Hier könnt ihr euren Linkshänder-Bass anbieten. Einfach eine Email mit Foto und Beschreibung senden. Ich werde ihn umgehend in das Internet stellen (kostenlos natürlich). Für die Aktualität der Angebote kann ich nicht garantieren.

If you like to offer your lefthand bass, please feel free to send me a email with pic and discription. I will publish it asap (for free of course). Sorry, but I can´t proof if these offers are up to date!


Hello, I want to put this bass to trade or sell :

- Body in European Ash by EG solid body (french luthier)
- Mahogany Colys and slim polyuretan varnish
- Warmoth neck JB ’slim taper’, 21 fret, radius10
- Pickup Set P/J by Hecpat , great clone of old pickup Fender made in France
- Vol/ton by pickup (double) and one selector 3 positions (P, P+J,J)
- Schäller bridge and other
- Copper shield
- Daddario ECB81

The all has been made by a luthier for build the bass.

My only problem with this bass his is weight (not far to 5Kg) with my health i can't play along with it.

Send in flycase
Trade with a lighter bass (4.4/4.5Kg max) in 4 or 5 strings.

I want to sell it for 600€without shipping in EU.
Bass located in France
My mail : basssoul.girardot@gmail.com


Verkaufe meinen Maruszczyk Frog Beta 5,

Swamp Ash body, ebony Fretboard und pickup covers
Pickups von Bassculture
Gewicht 3,4 kg!!!
Super Saitenlage, beste Bespielbarkeit, aufwändiges Korpusshaping
Kleine Lackmacke an oberer Korpusrundung.
3-Band Glockenklang Preamp, aktiv/passiv schaltbar

vrooom@gmx.net, tconrad1@gwdg.de,

600 €


Im putting up for sale my Ibanez bass. Its a sr800L from 1991.

Made in Japan. Ash body, maple neck.

Some dings here and there but comes with the original hardcase.

Im asking 250e. I will ship within EU.


My contact is karki.simo@gmail.com


Ibanez ATK 305L (Amber)

5-Saiter, Baujahr 1998

Der fast 20 Jahre alte ATK wurde bis vor Kurzem eingesetzt und weist entsprechende Spielspuren auf der Rückseite auf - Gürtelschnallenkratzer.

Ansonsten befindet er sich in einem guten Zustand.

Aussagekräftige Fotos werden bei ernsthaftem Interesse gerne zugesandt.

Kein Tausch!!!

Preis: 590 € mit Gigbag (Versand innerhalb der EU möglich)



Spector Rebop DLX 5 /w hardshell case

- Alder body
- Exotic Zebra Wood Top /w natural oil finish
- 24-fret rosewood fingerboard, 35" scale
- Graphite reinforced maple neck
- Rosewood fingerboard with crown inlays
- Spector TonePump active tone controls: boost only (Volume, Blend, Low EQ, and High EQ controls)
- EMG HZ passive humbuckers

The bass is in brand new condition.
Hard Spector Rebop DLX 5 /w hardshell case
I ask € 650 + shipping cost from italy



For sell/Trade Fclef Custom Series Classic V Strings

I just want to play 4strings bass, if it was 4 string bass i would not sell.

Ash Body-Maple Fingerboard -Maple Neck
The wood have taken from Fodera's stock.
Mike Pope 2 band preamp-
(Active Passive switch,volume,balance,bass and treble)
Fclef Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Vintage Single coils in 70s
Hardware: Hipshot ultralight tuners and A style Bridge
Year : 2008
Comes with a Ritter gigbag and professionally packet
This bass like a Fodera Nyc
If you want to buy new one you have to pay 4k usd!
For Trade :4 string Alder Rosewood

1690 eur inc shipping
more Picture on request
email : emresargin91@gmail.com


Alleva-Coppolo KBP-5 Custom

If you’re looking for a vintage P-bass sound but need / want that low B, look no further. As you know, Alleva-Coppolo is known for nailing that vintage sound and this is no exception.

Furthermore, it’s in absolute mint condition and comes with a very sturdy flightcase. A gig-bag is an option too if you prefer that.

You can get all that without the multiple year waiting list. Now for some specs:
5 string passive P
Alder body
Very smooth sugar maple neck
‘Jimmywood’ fingerboard (it’s a dalbergia (rosewood) hybrid species)
Custom Zoot / dayglow poly finish
Perfect weight at 8.5 lbs

Asking $4800 / 4300 EUR. Worldwide shipping is possible. More pics on request.

Not looking for trades at the moment. Also have a look at my Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 5 for sale. Thanks!



Ilianni MM style

Body alder
Maple neck
fingerboard rosewood
pickup Nordstarand Mr.Big
onboard preamp MEC
bridge Fender
mashinehead Shaller
This is an extremely powerful instrument, very light and easy to play. Great possibilities of sound design with the help of active electronics but also passive mode works beautifully.

The price of this beauty 1300e including the original Music Man suitcase + delivery.

contact: acapulco.bob@gmail.com


TOKAI TB-48 Thunderbird Copy black

Verkaufe meinen Tokai TB-48, den ich mir vor ein paar Jahren aus England mitgebracht habe. Er ist mit angeleimtem (?) Hals und in kaum gebrauchtem Zustand. Leider ist er mir beim einzigen Benutzen im Proberaum vom Ständer gerutscht und daher hat er auf der Rückseite einen Lackabplatzer. Sonst ist aber nichts passiert. Es gibt einen kleinen Lackfehler auf der Vorderseite, der ab Werk schon so war.

Der Bass wurde kaum benutzt und hat nur minimalste Kratzer, abgesehen von der bereits erwähnten Stelle.
Saiten wurden damals direkt getauscht gegen neue Ernie Ball Saiten. Schaller Strap Locks ebenfalls verbaut.
Link zu mehr Bildern: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jok3uhev1vy3pe6/AADI_h-YaPHkbufJRMJqVNhBa?dl=0

Preis: 550,- Euro plus Versand
Bei Interesse mail an frankbartels65 @ gmail com


Industrial Radio Midi Bass Deluxe Lefty

I'm selling my industrial Radio lefty midi Bass. They go for around US$3,850.00 (http://www.industrialradio.com.au/products/pro-4-midi-bass.html)
and a 6 month waiting list. I bought mine in 2010 (for the same price already + import tax,. Bass comes with original invoice). It's in great condition, not a single scratch. I bought it exclusively for studio work. Because I mainly play double bass now I can't justify this investment anymore.

I'm absolutely OK with giving a buyer a 14 day return policy guarantee (only if he/she is willing to pay for the return shipping costs!).

- Alder body
- Black finish
- No pick guard
- Nordstrand Big Splits
- Control: MIDI Volume, Neck Pickup Volume, Bridge Pickup Volume, Tone, Programming Switch
- Display: White, back-lit, 2-line, 32 character Liquid Crystal Display (sunlight & dark stage readable)
- Connections: 15-pin connector for Fretsense cable to connector box, Standard 1/4" audio output jack
- black case as shown in the pictures

Here is the pitch for the models form the Industrial Radio website (http://www.industrialradio.com.au/products/pro-4-midi-bass.html):

"Made with select timbers and quality hardware, including Nordstrand pickups and Hipshot Ultralite tuners, the PRO-4 MIDI Bass is theperfect companion for the professional bassist who wants to harness the power of MIDI and get more out of their instrument of choice both live and in the studio. The PRO-4 MIDI Bass utilises IndustrialRadio's unique mutli-sensor Fretsense MIDI technology to provide the lowest possible latencies with more accuracy than pitch-to-voltagesystems, making the PRO-4 the most playable bass MIDI controller on the market."

Preis: 2100€ (+ shipping)
Verkäufer:Laurent - ldoobidoo@gmail.com (Luxemburg)


Sire Marcus Miller Swamp Ash 4 strings

Bass is as new as it is very little played and is not out of the room

450 €



Ilianni LH5 manual work

Neck-maple and wenge
Pickus-Seymour Duncan Basslines
Onboard preamp-EMG BQC
Bridge and mashineshead-Warwick

This is an extremely powerful instrument, very light and easy to play with many possibilities of sound design.

Asking price: 900 €

I send more photos on demand.



Ilyani jazz bass 5 strings

Neck-maple and rosewood

Body-clear and Brazilian rose


Pretpojacalo-Aguilar OPB-3

Excellent bass guitar hand work I'm getting more photos on demand.

Price 1000e + delivery



Ilianni white V

Vrat- maple

Body mahogany

Magnets-SBS handmade



This is the ultimate instrument, the hand-work of the best Serbian constructor Ilianni.

Price for this bass 1200e + delivery. I send more photos on request.

Email acapulco.bob@gmail.com


Warwick streamer LX 4 PJ natural lefty mancino Specifications:

Streamer LX 4 Matched Headstock: ---

Machineheads: Warwick Machine Heads

Nut: Just-A-Nut III Brass Neck Wood: Ovangkol neck, 3 laminations

Fretboard: Wenge fingerboard (fretted), Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard (fretless) Inlay: ---

Fluorescent Side Dot: lluminated Side-Dots Fingerboard Radius: 20" Scale length: 34" (long scale)

Fret quantity material and size: 24 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard) frets (width: 2.9 mm / height: 1.3 mm) Frets: IFT -

Invisible Fretwork Technology Body Shape: Curved Bodyshape Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood):

AAA Coloured Flamed Maple body Pickups: Active MEC pickups P/J new




Warwick Streamer 6string

Bolt On / 1996 handmade in Germany

Maple / Bubinga 7piece neck
Golden hardware
Active Bassline Humbucker
Color high gloss green (like British Racing Green)
Perfect condition (except 2 dongs on the back)

This is a rare nice and easy 6string player with the wooden Warwick sound.

Comes with a bag
No trades please

Asking price: 1400 Euro

Located in Germany
Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net


Lefty Sire Marcus Miller V7 VINTAGE 5-string

The Vintage special edition of the Sire Marcus Miller V7

Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: 1-piece Hard Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Color: Bright Metallic Red
Pickguard: Tortoise

Differences vs. the standard V7 include:
- upgraded nut, made of bone
- 70’s jazz bass pickup position
- upgraded bridge

Very good condition. Has some pretty minor marks of wear. Contact me if you need pictures.
Brand new setup with low action, new Ernie Ball strings.

As a special offer I include an original US Lakland hardcase with the bass.

EUR 425 + Shipping from Hungary



1973 Fender Precision Bass

sunburst, Linkshänder,

für Rechtshänder besaitet,

Erle, guter Sound,

VB 2.700



Stoll JR Bass from 1993
Handmade, individual item

Very good ergonomy while playing thanks to the asymetric design. Very easy to play.
No deadspots or ratchets. Sound more like a precious-bass than a fender, but not metallic.
Because of the one-piece neck a beautiful „round“ sound.

The bartolini-pickup has a strong snarl, the p-pickup was changed and brings enormous pressure. Originally there were EMG-Pickups.
Using very brilliant strings it's perfect slapping bass. Very fast and „active“ sound.
About the wood I'm not sure, probably the main part is walnut!?

The shortcomings: there is this routet piece where the pickup was put.
But that's just an optical issue, the sound is not touched by that.
Through the years the bass got also scratches and marks.
And what really needs to be repaired is one of the pickups, which is not grounded and makes noises when not touching the strings. I forgot which one, and I can't test it again, as I don't have an amp anymore.
Also the case is a bit shabby meanwhile.

I stopped playing the bass a couple of years ago but never wanted to give my baby away, but now I have to admit that it's better to be played by someone else.

I ask
600€ + shipping from Germany.

More fotos or questions: emilio.frugal (at) gmail (dot) com


Aria Pro II SB1000 (1980) active (2x9v)

Serial Number: 009042 - Made In Japan

Small "poc" but very good condition.

With "vintage" hard case.


Price: 950

From France.



Very Rare in Europe G&L SB2

Serial CLF51533

Truss Rod Ok , very growly and punchy bass, beutiful beast, neck very thin .

can ship in europe with an G&L hard case

more photos on demand

sold 750 euros



Status 4 string headless black carbon bolt on neck

unsure of year, very good condition.

Has a small nick out of the fret board hence price.


Email me for more info and pictures



Schwalbe 4 string Fretless

Body = Ovangkol, maple , walnut top
Neck = Maple and walnut
Semour duncan quarter pounders 2 x volume 1x tone passive.
This really is a top notch bass that sounds exactly how a fretless should with the sliver of maple for the fret markers.
Shake up in my collection means it is available for sale.

Email me for more pictures patch.006@hotmail.co.uk


Sandberg Customshop California VM 5 String

Sandberg custom shop late 2004. Vanilla/Vintage White with some soft aging. The Sandberg Dots are LEDs.

Please email me for more details and picture




Steinberger XL2A left handed bass.

A rare and beautiful bass. Fantastic condition for an instrument made in 1986. I would say it is almost mint.

Harmonics ring like a bell and sustain to die for. This model has controls Volume/ Pickup Pan/ Treble-Bass Blend.

Currently strung with roundwounds 40, 60, 80, 100.

Price - £2500 (UK seller)

Contact: sblueplanet@gmail.com


Muiscman Stingray 5

I'm selling my Musicman Stingray 5 Left Handed (year 1999), in a very good condition, this bass sounds amazing.

- Only played at home.

- Comes with original MM hardcase.

- More information and pictures on request

- I will ship it within Europe

- Price 1000£

- Email: jeff_silva2@yahoo.co.uk


Left handed Romanian double bass. (London

3/4 scale length, Full carved, Adjustable bridge

Comes with bow, padded bag and stand.

Bass is in great condition and plays really well




for sale a Warwick Corvette Proline, made in Germany.

It was built in 1994, the golden era for the German made models.

This means basses were mostly handmade and featured many fine appointments.

There is a volume with push pull to bypass active electronics, a blend, and a stacked bass and treble knob that controls the 2 band EQ.

The bass has a thin neck, gold hardware, and MEC active electronics.

Overall this bass is in a good condition, it is supplied with DR strings.

Asking price is 700 euro.

You can contact me on the following email address;



-Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 5 from around 2011/2012

-body: ash
-neck: maple
-fingerboard: amazon rosewood, 22 frets
-nut width: 1.75"

-customizable mid boost which is part of the Will Lee signature line (and nowadays also the single cut series)
-Sadowsky onboard 2-band preamp with VTC
-single coils

-matching headstock with gold logo
-signed by Roger on the back of the headstock
-1-ply parchment pick guard, but I'll also include a spare tort pick guard I have for this bass
-weighs around 8 lbs (which feels great, as expected)

-ships in a Mooradian gig bag that came with the bass
-has some minor user wear, but it's even too small to properly photograph

Not exactly looking for trades, but hit me up and we'll see.

Looking to get $4500 / 4000 euro for this bass. New price would be $6250 / approx. 6000-6500 euro (considering import and taxes for the EU).

I will consider some trade (or trade + cash) offers

Contact me for more info / more pictures.sam.manise@gmail.com


Sale a Jazzbass body from "Chevy"

a japanies company in the 90's

it has a lot of scratches and dots- I 'll send more pictures

50€ & extra shipping/ post form germany



Very Rare YAMAHA BB1600 ou BBX

Serial opo2215CLF51533

Truss Rod Ok , very round and vintage bass, neck very thin .

can ship in europe with hard case

more photos on demand



Fender Jazz BASS ,

mint condition like new,

upgraded witch modern Crel Pickups,

the best souding JB i had in my hands

serial MZ9546916. more photos and précisions if asking

can ship in europe

400 euros




T6061 aluminum body. Complete aluminum neck (neck thru).
Matte black powder coated finish.
Gotoh Tuners.
Schaller Bridge.
2 EGC custom humbuckers.
Volume-Volume-Tone + Pickup switch.
Incl. original G&G case.

Asking price: €1800 (trades possible with Gibson, Precision or Rickenbacker basses)

Located in Belgium.

Contact: Sebastian.custers@gmail.com


Woodandtronic Chronos produced by an Italian company


body: american black walnut

top: poplar

neck: 3 pieces maple

fingerboard: ebony

neck joints: neck-through

Pickups: Nordstrand dual coils

Electronics: John East U-Retro 01

Price: € 1700 negotiable



Fender Jazz Bass fretless, 1978 year.

The body has been repainted (so is depreciated).

Price: € 900 negotiable



Selling my trusty Xotic XJ-1T 5 (Alder body, rosewood/maple neck) from 2010. It has currently Aguilar 5J-HC and Pensa active electronics. The bass is a workhorse and been played many dozens of gigs. It has fair amount of scratches on the back of the body and one ding on the front/top of the body with zero effect on the looks/feel or sound. It sounds great!

The possibilities on selling the bass are:

1700€ with the original 3 band electronics with Mono M80 single case
+200€ with the Pensa electronics (2 band EQ)

I prefer a personal pick up around central Europe (I travel a lot so: whole Slovakia, northern Austria, whole Czech republic, Northern Hungary, south Poland) but might be able to arrange delivery within EU.

More pics upon request. Possible trades for 5 string Sadowsky with maple fretboard. Price difference on agreement.



Warwick Thumb BO LTD 2013 5-String Custom Shop:

With a weary heart I want to offer you the only one built lefthand model from the limited series Thumb Bass in 2013. Its in an overall mint condition, except for a little bump on the headstock.

But no worries, it doesnt affect the sound or the asthetic in any way.

The Bass has a custom shop neck, its very thin and just a paradise to play on for a 5-String Bass.

It comes with the hardcase and the certificate including every information necessary, proving you as its future owner. Of course there is also the signature of H. P. Wilfer on the backside of the headstock.

For technical specs you can look up the official Warwick site. All parts original.

Asking price is 2000€ for a unique beauty like this. I`m gonna ship worldwide, feel free to ask further questions, more pictures on request.

Mail: enehen@gmx.de


Warwick Tumb NT 4 - 1991:

Off we go with this beautiful Warwick Thumb 4 String. This Bass was handcrafted in West Germany as the electronic cover on the backside states.

The Bass guitar is in a overall mint condition, comes with its hardcase and owner certificate. Basically the Bass was professionally converted from fretless to a fretted model.

Actually I cant tell any difference in handling or asthetics.

The Bass has the sought after shaping from the golden nineties and a pommelé body. Sound and handling are killer, the neck goes very fast.

Asking price is 1700€, I`m gonna ship worldwide and feel free to ask further questions. More pictures and information on request.

Mail: enehen@gmx.de



years 80 sérial B800029 in excellent conditions !

warm and growly tone! trus rod in good conditions, no problems.

more photos and précisions if asking

450 euros



For Sale: Fame MM 500 CS MN LH, lefthand, 5-string

Handmade in Poland, rare, mint condition as shown on foto

Body: Alder with Flamed Maple Top,

Neck: Flamed Maple with Maple Fingerboard, 21 frets,

Long Scale, 864 mm

Pickup: MM-style Humbucker, series/parallel with push/pull-Vol.-Pot,

Elektronics: activ, 3-Band-EQ, 9 V,

comes with: Schaller Security-locks, Gig-bag

Price is: € 499,- plus shipping (Germany)

Ulrich +49152-55720286



Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass 3TS LH

- 3 tone sunburst
- Select alder body
- Posiflex graphite-reinforced 22-fret maple neck, rosewood fretboard with abalone dot inlays
- Asymmetrical 5-bolt neck plate with a contoured heel for easier access to the higher registers
- Hipshot UltraLite tuning machines
- Pickups replaced with Fender Custom Shop 60's Jazz Bass Single Coils (i no longer have the original SCNs)
- The bass is now fully passive! No longer have the preamp
- I'm the first owner, bought it new in 2009 from the romanian Fender distributor which i work for
- it has some small dings and scratches(nothing major), normal for a 8 years old bass
- it was my main bass for the past 8 years and it is a wonderful piece of gear.
- great sustain, tone and clarity
- the bass was professionally set, frets were dressed and polished by a famous romanian luthier
- I ask 1.000 Eur + shipping
- I'm not open for trades.

I'll be in Thüringen, Germany between 3.10 - 5.11.2017 and the bass will be with me. I can drive on a 200 km radius for direct pickup.

Paypal accepted

More pictures and details, e-mail: liviupopescu12@yahoo.com


Reluctantly selling my Burns left-handed Burns Marquee bass guitar.

Stunning looking instrument with tons of tone options. Near-new condition, other than a couple of nicks on the rear and back of the instrument.

Now out of production, and very scarce as a lefty model.

A re-issue of the original 1964 Jazz Bass, it features three Tri-Sonic pickups and has the same versatile controls as the Marquee Guitar to give a wide range of superb bass tones.

Additional features for the Marquee Bass

Basswood body
Flat original headstock
Rosewood fingerboard Scale length: 32"
40mm nut width
Burns de-luxe bridge 20 frets
Chrome hardware as standard
Burns de-luxe machine heads
Three Burns Tri-Sonic bass pickups
Punch/pull pickup selector

£600 + shipping

Contact: bren.grieve@gmail.com


Up for sale is a left handed Boulder Creek 5 string left handed acoustic bass.

Very unique design with the side sound hole which acts as a monitor when amplified, allowing you to hear your own instrument.

Plays and sounds great. Gently used, well maintained and in very good condition. Includes a hard case.

£500 + shipping

Contact: bren.grieve@gmail.com


1998 Music Man Stingray 5 Lefthand Bass, 3 Band EQ, Honeyburst *rare*

100% original and mint condition (just one little dent on the side)

Only played at home, smoker and pet free home

Comes with original MM hardcase and MM strap

More information, pictures on request

Bass located in Nuremberg, Germany

Will ship within Europe

Price 1.390 Euro or best offer

Email: mathias-roth@web.de


Music Man OLP MM2 4 String-Bass mit Häussel MM-Pickup

Das war ursprünglich eines der rabenschwarzen Modelle.

Das Teil habe ich 2004 gekauft und erstmal den Lack runter gebeizt und gekratzt. Dann ein paar mal fein angeschliffen und anschl. gewachst und geölt.

Der Bass hat einen Harry Häussel MM-style Pickup mit einer Wahlschaltung für die Spulen.

Siehe auch: http://www.justchords.de/reality/switching.html#hhmmc und


Unter dem Pickguard ist ein Fach für einen Jazz-Bass Pickup gefräst, den ich irgendwann auch noch einbauen wollte.

Der Bass klingt gut und alles ist ok. Mehr Bilder und Details (zum Verschicken und Überhaupt) gibt's auf Anfrage.

Der Bass verstaubt seit 10 Jahren in meinem Arbeitszimmer und dafür ist er zu schade.

Ich wünsche mir 300.- Euro für das Teil plus Versand.



2005 Warwick Rockbass Corvette 5 string (charcoal)

I bought this bass in 2005 and I've used it both live and in the studio. I'm selling it, because I have stopped playing downtuned and heavy music.

- 34" rosewood fretboard with 24 frets (only side position markers).
- Active MEC pickups J/J and 2-band electronics (1 Volume, 1 Balance, 1 Bass und 1 Treble)
- Chrome hardware. I've replaced the bridge a few months back with an original warwick spare part.

The bass is in great condition. Very few scratches (see pictures), could use a new Bass Nut which costs 10€

More pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6asecsvgl1lfxjd/AAC3VZiS60_bGAefTMXvj4JNa?dl=0

325 € + shipping from Germany via DHL (9€ within Germany, 21€ to all EU countries).




Fender American Standard Precision Bass LH (of course!), 4 string, fretted, black, build in 2016, mint condition,

with original case and case candies as shown on foto.

It's one of the last American Standard Basses - the new American Pro Series, which is nearly equal to the Am Std Series, is about 1800,- € !

Price: 1199,- € plus shipping (Germany).

Contact: Ulrich, +4915255720286 or ricky.heinen@web.de


Sandberg VS 4 BJ: 2015

Aktiv/Passiv Bass Treble bzw. passive Höhenblende
Mahagoni Body, Imbuia Top, matched Head
Ahorn Hals Rosewood Fingerboard
Inklusive Original Sandberg Gigbag und einem frischen Satz Ernie Ball Cobalt Flat
Abholung in Bonn bevorzugt.
Preis: 1200,00€

Kontakt und Fragen: jodah@gmx.de


Warwick Thumb B.O. 5 BJ 2009

Aktiv/Passiv Bass Treble und Blend Regler
Ovangkol Body Hals, Wenge Fingerboard
Inklusive Gigbag und einem frischen Satz Ernie Ball Power Slinky und Warwick Manual mit allen Schlüsseln und Security Locks
Abholung in Bonn bevorzugt
Preis: 1500,00€

Kontakt und Fragen: jodah@gmx.de


I'm selling my lightweight SR5.

It's the lightest I've ever experienced. I think it's about 8 lbs-ish, which places it in Sadowsky NYC territory regarding weight.

I'm selling it 'cause it hardly getting any playtime.

It comes with the original case and case candy. It's immaculate.

Asking 1500 euro. I prefer to ship within the EU, but shipping to the USA is also possible.

Contact: sam.manise@gmail.com


Marcus Miller M7 4st LH BRS bass

Alder body with flamed maple top
Bolt-on maple neck with C profile and 12 inch radius rosewood fretboard (24 Medium frets)
Pickups: 2 Marcus Miller Pure Humbuckers
Marcus Heritage-3 preamp with frequency control (runs on 2 x 9V batteries)
Controls: Volume / Tone control (Dual Pot), Pickup blending pot, Treble control, Middle frequency/Middle boost/cut (Dual pot)
Active / passive mini toggle switch
Parallel / single coil / Series mini toggle switch for each pickup
Marcus Miller Custom Big Mass 2 bridge
Black hardware
Colour: Brown Sunburst matte

The bass was never gigged with, played only at home in a non-smoking environment, has some very light scratches on the back of the body, comes with the original packaging (truss rod and saddle adjustment allen keys included). It sounds and feels really good, the neck is very fast, the bass is balanced really well (no neck dive), and it only weighs ~ 3.5 Kg.

Photos of the bass: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ermo3khtj3a7j70/AAA16RiM8L-OKeb39NEvLQP0a?dl=0

Bass is located in Timisoara, Romania and can ship within Europe.

Price: 400 EUR

Contact: adolfvegh@gmail.com


Ibanez SR 605

I'm selling my Ibanez SR 605 in swamp ash didn't played it that much because my band broke up a couple of months later after i bought it.

I want € 500,- for the plus gator case so shipping might be no problem because i'm living in south austria.

For more details and pictures hit me under jwartberger@gmail.com


Unicorn Ozellman Master Custom 5-string

A very special custom bass where the electronics are custom made (bass – mid w/ sweep – treble) for this bass and the paintjob is a special black high gloss and natural matte. Monorail bridges as well top the whole thing off! Maple/mahogany body and maple/purpleheart neck with ebony board.

Comes with Hiscox Standard LiteFlite case.

Bass located in Malmo Sweden. Buyer pays for shipping

1600 €

More pictures on request

You can read more about this bass here: http://unicornbass.se/site/ozellman-master-custom-l-h/





Warwick WPS Corvette for sale

Serial number WPS E-000274-10, Ash body, Ovancol neck, Ebony fingerboard, Length 34",

pickups MEC 2 x J type single coils, passive pre amp,

colour natural matte, frettless , Ernie Ball flatwounds and nice wooden case.

Price 550 euros plus shipping.

Bass is located in Finland.

Email kaarlo.schildt@bosgard.com


I'm selling my beloved Musicman Stingray5 left handed (year 2000),

in almost mind condition, only collection please (based in London).

Exchanges for a 6 string left handed bass or a Stingray 4 strings lefty will be considered.

Price: 1300£

We can arrange shipping.

More pictures can be provided.

contact: jeff_silva2@yahoo.co.uk


For sell/Trade my Fclef Custom Series Classic V Strings

Ash Body-Maple Fingerboard -Maple Neck
Mike Pope 2 band preamp-
(Active Passive switch,volume,balance,bass and treble)
Fclef Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Vintage Single coils in 70s
Hardware: Hipshot ultralight tuners and A style Bridge
Year : 2008
Comes with a Ritter gigbag

This bass like a Fodera Nyc

Price 1900 eur+Shipping

For Trade : 4 string jazz or p/pj bass but trade price is 2100 eur
more Picture on request
email : emresargin91@gmail.com


Gibson USA Midtown Bass 2013.

Right / reverse for lefty's.
Good condition. Some scratches on the retro of the body.

I reverted for lefty only the body bridge (very easy)Great sound with the big pick up.

I've played with smooth strings 40-100. Come with original case.

Price 1000euro plus shipping from Italy.

For more photos and information: Michele.rizzoli@gmail.com


Fender Precision Left USA 60th anniversary. 2006.

Mint condition really new. No scratches. Alder body rosewood neck.

Original silver case.

I'm the only owner. Very nice sunburst color. Played only in studio. No live.

I would to sell because I'm looking for something else.

Price 1100euro plus shipping from Italy.

For more photos and information: Michele.rizzoli@gmail.com


I offer the copy of the Fender Precision Bass made of 26 years ago by Polish luthier. Great bass in a good condition. I’m selling it because I have three bass guitars – too much for my small flat so some of them has to left me...

Body: alder
Color: white. Body painted 3 years ago; before was metallic blue
Fingerboard and neck: carved from one solid piece of maple. The neck has been changed 3 years ago, earlier was maple neck and the fingerboard of rosewood.
Scale length: 34"
Number of frets: 20

Inlay ZbiKra near 12th fret (three initials letters of my name and surname: Zbigniew Krakowiecki)
Pickups: passive 2xPB Single Coil (SPB-1 of Seymour Duncan), 1xJB humbucker (STK-J1n of Seymour Duncan)
Controls: 2 x Volume (for humbucker pickup - series/parallel mode of coils switched by push/pull pot) , 1 x tone.
Straplocks pre-installed

The hardshell case with the shape fitted to the guitar body included. The case is a little damaged but not serious.
Playing is very comfortable due to a very low action of strings.
I’m the first owner of this instrument.
The guitar is located in Poland.
I'm asking 400 € + shipping from Poland.
More pictures on request.
Contact: zbikra@tlen.pl


I offer the Custom Jazz Bass guitar made of 6 years ago by Polish luthier. Great bass in a good condition. I’m selling it because I have three bass guitars – too much for my small flat so some of them has to left me...

Body: alder
Color: 3-sunburst.
Neck: maple
Fingerboard: rosewood.
Scale length: 34"
Number of frets: 24 (not 20 as in typical Fender Jazz Bass)

Body shape is exactly like Fender Jazz Bass but proportionally slightly smaller to have a better access to the highest frets (21 – 24) from the cuteway position.
Pickups: 2xJB of Fender Jazz Bass Custom ’60.
Controls: J-RETRO 01 active/passive bass preamp by John East
Straplocks pre-installed

The metallic hard case included.
Playing is very comfortable due to a very low action of strings.
I’m the first owner of this instrument.
The guitar has one little splinter of varnish, but not very visible.
The guitar is located in Poland.
I'm asking 450 € + shipping from Poland.
More pictures on request.
Contact: zbikra@tlen.pl


Hello I´sell this 2014 Fender Precision Bass MIJ LH.

It´s equipped with Flatwounds, plays great and wonderful tone.

Has BadAss II Bridge and Delano-Pickups ( comes also with original parts ).

A little „Dong“ on the bottom, see picture.

Sending within Germany, but I prefer pickup at home, 49565 Bramsche.

Want to trade for 811,- EUR

Contact: kayhoffm@web.de


For sell/Trade my F bass VF5

Maple Fingerboard,Ash body

19mm string space,come with F bass gig bag

In mint condition

For Sell $2600us+Shipping

For Trade :Vintage P bass / Jazz bass or any rosewood finger board bass

more Picture on request




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