Vincent Brongers

Band: Thirsty Tigers

Hague / Netherlands

Hello Arni,

I always thought I was left alone...

Bye for now,

I am Vincent Brongers, bassplayer since 1981. I also play guitar and piano, but the bass is, off course, my number 1 instrument! I played in a lot of rock bands, with names like The Quest, Lancaster, Wheels. My present band is The Thirsty Tigers, a hardrock cover band, see soon!

Basses: Ibanez ATK 300, Ibanez Roadster.

Equipment: Vox AC50, Hartke, ... a small one
I do not use any pedals or stuff like that.

Favorite artists: Beatles, Beach boys, Status Quo, The Bangles, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen, Nick Drake, Alquin, The Moody Blues
Unfavorite artists: Dire Straits, Velvet revolver, Prince, Sting, Oasis

Ibanez ATK 300

Ibanez Roadster

Vox AC50

Hartke, ... a small one