Vladimir Scherbinin

Band: Chorna Rada

Kiev, Ukraine

Hello Arni,

You are doing really good things to LH bass players and as it is hard to find any lefty bass here in Ukraine I was really lucky to find this resource. :)

mit freundlichen Gruessen,

My name is Vladimir Scherbinin and I'm a lefty bass player from Kiev, Ukraine.

Started to play bass at 1995. First bass i ever had was 'Iolana' and it was
orininally right handed and awful. =)

Now I'm playing two Mayones Prestige 6string Custom Basses (
http://www.mayones.com), NTB, Strings through body, equipped with 2 passive Bartolini pickups and Aguilar preamp, GraphTech piezo.
One fretted, one fretless.
Those basses rocks! You can play with every sound you need.

Also I own EMP 5string bass. Quite simple one, but with very bright sound.

Like to play very different music.

1980 MusicMan Stingray fetless '80 "Emma"

Mayones Prestige 6string Fretless Custom bass

Fender Precision 4 fretted '76

Lakland 55-94 Deluxe

Mayones Jabba-5

Marshall B65
Agilar DB-900