PP van Kouteren



MT-Trunk ( Dutch & Austrian Blues & Rhythm Blues Band )



Enschede / Netherlands

My name is PP van Kouteren, I am from ‘75, and born and raised in Holland/Haarlem.

I began to play guitar at the age of 10. My father also plays the bass guitar, righthanded, so it was very easy for me to do also.

At the age of 12, I bought my first bass guitar, a Westone Thunder 1A and borrowed an old tube amplifier from my dad and there it al started.

As you can see I play left handed in the right way!!! (low E under, In normal condition I do also play lefthanded bassguitars!)

I learned to play on a righthanded Burns Vista Sonic bassguitar.

Bands (so far):
White Rose '93-'95
Sugar Ray Frank Blues Band '92-'94 (second bass player)
Beavershot '94-'95
Revival '94-'99
Beavershot / MT-Trunk '99 – 2009
Falling in Between ’08-‘09
In Trouble Rocks! ’10- '13
EigenWeijs ’13 – ‘14

Groet PP
Mail me at : pepe1001@gmail.com

Yamaha TRB 5II-L mit Aquilar EB-3 pre amp

Cort NT-B-Nat mit Fishman pre amp

Burns Jazz Bass 1964, rechts saitig

Danelectro Longhorn completely Lefthanded re made

Precision Warmoth body with Wagenvoort Maple Birds Eye neck (SD-SPB3, CTS '76, Gotoh)

Ibanez Jazz Bass 1976 mit Basslines element & active control

Musicman Stingray 5 1997

Yamaha BB300

Ibanez MC924

MTD KZ5 with Bartolini’s

Tokai Hardpuncher ‘83

Sire V7, maple neck, Bartolini B Axis pick ups

Basses in the past: Westone Thunder 1A, Yamaha BBN5L, Burns Jazz Bass, Danelectro Longhorn, Servaas P-bass, Ibanez ATK, Fender Jazz Bass

I work for Thomas Eich since 2012.

I’ve had so much gear at my place but now I am able to sell the gear we create so I have to play with it too.

Now I have as my demo stock, 110XS, BC112, 1210S, 210M and mostly a T-500, T-1000 or a TR-500 Bass Head. www.eich-amps.com

Marshall '71 Super Bass (old man’s dream… still have it)

Boss - Volume pedal
Digitech - Bass Synth Wah
Crazy Tube Circuits - Deranged