Hier könnt ihr euren Linkshänder-Bass anbieten. Einfach eine Email mit Foto und Beschreibung senden. Ich werde ihn umgehend in das Internet stellen (kostenlos natürlich). Für die Aktualität der Angebote kann ich nicht garantieren.

If you like to offer your lefthand bass, please feel free to send me a email with pic and discription. I will publish it asap (for free of course). Sorry, but I can´t proof if these offers are up to date!

Left handed Ibanez ATK-300L MIJ '98

I bought it in 2015. The ad was on leftybass.com, You can find the previous ad on page 50. (2014/11).

The previous owner installed a P-bass PU in it as you can see it on the photos. I made a plexiglass front to give it a classic look (plexiglass and back foil). There is also an extra pickguard without foil, I send that with the bass.

This japanese ATK has outstanding, well balanced sound with very good resonance and sustain. (Previously I bought a Korean ATK-300L, that has no sound. Completely dead, the sound of a typical cheap bass guitar. Apart from the similarity of body shape, they have nothing in common with this Japanese made one)

Overall good condition, a couple of bumps, nothing special just that you would expect from a twenty-year-old bass. Technically okay, straight neck. Newly made fret work and perfectly set-up by luthier. Ernie Ball Nickel 45-105 strings. Low string action.

hi-res photos: https://ibb.co/album/gfszFa

price: 570 EUR, I'm open minded to reasonable offers.

I can post anywhere, if you need any other information, feel free to write. adam30y@gmail.com


Epiphone Rivoli Reissue

Don’t exist on lefty...
Great condition !
Pickup DiMarzio DP120 !
+ the original pickup and strap lock.
Keys : Schaller
Volume, tone, push pull : série parallel.
Original case !

Made in Korea (1994) : best factory !
Perfect Neck (mahogany )
Absolutely 60’ sound with pick !
Flatwould string
Picture on request

Contact:poncin.benoit@gmail.com (Belgium)

500€ + shipping


Stoll JR Bass from 1993 – very rare

Handmade, individual item

Very good ergonomy while playing thanks to the asymetric design. Very easy to play.
No deadspots or ratchets. Sound more like a precious-bass than a fender, but not metallic.
Because of the one-piece neck a beautiful „round“ sound.
The bartolini-pickup has a strong snarl, the p-pickup was changed and brings enormous pressure. Originally there were EMG-Pickups.
Using very brilliant strings it's perfect slapping bass. Very fast and „active“ sound.

About the wood I'm not sure, probably the main part is walnut!?

The shortcomings: there is this routet piece where the pickup was put. But that's just an optical issue, the sound is not touched by that. Through the years the bass got also scratches and marks.

And what really needs to be repaired is one of the pickups, which is not grounded and makes noises when not touching the strings. I forgot which one, and I can't test it again, as I don't have an amp anymore.

Also the case is a bit shabby meanwhile.

I stopped playing the bass a couple of years ago but never wanted to give my baby away, but now I have to admit that it's better to be played by someone else.

I ask 600€ + shipping from Germany (New: 3200 DM (ca. 1600€)

More fotos or questions: emilio.frugal (at) gmail (dot) com


Serek “Lincoln• Bass Hand built

In perfect condition!

Comes with gig bag and authenticity card.

£2500 + shipping

No trades or offers

For more pics contact bpgbass@me.com


Selling my MM Stingray (3 band EQ)

This bass is only 1 year old and is in immaculate condition and comes with the MM hard case

The bass has a new set of EB strings on board and plays beautifully. No buzzes and a good low action. All electronics working as they should.

The bass has a great range of tones

I will ship the bass at the buyer’s expense and risk

I would like 1400 euros


Thank you


Fender Squier Fretless, Lefthand, Custom

Biete hier umständehalber meinen Fender Squier Fretless Lefthand an.
Der Body, etc. sind original Fender Squier. Das ist dieser Body - > Fender SQ CV 70s Jazz Bass.

Der Bass wurde modifiziert. Er ist optisch und elektrisch im Top Zustand. Er wird mit einem Thomann Case zusammen verkauft. Das Case hat ein paar unwesentliche Gebrauchsspuren.

Der originale Fenderhals wurde demontiert, und gegen einen neuen Hals ersetzt.
Mensur 34“
Saiten, 4
Bundzahl 20
Layout fretless
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Halsmaterial Hard Maple
Bohrungen Schaller 17mm
Der Hals wurde handgefertigt, eingesetzt, justiert, von > https://www.nature-shock.com/

Die PUs sind original Fender Squier
Die Schaltung wurde modifiziert. Vol. ist einmal für beide PUs vorhanden. Die PUs werden durch einen 4 Stufen Schalter geschaltet. Je einmal einzeln, einmal beide parallel, einmal beide in Reihe.

VB 570,-€ Plus Versand

Mehr Infos und Bilder dazu, dl8xah@t-online.de


5 Saiter Börjes Bassinger Custom

Verkaufe umständehalber meinen Börjes Bassinger Bass.

Einzelheiten zu den Bassinger Bässen von Börjes---- hier > https://www.bass-guitars.de/

Der Bass ist im Top Zustand. Elektrisch und Optisch 1a. Er wird zusammen mit dem Rockcase verkauft.

In der Rampe befinden sich 4 single Coils. Gewickelt und in die Rampe eingebaut von Christoph Dolf ( Bass Culture ).
Diese single Coils werden über einen 7 Stufen Umschalter geschaltet.
Je einmal jede Spule einzeln, einmal Neck und M2 parallel, einmal M1 Bridge parallel, einmal M2 Bridge parallel.
Zusätzlich ist die Basstronic von Börjes eingebaut, mit der sich der Klang nochmals entscheidend verändern lässt.

VB 2200,-€ Plus Versand

Mehr Info und Bilder bei dl8xah@t-online.de


American standart Fender Jazz Bass from 2012

Beautiful Jazz Bass with a spectacular work of relic, the bass has been stripped of paint and painted in Nitro by a luthier, the paint job is very beautiful, painted in sumburst and above in white, I have two picguards, one white and another brown, lollar pickups.

Goes with its hard case, the bass is in Spain,the price is 1500€.

My email klanklinracing@gmail.com


For sale a Warwick Streamer Stage I.

Built in 1991 and is still in a good condition.

Has some minor scratches and dings but that doesnot effect the sound or playability at all.

Has a great sound with character.

Equipped with DR strings.

Price is 1200 euro. Open for trade with a short scale bass.

You can email me on sacredup1@hotmail.com.


Custom Warmoth Mockingbird Bass

This is a Rare bass because Warmoth stopped making this model years ago especially the BC RICH Basses !!!! .

African Tulip with Maple stringers , Birdseye Maple neck with figured Birdseye Maple finger board .

Custom Active pick up's with Aluminium Flight Case .

£960 + shipping



ilian jazz bass special 5 Body-Mahogany

Neck-Maple Pickups-SBS Custom Onboard preamp-Aguilar OBP3

Schaller Bridge-Schaller This is an exceptional instrument,

very lightweightand very easy to play with plenty of sound melting capabilities.

price 1100e for all questions and more photos at acapulco.bob@gmail.com


I reluctantly sell my PBASS (2008) Made in USA … IMPECCABLE CONDITION…

A Jazzbass Seymour Duncan microphone added by the former owner… Very good job…

Strings Flat nets 45/105 very little played…

I live in Paris . Price 900 euros .

For picks, infos, audio ... herve1605@yahoo.fr


I'm selling my beautiful Rickenbaker 4003 Fireglo.

It is like new ... It dates from 2013. I only played it for a few hours ...

It is superb but I need to finance another project.The bass is in Paris .

Price: 2000 euros

For more details and photos: herve1605@yahoo.fr


Ilianni jazz bass vintage 5

Body-Ash & Brazilian Rose Neck-Maple & Rosewood Pickups-SBS Custom Onboard preamp-Glockenklang Masinice-Portland Most-Spector

This is exceptionalinstrument, very light and very easy to play, with many sound melting capabilities.

price 650e for all questions and more photos at acapulco.bob@gmail.com


FENDER Fretless, Modified (MiM, 2003)

Price: EUR 600 + Shipping from Switzerland

for more pics and infos: tonee@gmx.ch


SANDBERG 5-String (2007)

Excellent condition!

-Alder Body
-Rosewood Fingerboard
-Bartolini Pickups
-DR Strings

Price: EUR 1`200 + Shipping from Switzerland

for more pics and infos: tonee@gmx.ch


For sale beautiful Rickenbacker 2004 Fireglo plus OHSC.

Serial number points to October 2004.

15 year old bass is in 100% working condition.You can find the bass quite easily on YT.Of course, more pics on request.

No mods have been done except I put old style pot knobs, purchased at

pickoftherics USA - authorised RIC dealer.I used original RIC knobs on my other bass and I want to keep them.

The bass is located in Slovakia.The price is fixed and includes shipping within EU.

No trades or any offers please.Bank transfer only. rockerian@centrum.sk

Price 2090.-€


For sale beautiful Fender Jazz bass Japan 62 RI 1994-95./ T+6digits /.

25 year old instrument is in very good condition for it`s age. All works fine.

Including gig bag.The bass is located in Slovakia.The price is fixed

and includes shipping within EU. Sorry, I won`t ship it outside EU.

No trades please and bank transfer only.More pics on request.


price 750.-€


Ibanez PGB1L-BGW (ATK300L)

Paul Gray Signature – 4-String
Neck: 3-piece Maple – Fretboard: Rosewood
Body: Swamp Ash – Colour: Burgundy Wine
IBZ ATK Triple Coil Pick-Up with ATK3-Band electronics

The bass is in very good condition.
More pictures and information on request.
The bass is located in Stuttgart(D), I’m
willing to ship it within Europe, though.

Price: 550€ + shipping



Jazz Bass Custom Shop Masterbuilt, 1975 Reissue.

Made in 2011, and i've bought that on Spain, im 2012.

I want to sell this bass to buy an old JB, or a 1960 CS after that. I ll ask US 2700.

I ll travel to Orlando (USA) between February and March of this year.

So, if somebody on USA want the bass, i can take that with me, and ship from Orlando.

more pics on request



Schöner, gut erhaltenen original "Made in USA" Fender American Standard
Jazz Bass. Case Candy in Form von "Betriebsanleitung", Hangtag,
Trusrod-Werkzeug und Fender-Gurt sind dabei.

Der Bass ist von 2009 und wurde, da er super klingt, auch gespielt. Grobere Beschädigungen oder
Lackabplatzer gibt es nicht. Die Rückseite hat bei Gegenlicht betrachtet leichte Kratzer von der Gürtelschnalle, der Lack ist aber auch hier
nicht ab.

Abholung in Düsseldorf oder alternativ Versand im Tweed-Koffer gegen Kostenübernahme.

Preis €1.100€ VB

Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net


Warwick Thumb BO5

This bass was produced in Germany in 2001 and has stood in the studio for a long time so it's new without any traces of usesend

more photos as needed and answer any questions price


My mail is acapulco.bob@gmail.com


Fender 63´er Reissure Jazz Bass (MIJ)

Baujahr 1995

Olympic white

guter Zustand

+ Fender Chromkappen

für 850,-€ VB abzugeben

Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net


Up for sale is a rare ZON Sonus Standard bass in excellent condition

professionally refinished in alien blood splatter and pickups upgraded to Nordstrand Zen Blades.

This bass if one of a kind and a serious tone monster.

The bass ships with a ZON high quality gig bag also in excellent condition.

$1200 USD, the bass is located in the USA but would gladly ship it internationally.



I am selling this beautiful Elwood Maruszczyk lefthanded bass, equipped with J-Retro 01 Deluxe (active/passive retro-fit for J-style bass).

I upgraded the pickups to a pair of Seymour Duncan. With Thomastik JF 344 flat wound strings, the sound is warm and classic.

It is in mint condition, as a new one. Never got out from home. A gig bag is included.

The reason for selling it is that, given my arms and fingers length, a short scale bass is more appropriate for me.

No trades, please.

The bass is located in Bilbao. I ask 1100 euros (shipping cost on the buyer's side).

Feel free to ask any question (Mail: jr.uriarte@ehu.eus).

Contact: jr.uriarte@ehu.eus


Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray USA Left handed 4 String Bass, build 2000.

All parts 100% original
Model: Stingray 4 String - Left Handed
Color: NaturalGloss
Neck: Maple

Fretboard: Maple
Pickguard: Black
Hardware: Chrome
Original Music Man hardcase included

Very solid bass. Great quality. Never let me down! Due to the active eq a tone of sounds possible!

I played the bass with great pleasure on a lot of live gigs. I was always very carefull and always used the hardcase, but during the years I couldn’t prevent some minor sratches and dings. Fortunately those are hard the see (check the pictures).

For more information and pictures send me a email! You are welcome to come and test it if you wish. Bass is located in the south of The Netherlands.

Will ship Europe at your cost

Price 1.100 Euro + Shipping

Contact; rjkuijer@hotmail.com



Body basswood

Pickups :B (lace alumitone j bass)




Including standard bridge.

Insert neck standard fender jazz /precision.

Price 265euro +shipping cost

Contact: misterbass82@gmail.com


For sale an Eastwood Hi-Flyer shortscale bass.

This bass is easy to play. It has an oldschool sound.

The condition is good, and still comes with guarantee.

-price 250 €

-open for offers

Shipping from Holland.

You can contact me on sacredup1@hotmail.com


for sale a Warwick Corvette Proline, made in Germany.

It was built in 1994, the golden era for the German made models.

This means basses were mostly handmade and featured many fine appointments.

There is a volume with push pull to bypass active electronics, a blend, and a stacked bass and treble knob that controls the 2 band EQ.

The bass has a thin neck, gold hardware, and MEC active electronics.

Overall this bass is in a good condition, it is supplied with DR strings.

-price is 500 euro

-open for a trace with a Warwick $$ 5

You can contact me on the following email address;



Sandberg TM 5

Active/Passive and 2 Band Glockenklang EQ
Superb playability and tons of tonal options
Just selling because I have no use for the low B string.
Schaller StrapLocks installed and included
I'm the second owner, Minor scratches, one barely visible dong.
(More details if interested per mail)

Located in D - 66740 Saarlouis

Contact: touchtobi@googlemail.com


Fender Jazz Bass 1978
I sell this lovely jazz bass because I need money for a very special instrument. this bass plays looks and sounds killer! very lightweight (3,9kg), one pice body, all original parts. very good condition! neck is straight.
I would prefer it if the bass would get picked up (arnhem, cologne, frankfurt). shipping is possible, I‘d throw in a simple case for that purpose.
please ask for more pictures!

vb: 2.500€ plus shipping


Fender Precision Bass 1978
I sell this lovely p bass because I need money for a very special instrument.
this preci sounds and plays awesome, sustain for days, and a lot of bite! it has a hipshot d tuner and a replaced scratch plate. I might have the original tuner and (broken) scratch plate somewhere - will check. overall the bass is in good condition! neck is straight.
the bass comes with the original fender hardcase.

I would prefer it if the bass would get picked up (arnhem, cologne, frankfurt).

please ask for more pictures!
here is a video where I play that bass:

vb: 2.200€ plus shipping


Fender PB American 1996 50th Ann. - Candy Apple Red

Fender 50th Anniversary , fantastic colour, Hip shot D-Tuner Fender (there is also its original one), original hard case Fender.

Mint condition, any scratch.

Serial number: N6159006 (Production year: 1996 or begin 1997)

Asking price:€1300

Shipping expenses to agree

My email address: gilardi.teo@gmail.com


B 1 - Converted Ibanez ATK-305, lefthand

High-end bass, built 1996. Top condition. The ATK was designed to challenge the Music Man Stingray and it still can!

Uniquely smaller and lighter than ATK or Stingray.

Even extreme sound-variations always remain useable and tasty.

Impressive B-string tone!

Demovideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpXftS26MXQ

Body: Birdseye-maple front&back, Mahogany-Core. (Like the Wal-Bass is constructed) High-gloss Nitro-Laquer by Clover
ATK-neck: 3-piece construction for better stability.
Converted head 3:2- Birdseye-maple Veneer front and back.
Tuner: Schaller Minis.
Fretboard: Maple
Electronics: ATK- active, Volume, Treble, Mids, Bass.
3-Way Miniswitch for 3 different Sounds, Miniswitch- Battery on/off.
Bridge by Human Base, 5 individual Bridges.
Weight: 4,2 Kilo

9-Volts Battery-Life: It should be changed every 2-3 years, to avoid leaking.

Detailphotos to order at: mail(äd)manuelgarde.de

Asking price: 650.- € plus shipping.

Bass is located in Austria.


Moin Moin!

Ich biete meinen geliebten Music Man Sting Ray in Stealth Black zum Verkauf an.

Ich habe ihn sehr gern und viel live gespielt, daher sind die typischen Gebrauchsspuren zu sehen. Ich habe ihn pfleglich behandelt. Technisch ist der Bass in einwandfreiem Zustand.
Ich verkaufe ihn mit Security Locks und natürlich mit Koffer.

Ich bin sehr penibel, wenn es um die Handhabe dieses Prachtstücks geht. Das heisst, dass ich nur an Selbstabholer verkaufe.
In Ausnahmefällen würde ich den Bass auch, gegen einen Aufpreis je nach Entfernung, liefern. Die Bezahlung wäre dann in Bar bei Übergabe fällig.

PREIS: 1300€ VB

Da es sich um einen Privatverkauf handelt, keine Garantie und keine Rücknahme.



I have a very high end bass for sale. Custom built to spec at Warrior Guitars in Georgia (USA).

This is a custom, hand built, lefty bass with the strings set up righty . Serial #88274 Neck is Mahogany with a Purple Heart tone bar.

The top is high grade Flame Maple. Body is Mahogany. Fretboard is Purple Heart. P&J style 3 band Bartolini Pickups, Gold hardware, Double truss rod, Strap locks

This bass has been appraised at $4900 but looking to move quickly so I've dropped the price. A few tiny dings. Otherwise it is in incredible condition.

The bass also has the signature inlay in the headstock and the Warrior's Sword at the 12th fret. Comes with case and strap with strap locks



Warwick Thumb NT 8 strings 2002

Construction: Neck-through-design
Body : Bubinga pommele
Neck : Tigerstripe Ebony
Fretboard : Ovangkol with Ekanga veneer stripes
Frets: 26 Jumbo Bronze
Mic: 2 active MEC pickups
Electronic : Active MEC 3-way

The bass originally is a 4 strings and been modified on a 8 strings, it played and sound great. I took it to try out 8 strings but I have no use of it at all...

Ascing price: 1000 € or a trade (I'm specially interested in a Sandberg TM5, Warwick Jazzman 5, Maruszczyk Elwood 5 JM, a nice fretless fender or warwick, or even a 6 strings with small string spacing and a 34" scale)

Contact : mirenzijoffrey@yahoo.fr


Sire Vintage V7 5-string

Visual condition - see photo - more on request.

Sound samples on tensionzeroband instagram.

- Body - alder

- Neck - maple with maple fingerboard

- Sire pickups with 18V preamp

The bass in in Poland.

I'm asking about 335 euros plus shipping.

contact: zajdel.pio@gmail.com


Sadowsky Metro MV4.

That is 2017 and looks like new.

It is only 3,75 kg. With Sadowsky

gig case.

Im selling this beauty for 2200 €



I have to sell my Rickenbacker 4003 from 2008,

I'm the only owner, I bought it new at the time in a music store. the bass sounds perfectly and is kept so manic, no scratches. is the stereo version.
the bass is perfect, it's perfectly balanced and sounds so good!
the bass is not heavy, he weighs around 4kg. perfect.
with its hard silver case.
the bass is in Italy, I can ship all over Europe. Shipping to be agreed. thanks for your attention

price 1.800euro
more info e photos on request: michele.rizzoli@gmail.com


This is a Dragonfly CHB-5 strings bass,Made in Japan

$2500 usd ($4000 usd brand new)
Ash body with cocobolo top
Maple/walnut 5p neck,pau ferro fingerboard
Control :Vol,Balance,tone and 3 band EQ
Active/Passive switch ,Hum/Single coil switch

In mint condition ,come with hardcase
bass location in Hong Kong
Paypal only

More information plz contact makkeith1201@gmail.com


Japanese older model (favoured over the more recent Korean/Indonesian models) Mint condition (minus a small lacquer chip on headstock) Yamaha TRB 5 fretless in gorgeous amber glow

Professionally defretted at The Bass Gallery in London.

Only been used in the studio.

I am selling as I don’t play this one anymore and need more room.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions :syposzmusic@gmail.com

More pics can be requested.

Pick up from Basingstoke UK

Happy to post to Europe too, Buyer Pays Shipping




Left Handed Peavey Millennium BXP5 string bass.

34" scale, Basswood body with a beautiful tiger eye top. Rosewood fingerboard and maple neck. Jazz style pickups. Bass has been customized with a John East Uni Pre 4 preamp. It has Schaller strap locks and a Graphtech tusq nut fitted.

The neck is straight and the truss rod works fine. Fingerboard has been oiled and frets polished. Bass is setup with a straight neck and a nice low action and plays great with Labella strings.

Weighs only 8.5lbs/3.8kg and is in very good condition but there is a slight nick at one of the control knobs.

€395 plus shipping.
Will ship worldwide fast by courier and pack professionally. Anymore questions just ask!



For sale! Rare 20 years old Ibanez ATK305L

Made in Japan

used, but good condition, only small dings and dongs

asking price: 650,-€ + shipping

located in Germany

More pics and information: ArniBi@gmx.net


Lefty bass neck, replacement for fender Jazz o P bass from Italian luthier M2woods.

It's maple neck, with rosewood fingerboard, 7,25" radius, fender jazz nut width (38,1mm).
It's nitro painted, with a waterslide '60 era fender P bass logo that I have put on the neck.
The truss rod works well.

Frets are like new because I have only used Flatwound strings on this neck.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and for more pics.

contact: federicofugassa@gmail.com
Request 150€ plus shipping


My focus in life has changed and therefore I will sell most parts (12 basses) of my Lefthand Bass Collection. All basses (beside the Kramer) are in mint condition (just like “out of the factory•) and have never been played beside to check them. They were all the times located in my room at home under best conditions. The original invoice for the bass is available. Minimum price requested is without shipping. We have to talk about shipping and the costs if I know where the bass have to be shipped to. If you are interested to buy it or to hear about the other basses (WAL, Status, Kramer, etc.) you can mail me (roland.pruefer@pruefer-online.de). It is also possible to check it out at my home if you have serious interest.
Roessel Limited Edition
This bass is wood pure! No knobs, controllers or others will disturb the unique master piece. The complete Bass is made out of Zebrano. Zebrano is the only wood where you can make of all parts of a bass from. The bass was made by Fritz Roessel. The pickups where custom made for this bass by Harry Häusel. All wood pieces are oiled

Manufacturer / Dealer
Fritz Roessel / Fritz Roessel (2010)

Limited Edition, 4-string Lefthand

Build / Serial Number
2010 / No. 11/13


Original 4390 Euro
Minimum of 3500 Euro requested

- Standard long scale, Bolt-On
- One-piece Zebrano neck, width at nut 42mm, width at 12 fret 55mm
- No separate fretboard, neck and fretboard are one piece, 24 frets, saddle made of Horn, Frets of Brass, small dots of brass at side
- One-piece body of Zebrano with shaping’s
- Cover for the “electronic• case made of stainless steel
- totally passive, no controller, no knobs,
- Frame jack
- Pickup was specially made by Harry Häusel Pickup built into a Zebrano Cover
- Bridge, Mechanics, Security locks in dull gold
- All wood parts are oiled
- incl. Special Hardcase



Trading a Spector Legend with Emg DC pups

for a Short scale bass (Estwood, SWB 1 or other)

no hollowbody



Lakland 55-94 Dlx Fretless

Fretless in cherry sunburst

specs can be found on their website http://www.lakland.com/55-94.htm

A big scratch on the body (ask for more photos), scuff on the neck and ding on the head, hence the price.

Was acquired already being like this about 10 years ago, hasn't become worse, plays all well. 35" is a bit long (and wide) for me, so can't keep the instrument.

Serial No 6423

Comes in Gator hardcase. Bass in London

£1250 or exchange for 5 string fretless or maple fretted MusicMan.



Fender CIJ Jazz Bass ,

type JB75-115US/L NAT including hard case.

Audere preamp is installed ,original electronics can be included.

Purchased new in 2007 , not much used and in excellent condition.

Price : Eur 700 plus shipping.

Contact: arnesandaker@yahoo.no


I would like to trade a Fender P Bass player series for a Short scale (Hagström swede, Eastwood Map, Mosrite style, Mustang etc)

no violin beat bass

Mail to : averagepeople@live.se


Esh Sovereign in very good condition

This bass is about five years old.

I have played it only at a few occasions.

It has two EMG 35DC Pickups and an additional piezo pickup.

Tuners and bridge are from Schaller.

The bass comes with the original gig bag from Esh.

I will send more photos on request.

Price: 750 Euro plus shipping from Germany

Contact: xbass@juergen.quittek.at


Lefthand Warwick Rockbass Corvette Basic 4 Nirvana black, fretless, active, longscale.

Mint condition. Never left home. Never gigged. The Bass is located in Germany.

400€ plus shipping.

More info madmuffin@outlook.de


Marcus Miller M7 5 string alder/rosewood.

Mint condition. Never left home. Never gigged.

Only reason for sale is because It is 35 inches.

A little too much for my small hands. Would only consider trading for the same bass in 4 string or a short scale of similar value.

450€ plus shipping.

More info vfdezregueiro@gmail.com


Schecter Stiletto Studio 6 bass.

The bass is in literally perfect condition. It's been mine for less then a year, and I'm only the second owner.


Fretboard: Rosewood
Neck Material: Maple/Walnut Multi-ply w/ Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods
Neck ShapeScale: 35• (889mm)
Thickness: Thin C@ 1st Fret- .787• (20mm)/ @ 12th Fret- .866• (22mm)
Frets: 24 X-Jumbo
Fretboard Radius: 16• (406mm)
Nut Width: 2.125• (54mm)
Body Material: Mahogany
Top Material: Bubinga
Bridge: Diamond Custom Bass
Controls: Master Volume/Blend/3-Band EMG Active E/Q
Pickups: EMG 45HZ
Battery Compartment: 18-volt w/Screw Plate

The bass is located in Budapest, Hungary and costs 730 Euro + shipping. Also interested in trading for P-bass, other 6 string bass or any reasonable offer.
For info or more pictures e-mail me at: sardiadi@gmail.com



Original made in USA mit der Seriennummer S 84 66 86,

Der Bass wurde upgegraded mit Fender Lace pick ups. Sehr guter Zustand. Koffer Daft(made in Vancouver,Canada) hat Gebrauchsspuren.


darf unverbindlich in Basel(ca 30 minuten von Freiburg) angertestet werden,Kaffee und Amp stehen bereit.

weitere infos unter colin.brandle@icloud.com


Warwick Rock Bass Corvette Classic 5 strings Fretless

Just got it back from my tech who gave it a great setup.

This bass has tons of sustain and a lovely growl.

One knob missing (easily replaceable).

Price 150 euros + shipping. Located in Belgium

Email: vandeneynde.thomas@hotmail.com


2003 USA Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4 String - Cream body / Maple neck - Left-handed

As I am going 5 strings, I put one of my last bass for sale.

4-string maple neck over cream gloss body, original black pickguard, pots and mechanisms.

Everything works flawlessly and is in beautiful condition. Thoroughly cleaned, tuned and ready to go. Like all EB MM Stingrays, it is an absolute joy to play. Strings are new.

Bartolini MM pick-up with great tone.

Original Music Man hard case is included, as pictured.

Quite a rare find in this color combination and condition as lefty.

I am willing 1100€ for it + shipping possible in whole Europe. Bass is located in Germany, close to the French border. You are of course welcome to come and test it if you wish.

More close-up pictures and details on request (mail / Whatsapp) !

Thanks for watching !

Contact : jer.durand@gmail.com


Charvel/Jackson B2 Bj. 1988, made in Japan,

sehr guter, quasi neuwertiger Zustand, z.T. noch mit Schutzfolien. Hardware von Jackson.

Hing über 25 Jahre als Neuinstrument in einem Musikladen, ich bin also quasi Erstbesitzer.

Perlmutt-weiß metallic, zwischenzeitlich zum Teil etwas ins gelbliche gealtert.

VB € 750,- Versand nach Absprache im Koffer möglich.

Der Bass befindet sich in Düsseldorf

Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net


MusicMan StingRay 4, 3-Band EQ. USA Modell aus St. Luis-Obispo.

Gemäß Abfrage der Seriennummer bei MusicMan gebaut am 04.08.2005.

Guter Zustand mit den üblichen geringeren Gebrauchsspuren nach 14 Jahrn

pfleglicher Nutzung (kleinere Kratzer, Dings und Dongs). Inkl. original

Koffer. VB 1.300,- Versand nach Absprache möglich.

Der Bass befindet sich in Düsseldorf

Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net


Ibanez ATK300L 4-String, made in Japan,

transparent dunkelbraun, guter Zustand, nahezu keine Gebrauchsspuren triple coil, super Sound.

VB € 600.- Versand nach Absprache möglich.

Der Bass befindet sich in Düsseldorf

Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net


Fodera Tom Kennedy Standard

Body Wood Options
  Ash Body
  Flame Maple Top
  Solid Top

Neck Options
  Ebony Fingerboard

  3-pc Hard Rock Maple Neck. The first batch had one piece neck. This is one of them
  Mother-of-Pearl Dot Inlays
  45125 Stainless Steel Strings

Construction Options
  Bolt-On Construction
  34? Scale
  5 String Configuration

Electronics Options
  Fodera / Pope Standard 3-Band Preamp. This has 4 band preamp
  Fodera Standard Layout
  Fodera Dual Coil Pickups
  Including Fodera hardshell case

Price is 4200 € (I´ve paid 7.762 USD for it)



Claire Marsili 5 vintage relic

Body - Alder
Active preamp coolsound
Bartolini pickups
Price =1300 euro
Please contact:


Claire pj4 slim (monster Relic)

Body- alder
Neck - maple
Passive - v/v/t
Di marzio pickups.
Price=950 euro
Contact: misterbass82@gmail.com


G&L 2500 Fretless

Selling my G&L fretless

Ebony fretboard

Passive with

Tone switching options

Excellent condition

1200 euros

Please contact: robert66777@aol.com


Sandberg TT5

2013 soft relic

Marley blue

Delano pickups

Glokenklang preamp

1200 euros
Please contact for more info



I'm selling my Sandberg California 2 VS4

cherry sunburst, maple fingerboard, abalone dots, gold hardware, neck 34 inch, 22 frets,

body alder, neck maple, Sandberg single coil pickup, active/passive, including gigbag and clickon straplock.

It is like new and in perfect condition. Comes with bag.

Price 950 euro.



Jazz Bass USA American deluxe 4 string bass from 1998-99.

3 Tone sunburst, alder body with rosewood fingerboard. The bass is in great condition and all parts are original. Including original hard case.

Previous owner bought this bass in USA in recording studio. I would like to buy Music Man stingray or sabre with maple neck and natural color.

Price 1000 euros + shipping. Located in Czech Republic

Or in Exchange for Music Man stingray 4 strings.

Email: arewee1979@gmail.com


Warwick Rock Bass Corvette Classic 5 strings made in 2003 and now is in very good condition. This bass has very amazing sound.

Price 350 euros + shipping. Located in Czech Republic

I want to buy Music Man stingray 4 strings or I will accepted Exchange with additional charge from my side. Or you can offer me any fretless bass 4 str.

Email: arewee1979@gmail.com


Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray USA Left handed 4 String Bass, 2017. NaturalGloss State 9.5 of 10

All parts 100% original
Model: Stingray 4 String - Left Handed
Color: NaturalGloss
Neck: Maple
Pickguard: Black
Hardware: Chrome
Original MM hardcase included

For more information, pictures on request send me a mail!

Bass located in SPAIN

Will ship Europe at your cost

Price 1.350 Euro + Shipping

Email: juanrojasmancha@icloud.com


Claire etna slim 5 (ex demo)
Body- alder
Top-walnut tanganica flamed
Preamp nordstrand
Pickups Emg active
hipshot bass hardware
Original hard case claire
1850 euro
Contact: misterbass82@gmail.com



This is a Claire Etna 5(ex demo)

Mahogany/ padouk/maple body
Walnut/padouk/ash neck
padouk fingerboard
Black hardware
34inch scale
Pickups PKV (triple coil)
COOLSOUND sound preamp
Swicth H-S configuration pickups .
For more info /photo contact
Directly https://www.facebook.com/Claire-BassGuitars-2053230171572867/

Price 2100euro



Fbass BN5 2016

Body : swamp ash
Neck : maple
Fingerboard : rosewood
Pickups and electronic : FBass (high, middle, bass, active/passive pp and single/humbucker pp)
New Elixir strings

Great condition and wonderful bass is the mix.

I can ship professionnally with the Fbass semi rigid case.

Price : 2500€

Shipping from France 50/50 within insurance.



I am selling Fender USA jazz 4 string bass.

This bass made in 2012 but I bought it new in late 2018
It is in a great condition.
Everything original, comes with the original hardcase.

Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
20 Frets
Scale length: 864 mm (34" )
Pickups: 60s Custom Single Coils
Colour: 3 Tone Sunburst

Price: 1050 eur + international shipping



Seymour Duncan (ESP JAPAN) Traditional series Precision Bass

Very rare and great sounding japanese bass for sale here. Two-piece center-joined alder body and a great c-shaped maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

Neck date 1990.

For more information and additional photos, please email me.

Price: 790€ + shipping

Location: Finland

Contact: jsolakuja@yahoo.com


Edwards (ESP JAPAN) Jazz Bass Luna Sea

Excellent japanese bass from the 1990s for sale here. Two-piece center-joined alder body and a great c-shaped maple neck with rosewood fretboard. For more information and additional photos, please email me.

Price: 790€ + shipping
Location: Finland
Contact: jsolakuja@yahoo.com


Greco Precision Bass 1976

Great maple neck Precision from the first year of Fujigen production of Greco basses. Sen ash body. Plays great and has sustain for days. For more information and additional photos, please email me.

Price: 790€ + shipping
Location: Finland
Contact: jsolakuja@yahoo.com


Tobias Basic 5

Serial 2188 so its one of the earliest built after Michael Tobias left Gibson. (Built in 92-93)
A previous owner has rerouted the pickups for Bartolini MM-humbuckers.
They have also reinforced the wood between the two highest frets with brass.
I have replaced the bridge with a Hipshot A Style 17,5mm spacing
Includes the original hardcase (it has some wear and tear)

This has always been my dream bass but the neck is to thin for me so it just hangs on the wall.

1500€ + shipping

Please mail for more pictures - ulgnor@hotmail.com

The bass is located in Örebro - Sweden


Warwick Pro Series Corvette 6-string Fretless

In very good condition.

Great quality Korean made (feels almost as good as my German Thumb BO)

Ash Body

Really fun to play!

550€ + shipping

Please mail for more pictures - ulgnor@hotmail.com

Bass is located in Örebro - Sweden


Next Tone La Luminariste Bass LED+ Left Hand 2017 Clear Acrylic

Sad to see this go but have only used it once. Lovely bass. I got it new from Japan. Also has awesome LED frets and body.

Product Details
Body: Clear acrylic polymer
Neck: Maple(Bolt-on)
Fretboard: Blackwood
Scale: 32"(813mm)/24Fret
Tuner: Oridinal rotomatic type
Bridge: Oridinal Metal Bridge
Pickup: EMG-HZ
Controls: Vol (push/pull),Tone (push/pull)
Comes w/SoftCase

£800 + shipping

Email : bpgbass@me.com


Modified IBANEZ SR885L with soft case.

there is no written brand and model. it should be a starfire.

in any case it is a good musical instrument. powerful pickups and a system to adjust the tones with 11 different positions and the possibility of dividing the pickups.

the price is € 120 plus shipping.

Located in Italy

Contact: marcomoscardi67@gmail.com


4 String custom made bolt-on Neck
24 frets
Fretboard - Rosewood
Hybrid body top Walnut/Mahagony (very lightweight)
Match Wooden Ramp between the pickups.
Hardware: chrome by ETS and Schaller

Finish Matte
Electronic and 9V. Block battery cavity covers made from wood.

- Bridge Pickup :
The Seymour Duncan SMB-4A Music Man
3-coil system Alnico magnet for MM-style basses. Perfect for blues, funk, classic rock, southern rock, jam, and hard rock.
- Neck Pickup:
Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass Alnico 5-rod magnets Hum-canceling Stack for Jazz Bass with increased output and fatter tone for any 4-string
Linear humbucking neck pickup for Jazz bass adds punch and articulation missing from standard Jazz bass pickups while minimizing noise.

Custom made Seymour Duncan STC-3M Music Man 5-Knob Active Preamp
5 Controllers
a bass control, a treble control, a midrange control, and a master volume with a push-pull for proprietary Slap Switch.
Pickup Balancer Neck/Bridge Volume

The two small trim pots on the circuit board can be tweaked to preset the slap contour EQ just the way you want.

- Victor Wooten Fodera Bass custom made switch option:
in/out Phase Switch
3 way Series/Split/Parallel switch

For more information feel free to write me via payambass@gmail.com


G & L L-2000 made in USA


In perfect condition !

Active and passive

Body : one piece in swamp ash !

Neck : maple Quatersawn !

4.5 kg

Incl. original case

Picture on request

1100 €

poncin.benoit@gmail.com ( Belgium )


For Sale : Eastwood Sidejack Bass VI LH, Bought the 2014. Tuning is from E to E. Great Bass!

prize: 650 euro. incl 2 sets of new Newtone stings I will ship at buyers expence and risk

The SIDEJACK series are based on the 1960’s MOSRITE. Mosrite guitars were made in USA and began gaining in popularity in the early 1960’s with the help of The Ventures.

This new model takes its inspiration from the popular 60's Fender Bass VI model. A 30" scale 6-string Bass that is tuned E-E, a full octave below the standard electric guitar.

Body: Bound Solid Basswood
Colours: Vintage Cream
Pickups: Two Vintage EW P-90's
Switching: 3-Way
Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Bridge: Roller Tune-O-Matic with Vintage Tremolo
Neck: Bound Maple, SET neck
Finger Board: Rosewood, Dot Markers
Scale Length: 30"
Width at the Nut: 1 5/8"
Hardware: Gotoh style Style Nickel/Chrome or Gold
Strings: .095 .075 .055 .045 .035 .025 Medium Scale



For sale:
Marcus Miller 4 strings Swamp ash 4 string with upgrades:
-Bartolini B-Axis pickups
-Hipshot tuner drop D
-Tortoise pickguard
-Black pickguard

Only been used during tradeshows with some Eich Shows, has been used on stage only once.
Extra black pickguard added.

Original delivered with black pickguard, turtoise looks better I think but the new owner may decide.

With upgrades: €600,- original P.U.´s will be added so as the original `E`tuner.

Without upgrades, basicly the standard version €360,- with extra pickguard.

Comes with original carton box.
Can be brought/send/picked up in the Netherlands or during tradeshows/or at the Eich Shop in Herborn.

More pictures on request.



Selling my Fender jazz, 75 re issue fantastic condition.

Crafted in Japan Super slim/ fast neck. Great noise. High quality
Will post at buyers expense and risk
Thanks for looking.
Loads of photos on request
Looking for £799



Sandberg VS 4 BJ: 2015

Activ/Passiv Bass and Treble/passiv Tonecontrol

Mahagoni Body, Imbuia Top, matched Head

Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard

Comes with original Sandberg Gigbag.

Price 750€

contact: jodah@gmx.de


Status S2 headless 5-String

Natural finish Gold Hardware

Graphite neck

Bass/treble eq and switchable mid frequency

Price: 1200€ including Original case and pack of strings

Contact: jodah@gmx.de


Pedulla Rapture RBJ2-5 1998 Lefthand

including original hardcase.
EQ: vol / bal / High / Low.

Great playability.
Frets only have a little wear.
A few dings.

Some dull polish areas.

Maple body and neck with rosewood fingerboard
Bartolini pickups and electronics.

Ship within Europe

Price: 1000 € shipping price out

More pics and informations by mail: groovequest@icloud.com


I like to offer my Martin BC 16 GTE in great shape with a beautiful case. It's like new.

the fretwork has had a fret job last year so its in great shape.

I want to trade the bass for a nice precision, stingray or good jazz bass.

Asking price otherwise is 1350 euro’s. The bass is located in Holland.



Musicman Stingray 4-string 3-band-EQ

I am selling probably the best sounding bass I have ever owned.

It took me ages to find the Stingray as a 4-string with a maple neck.
For what I know, Musicman has stopped building those for leftys, which is a real bummer...
For now, I stopped playing music professionally, so this beauty has to go as it deserves better than to be standing in a guitar-boat for ages.

Bass is in great conditions.
It was played live and has some very minor dings and scratches.

Comes including the original Musicman flightcase and as much case candy as you can think of

Bass is located in Cologneg/Germany.

Will ship within Europe, but the buyer would have to pay for that.

Price: 1.350 Euros

Contact me by email if you have any questions or for more detailed pics at n.m.nekic@goolgemail.com


Sandberg TM 4 "old bodyshape" Tobacco Sunburst for sale

I am selling my beloved Sandberg.

This bass is in mint condition.
No mentionable dings and dongs or anything, electronics work flawless.

Comes in the older, fender'esque Sandberg bodyshape and including the original gigbag.
If you are looking for something a little more road-proof: I also have a Gator SKF-case that perfectly fits the bass. This will cost an upcharge that we would have to discuss if you are interested.

Shipping isn't a problem, but has to be paid by the buyer.

Bass is located in Cologne/Germany and can be picked up after you have tried it out.

Price 1.150 Euros plus shipping

Contact me by email if you have any questions or for more detailed pics at n.m.nekic@goolgemail.com


ich verkaufe hier meinen wunderschönen Yamaha TRB 5II Bass in transparent blue mit matched Headstock. Die Hardware ist in goldener Ausführung.
Das hier vorliegende Modell wurde laut Seriennummer im März 1998 gebaut. Ist also eines der ersten Bässe aus dieser Serie. Gebaut wurde dieser Bass noch in Japan. Ausgestattet ist der TRB 5II mit zwei Alnico V Humbuckern (Dualcoil = Singlecoil + Dummy Spule pro Gehäuse) und einer sehr schön abgestimmten 3 Band Elektronik. Der Hals besteht aus Ahorn mit einem Palisander Griffbrett und hat eine 35“ Mensur bestückt mit 24 Bünden und einem Knochensattel. Er ist kräftig, aber sehr angenehm zu spielen. Als Body-Holz wurde Esche (Lite-Ash) gewählt.
Der TRB 5II hat einen direkten, straffen Ton, der sehr detailliert jede einzelne Note wiedergibt. Auch die B-Saite ist sehr konkret in der Tonwiedergabe. Selbst bei voll aufgedrehtem Bass-EQ neigt der TRB nicht zum Wummern. Jedoch präsentiert er sich dann mit gewaltigem Subbassanteil, der ihn zum Reggeamonster werden lässt. Die Höhen sind silbrig und nicht aufdringlich und sorgen für crispe Slap- und Picksounds.

Der Bass ist für seine 21 Jahre in einem guten, gebrauchten Zustand. Natürlich hat er seine Macken im Lack. Eine etwas Größere auf der Rückseite des Instruments. Diese Macken sind jedoch lediglich kosmetische Schäden, der Bass selber funktioniert einwandfrei und lässt sich hervorragend spielen.

Der TRB 5II kann gerne bei einem Kaffee oder einem Kaltgetränk in Osnabrück getestet werden. Ein Versand ist aber kein Problem. Gerne gebe ich noch einen Ledergurt dazu.

Meine Preisvorstellung liegt bei VB 590,-€

Fragen bitte an andeas.sindt@gmx.net


Lefty Kay upright bass model OEM from 1938 for sale

asking 1400.00 USD plus shipping if any is required.
it is in good condition. sounds great. Some repair work done on the lower bout, professional and tight, barely visible. Fingerboard has been replaced. Some wear and scratches
but otherwise solid instrument. Price includes a stand, a gig bag and a bow. Here is a description of the bass from the Kay Bass registry based on their research...

"I've registered this Kay-built instrument as Gretsch Orchestra #4137 (1938). This is an arbitrary number in a known batch of similar instruments, assigned for tracking purposes.

Basses built for Gretsch typically did not get any Kay badging or identification, and I expect that the pencilled build number was lost or badly obscured.

Designed for classical students, the Orchestra series was very popular before the war, but was essentially discontinued by 1944. It is characterized by its gamba shape, standard edge pinstriping, ebonized maple fingerboard and appointments, and nickel-finished Kluson plated tuning machines. The model was originally marketed under the K-Meyer brand and sold OEM under the Gretsch marque, later distributed under the Kay, Old Kraftsman and Kustom Kraft brands as well. I estimate total O production in the 1,800-2,000 range

The bass is located in Massachusetts, USA.



For Sale : Eastwood Sidejack Baritone LH,

Bought the guitar few months ago, because of a project, the project is cancelled. Tuning is from b to b. Great guitar!

prize: 325 euro. I will ship at buyers expence and risk

The SIDEJACK series are based on the 1960’s MOSRITE.

Mosrite guitars were made in USA and began gaining in popularity in the early 1960’s with the help of The Ventures.

Its distinctive shape features a reversed-Stratocaster look.



Phantom Mephisto, Fretless

Verkaufe hier einen Mephisto-Bass der Firma Phantom Guitars Cologne. Handmade in den 1990er-Jahren. Kostete damals in der bundierten Version 2400 Mark. Zustand und Bespielbarkeit hervorragend, nicht nur für das Alter. Griffbrett gereinigt und geölt, neue Flatwouds aufgezogen.

Preis: 679,00 Euro inklusive Case.

Korpus: Esche, zweiteilig. Offenporige, rote Lackierung
Hals: sechsfach verschraubt, aus zweistreifigem Ahorn, Halstasche reicht weit in den Korpus hinein, Bundmarkierungen an der Seite
Griffbrett: müsste Ebenholz sein
Hardware: Schaller M4-Mechaniken, ABM 3D-Flachsteg Bridge, Schaller Security Locks
PU: Rough Crystal MM-Humbucker
Elektronik: aktiv; zweiband-EQ, Volumen, Bässe, Höhen, Schalter Seriell/Parallel
Case von TKL World Class Cases
Versand innerhalb Deutschlands über GLS für 20,00 Euro

I am selling my Mephisto Bass, handmade in the 90s by German Luthier Eduard Tüske / Phantom Guitars Cologne. New price back than around 2400 euros. I am asking 679,00 Euros including the case. Condition and playability outstanding, not just for the age. Fretboards has been cleaned and oiled, new flat wounds.

Body: Ash, two pieces, red open pore color
Neck: six bolts, two pieces of laminated maple
Fretboard: should be ebony, with fretmarkers at the side
Hardware: Schaller M4 tuners, ABM 3D-Bridge, Schaller Security Locks
PU: Rough Crystal MM Humbucker
Electronics: active 2-band EQ, Vol, Bass, Treble, Coil split
Case: TKL World Class Cases
Shipping inside the European Union possible, please ask for a quote.

Kontakt/Contact: lowend@gmx.de


for sale Squier bass 2018, Indonesia.

I will ship at buyers expence and risk

200 euro



Recently bought on Arni's site,

I sell this Status S2 headed.

This is not my sound.

From 2007, like new.

1550 euros + shipping.

I'm in France. Metz city



I am selling my Lakland USA custom made 5 string bass

It has lindyfralin pups and a great pre amp. Dating to when Dan Larkin was still making the basses
Very high quality instrument, plays beautifully, 35 “ scale with an awesome low b
Full range of sounds with ultimate playability
Made for former endorsee of lakland.
Comes with either lakland tweed case ( in fair condition) or newer hard case
Will ship at buyers expense and risk



Selling my 1990’s WAL 5 string mark 2

It’s in fabulous condition, plays beautifully and sounds awesome
Comes with grey WAL case in very good condition
I would like £3995 for this bass which will only continue to rise in value
I will ship at buyers expense and risk



Fender Custom Shop 2018 LIMITED 1958 PRECISION BASS JOURNEYMAN RELIC A straightforward,

get-the-job-done workhorse, the Limited Edition ’58 Precision Bass is crafted for the studio and the stage. The two-piece alder body and tinted, one-piece quartersawn maple neck ensure this bass thumps like no other, and the single-ply black-anodized aluminum pickguard increases resonance while looking fantastic. The hand-wound Custom Shop ’62 P Bass® split-coil pickup has the authentic, seismic tone that made the P Bass famous. Ultra-stable and highly resonant, the quartersawn maple neck sports a ’57 “Soft V• profile that nestles comfortably in the hand while the maple fingerboard sports 20 6105 frets. The Journeyman lacquer finish grants this instrument that look and feel of an instrument that’s seen many a stage over the course of its service life. Other features include bone nut, vintage-style P Bass tuning machines and a round string tree. Includes deluxe hardshell case, strap and Certificate of Authenticity.

Never used live ,only studio , the instrument is immaculate , and complete of all the fender goodies.
I ask 2800€ ,The bass is located in the north of italy ,
Contact Alan: rosola.alan@gmail.com
Further images and info on request !


I'm selling my Sandberg California 2 VS4

cherry sunburst, maple fingerboard, abalone dots, gold hardware, neck 34 inch, 22 frets,

body alder, neck maple, Sandberg single coil pickup, active/passive, including gigbag and clickon straplock.

Paste this into https://configurator.sandberg-guitars.de


Price: 1100 euro



Up for sale a Schecter Stiletto Studio-8 left handed neck-thru active electronics bass-guitar.

Two EMG-HZ humbuckers, controls: volume / balance / hi / mid / bass. Comfortable bass, straight neck. That was used on stage, so there are some dings, but nothing serious that hurts the sound. Pls see hi res photos, or ask for it in mail, I can send directly. Pls listen the song that made with this bass, but I am able to make a new recording so you can listen it's full capabilities.

listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2cgkuvXUO0

see: https://ibb.co/album/ewdmqa
550 Euros or able to trade for G&L L-2000 (only US-made) or Ibanez Musician MC924 or Ibanez ATK-300L (only Japanese) with price negotiation.

Contact: adam30y@gmail.com


Fender American Pro J-Bass LH RW SonicGrey

from May 2018. 100% mint condition. new without any scratches.

Lefthand / left-handed model
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fretboard radius: 241 mm (9.5")
20 Frets
Nut width: 38.1 mm
Scale length: 864 mm (34" - long scale)
Pickups: 2 V-Mod Jazz Bass Single Coils
2 x Volume control
1 x Tone control
Nickel / chrome hardware
Hi-mass bridge
Colour: Sonic Grey
Includes Fender case

EUR 1.390,– shipping in EU included!
E-Mail: office@dasoe.rocks


Fender precision 1976 all original

Unfortunately this bass has to go. It’s a real player. Ash body and real light weight.

It’s all original and everything works fine. Frets are fine too.

SN 705569

It comes with the original case, thumb rest and the metal plates. The original strings and instructions booklet is also there.

I’m asking € 2100 + shipping cost.

The bass is located in the Netherlands.



Unicorn Ozellman Master Custom 5-string

A very special custom bass where the electronics are custom made (bass – mid w/ sweep – treble) for this bass and the paintjob is a special black high gloss and natural matte. Monorail bridges as well top the whole thing off! Maple/mahogany body and maple/purpleheart neck with ebony board.
Comes with Hiscox Standard LiteFlite case.
Bass located in Malmo Sweden. Buyer pays for shipping
1.600 €
A new build today like this is around 4-6000€
I will replace the jazz bass knobs with the original black metal dome knobs
when in sell mode

More pictures on request

You can read more about this bass here: http://unicornbass.se/site/ozellman-master-custom-l-h/


To sell, lefty TRB JP2 like.

Neck : ash and walnut strips, fingerboard, 2 trussrodds ebony from Makassar (Indonesia), 35"
Body : mahogany with ash top
Pickups Aguilar dual coil
Electronic Aguilar Obp3
Bridge ETS, tuning keys Gotoh
Built by Indonesian Luthier FAD in Yogyakarta
Price : 1800 euros
Contact : juan.caribeno@gmail.com
Located in France
Don't hesitate to ask pictures, or coming to try it


Original Fender Made in Japan Jazz Bass ‘75 RI - Left-handed - Mint

I am putting on sale my beloved Fender Japanese Jazz Bass ’75 Reissue, as I am going 5 strings now.

No need to go again over the build and fine craftmanship quality of the made-in-Japan Fenders. Body is Ash in 3-tone sunburst / rare 3-bolt neck and fingerboard is 1 single-piece maple with the famous skunk stripe, white block inlays and binding.

The bass is mint with impeccable details, in near new condition. I love this instrument, it is a joy to play. Never used on stage, always remained in studio.

Everything on it is original and works flawlessly as it should.

No ding or damage whatsoever, it is in truly great condition and plays beautifully. The neck is straight and feels great, truss rod is smooth, action is low and set up by the local luthier shop.

2 pickguards are there : original 3-ply white (un-used without marks) and 3-ply black made hand-tailored in the USA at WD Music.

I had the original pick-ups replaced by Fender CS Custom Shop 60’s in 2014 at luthier shop, delivering an even better tone. Original pick-ups are still there in the box.

This is a very rare bird, rarer even in this condition.

Serial : JD12027516

Original Fender Japan soft case and original bass documentation are included.

I am willing 900€ for everything. Bass is located in Germany, close to the French border. I can ship in whole Europe.

Many more close-up pictures and details on request (mail / Whatsapp) !

Thanks for watching !

Contact : jer.durand@gmail.com


I’m selling my 2010 Mike Lull MV5 5 string bass.

Bass is in excellent condition. Minor chip in paint on the side edge near the control plate.

Factory upgrades include Nordstrand dual coil noiseless pickups, Nordstrand 18 volt preamp, Hipshot tuners and bridge. Chrome control knobs as well as an additional set of black vintage plastic knobs.

Also includes black pick guard and aftermarket tort guard. G&G hard shell case included.

Asking $1800 plus shipping.

Feel free or contact me at tomdbass@yahoo.com with any questions or for additional pics


Rare Warwick Thumb BO 1996 4 strings

Body : Bubinga
Neck : Wenge
Fretboard : Wenge
Mic: 2 active MEC pickups
Electronic : active 2 band MEC
Every components are original and the bass is in excellent condition (please ask for some more pictures).

I will like to sell it for 1200 euros shipping included.

Contact : mirenzijoffrey@yahoo.fr


Ernie Ball Music Man LH 5 String

I’m selling this bass because i’m not using anymore.

-in perfect condition (a little scratch on the body)

-serial nr. L 58253 year 1998/9

-original lefty case

The bass is in italy (Venice)

1000 Euros plus shipping

or more info and pics contact dardanico@gmail.com


Selling my custom ordered de Gier BeBop 5 in Inca Silver that I got in November 2016.

Since I've owned it it has been my main bass live, so it does have some signs of use but has never been abused.

Body: Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood with white binding
Pickups: Lollar
Controls: Vol, vol, tone, Fatboost
Colour: Inca Silver with matching headstock
Pickguard: Black
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites
Bridge: De Gier/ETS
Finish: High gloss
Weight: 4,132kg

Original gig bag included.

1700€ + shipping(inside EU only) from Finland.

For more info or pictures: asiatvu@gmail.com


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