Paul Simpson

Band: The Paul Rodgers Story

Stockton On Tees / England

I'm 46 and from Stockton on Tees in England

My latest band is a tribute to Paul Rodgers ( Free) called The Paul Rodgers Story we have been together for about 18 months. We play music from Free through bad Company, solo material, Hendrix cover project and since Paul is now in Queen we do a few of their numbers too. Its fun playing all the different styles but I love the Andy Fraser stuff most of all.

I have been playing bass for over 25 years but I do not consider myself a virtuoso I have been described as solid and dependable and I like that.
I have played many different styles of music and even attempted to make it with an original band called Famous Last Words.

In 1995 we recorded a CD but nothing came of it. I recorded a CD of covers in 2000 with Outrageous Wallpaper a band that has been going for 18 years with many different members but I still get to play with them on a dep basis now and then

I was a devoted Peavey user until last year when I changed to Hartke. This gear is really good. Simple controls on the amp and great sounding cabs. My setup is HA3500 amp and 2 4x10 cabs.

Basses. I now use a Warwick Thumb BO 4 str. But I have my faithful Ibanez SR800 for backup I've had this bass 13 years now and although it looks a bit beat up it never goes out of tune and has great tone.
I recently bought an Aria IGB 40 fretless on Ebay It has a great sound for a low price bass and the build quality is excellent.

Check out for more info and pics of the band

Cheers for now

Warwick Thumb BO 4 string

Ibanez SR800

Aria IGB 40 fretless

HA3500 amp and 2 4x10 cabs