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On Nov. 11th 2002, I met my lefty friend Armin Klopfer in Ulm / Bavaria. On this day he took me to the German musicstore called "Station Music" which is located in Jettingen-Scheppach. In front of this trip, Armin told me that this shop offers in main guitars and basses made in USA. I was very curious to see this wellknown store. But what I saw was so impressiv, that I can´t believe it!
There are hundreds of the most expensive basses, standing in rows. You can pick up high end basses like Alembic, Fodera, Lakland, Zon, Ken Smith, MTD….. This basses are not in display cases! You can take them and play them, without any problems. Unbelieveable! Basses with a value to 6000 USD!
I must confess, that I was a little bit angry. I was going through this rows of dream basses and watching out that I don´t run down one of these 2000-5000 USD basses with my jacket. Theses basses are simply standing in normal guitar stands.
Most of these guitars and basses are righthanded ofcourse. Lothar Walter, owner of this treasure island, apologized about this righthanded guitars. But lefties, think about it: Do you know musik stores, they will place a 6000 USD lefty Alembic bass without a conrete customer for it?!

But Lothar Walter´s heard beats for us lefty as well. After Fenders announcement to stop the production of lefty guitars and basses made in USA, Lothar Walter ordered all lefty basses (made in USA) from the german distributor.

Just at this time, Station Musik offered Fender Hot Rod Precision basses in the colours black, natural and sunburst for a special price of 1399,--Euro (~1399 USD). This basses comes with an original Fender case.


Armin Klopfer and Lothar Walter

Alembic / Zon

Spector / Ken Smith



Lakland / MusicMan


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