was bussy with my second lefty CD project, Paul told me to be intrested to take part on it. He was just recording a CD with Nena, here in Germany. Nena is a famous singer, started her career in the eighties. But when the deadline of the lefty CD was comming, Nena´s CD wasn´t finnished. Paul like to be with a track on the 3rd lefty bass player CD, if I start such a great project again.

This year, Paul was on tour with Nena. I met him at Oktober 10th, 2002, in Herford / Germany.

We talked about Paul´s plannings for this year.

Paul Di Leo was very intrested in these things: The lefty bassplayer CD and my autograph bass. I had to explain all the autograph´s on this bass. He was astonished about these lefties I met before.

It was preasure for me to meet the members of the Nena Band.

Paul invited me to see the concert this night. It was amazing! Paul´s bass playing is a show. If you have to chance to see him, do it.

It was a great peasure to meet one of the bussiest lefty bassplayer from the USA.

Nena and Band

Kick / Herford


Paul was very intrested in all the signs on this

autograph bass.

Paul signs the bass.

I had to explain all the autographs on my bass.

Paul´s coustom made Stuart Spector 5string bass.

He was very intrested in our lefty bassplayer CD.

The members of the "Nena"-Band

I think you can see, how much


Paul Di Leo life on stage.

fun Paul had with this bass.

The effect board:

SansAmp Bass Driver DI

Boss FS-5L Footswitch

Ernie Ball Volume pedal

90's Boss Bass chorus

90's Boss Octover

Morley A/B box

Korg GT-3 Tuner

Paul´s life stack:

Ampeg SVT Classik Amp

and Ampeg SVT 810 cab