Sam Manise



Antwerp / Belgium

I started to study music when I was five years old in a small private school. A few years later, I wanted to play the piano, so I went to the local music academy to study classical piano. I studied classical piano for 9 years, but in between I got into pop music and synthesizers as well. I began playing in bands and started to write different kinds of music, from pop, to jazz, to classical.

Someday, when I was about 15, I was wandering around in a music store. Actually, I wanted to buy a small mixer, but my eye fell on a bass hanging on the wall. Since there was no bass player in my current band I impulsively bought a bass and learned to play it on my own.

When I was 19 years old, I applied to the jazz department of the conservatory in Antwerp. In 2012, I graduated for electric bass and also got a teacher’s degree.

Nowadays, I’m a freelance musician and a teacher in the first place, but also a producer and arranger from time to time.


Ernie Ball Music Man,



Stambaugh basses

Various synth (key) basses

A Designs REDDI
Aguilar TH500
Markbass F500
Bergantino AE210V (x2)
Various pedals