A meeting woth Andy Gibbons (The Undecided) in London on May, 1st 2010

I know Andy Gibbons, bassist of the British cover band "The Undecided•, for years. Shortly after Andy reported to me, I had the opportunity to buy his Fender Jazz bass.

When I planned my trip to London Andy and I agreed to meet there for a meeting. Previously, he had told me that he owned a Rickenbacker 4003, which he would like to trade for his old Fender Jazz Bass. So I met Andy Gibbons and his Rick at the Hard Rock Cafe. With Andy and his Rickenbacker we passed through the London pubs and had a lot of fun. ..

When we split late this night I was the lucky owner of this 82´ Rickenbacker 4003 and the memory of a boozy night in London's pubs.

See you later, Andy!

Andy with "his" 82´ Rickenbacker 4003

autograph signing


Andy + Ulli Goldbecker (Mixed Society)


Three Lefties! (Ulli Goldbecker, Andy Gibbons, Arni)

Let´s have fun!



Talking bass deep in the night (Bar at Victoria Station)

London at night

Greetings from Pink Floyd!

View from the hotel room!



Pink Floyd

LP "Animals"


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