Hier könnt ihr euren Linkshänder-Bass anbieten. Einfach eine Email mit Foto und Beschreibung senden. Ich werde ihn umgehend in das Internet stellen (kostenlos natürlich). Für die Aktualität der Angebote kann ich nicht garantieren.

If you like to offer your lefthand bass, please feel free to send me a email with pic and discription. I will publish it asap (for free of course). Sorry, but I can´t proof if these offers are up to date

Ich biete an:
Sandberg Custom 4 LH
Hals: Ahorn, 3-streifig, aufgeschraubt
Griffbrett: Palisander, bundiert
Bünde: 24 medium
Mensur: 34“, 863 mm
Korpus: Mahagoni, 2-teilig
Decke: Ahorn, 2-teilig
Pickup: 1x Bartolini, MM-style, seriell/parallel umschaltbar
Elektronik: aktiv/passiv umschaltbar (Vol.-push/pull-Poti), 3-Band-EQ, 1x 9-Volt
Mechaniken: gekapselt, Sandberg, schwarz
Brücke: Göldo 3-D-4, schwarz
Gewicht: ca. 3 kg
Ich habe den Bass im letzten Jahr gebraucht gekauft. Er ist (lt. Vorbesitzer) Baujahr 1994/95 und in gutem Zustand. Es gibt lediglich ein paar (unerhebliche) Spielspuren, die Bünde sind tadellos. Der Hals ist recht flach (mir zu flach) und schnell und leicht bespielbar. Die leider völlig verbastelte Elektronik habe ich gegen einen Noll 3-Band-EQ getauscht, ebenso die nicht passende (weil rechtshändig ausgerichtete) Brücke. Der Original-Pickup lässt sich nun seriell/parallel schalten mittels Mini-Switch. Der Sandberg klingt sehr direkt und eignet sich m.E. besonders für funky Spielweisen. Da ich überwiegend Blues/Rock/Reggae spiele, sind der Bass und ich nicht wirklich Freunde geworden.
Ich hätte gerne für den Sandberg € 900,- (inkl. Koffer) plus evtl. Versandkosten (EU).
Mehr Fotos gerne auf Anfrage.
Anfragen bitte an: ricky.heinen@web.de

For sale:
Sandberg Custom 4 LH, made in Germany, s/n:
Neck: maple, 3 pieces , bolt on
Fingerboard: rosewood, fretted
Frets: 24 medium
Scale: 34•, 863 mm
Body: mahogany, 2 pieces
Top: figured maple, 2 pieces
Pickup: 1x Bartolini, MM-style, series/parallel switchable
Elektronics: active/passive switchable (vol.-push/pull-pot.), 3-band-EQ, 1x 9-volts
Tuners: die-cast, Sandberg, black
Bridge: Göldo 3-D-4, black
Weight: about 3 kg!
The bass was built in 1994/95 and is in good condition, only few scratches, as is normal after long time use. The neck has a slim and fast shape and is easy to play.
The price is € 900,- , incl. a hard-shell case, plus shipping (within EU).
More pictures on request.
Please contact me: ricky.heinen@web.de


Here is Harley Bentons take on a vintage P-bass from the 1950s.

t sounds surprisingly good.

The body is basswood, the pickup is a single-coil Roswell VTN4 Vista Alnico-5 Vintage PB-style pickup,

bolt-on maple neck with a nice maple fretboard, which does have some sharp edges, just file it down with a key file. 2-tone sunburst finish.

Will gladly trade it for an effects pedal worth 90-ish euro

90 euro + shipping from Denmark.



Hagström Swede bass, as new!

600 euro open for trade



Lefty Precisión bass from 1978

Serial number S846139


Neck :Maple

Bridge:Badass II

In good condition, price 3000€

Locatel in Spain.



Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass body full-loaded 2019

Hello Lefty colleagues,

I am offering a full-loaded Squier CV 70s Jazz Bass body here. One of the less (affordable) ways to get a Fender / Squier Jazz Bass with a bridge pickup in the 70s position nowadays.
The electronic was professionally replaced to volume / balance / tone. Volume and tone pots are by MEC, the balance pot is by Delano. I also replaced the original black pickguard to a pearl-white one.

There are some slight signs of playing, but unfortunately this is unavoidable with high-gloss black paint. I would therefore describe the condition as very good. Not brandnew anymore, but close.

I also add the original 3-ply pickguard in black / white / black.

* Fender/Squier Classic Vibe 70s Body
* Color: black
* Body material: poplar
* Pickups: Fender Designed Alnico Single Coils
* Electronics: 1x volume, 1x balance, 1x tone
* Bridge: Fender/Squier Standard
* Hardware: chrome

Asking is 200€. Shipping inside the EU is not a problem. More pictures on request. Bass is located in Germany.

Contact: dominik_merz@gmx.de


1965 Lefty Jazz Bass neck
5-7-1965 production date.
All original
Features its original White Painted headstock, frets and hardware.

Here is a very rare opportunity to own an all original left handed fender Jazz Bass neck.


I purchased several years a go to build to a period correct body with original period correct parts. I’ll provide a known bass body builder, who’s work is impeccable and I have used before, who will build a exact correct body at a very low reasonable price.
I am pursuing some other projects and have decided to sell this neck.

Buyer plays for the shipping of the neck.
I will thoroughly package up the neck in a box.

Serious inquiries only, thanks!

E-mail: jfrisch331@aol.com


Bass Sterling by MusicMan Ray 34 Linkshänder, 680 Euro

Sehr schöner Bass, neuwertig.Bj. 2017.

Gewicht 4kg.


Von Privat zu Verkaufen.Testen gerne. Inklusive Thomann Koffer.

NP.1099 Euro



Music Man Stingray 4 3EQ from 1997 (Serial Nr : L 00327)

Colour : black with a black pickguard

Neck : maple

In good condition except 2 scratches on the back. (I can show pictures on demand)

Located in Belgium. Comes with its original Hiscox hardshell case

Asking price : 1200 €



Selling my 2006 Yamaha TRB1005L
Made in Korea
35" scale
Maple/Alder/Quilt Maple Top body
3-piece maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
6-bolt on neck
24 frets
Hum cancelling Alnico V pickups
3-band active EQ
18 mm spacing bridge

Bass is in as new condition, action is low, easy to play and good sounding. Only played at home.

Located in Romania.

Asking price: 650EUR + shipping

For further information and more pictures, feel free to contact me at liviu.popescu1286@gmail.com


Yamaha TRB5-II

Hi everyone,
A few lines about the history of the bass: I own it since 2013, bought it from a German musical instrument store, called Station-Music. I’ve been told that the bass was never played before, it was brand new (at the time of purchase) and the store got it during a Yamaha warehouse stock sweep.

The instrument is made in 1998, it’s an original Made in Japan bass (by the serial no.)

I have played only once a gig with it, never used for further concerts or rehearsals, basically never left the room – no scratch marks, faded lacquer or paint.

I don’t mind swapping the bass for something interesting/equally priced instrument – I prefer a scale lenght of 35“, broad (or broader) neck for a 5 stringbut can be a 4 string bass as well, especially interested in: MusicMan, Warwick, Fender...you name it.

Located in Slovakia, but can ship to anywhere.

Price: 1200 € - shipped with quality, padded gig bag

Body: Ash
Neck: D profile / made from maple with matching headstock
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Scale length: 35
String spacing: 18 mm
Number of frets: 24 frets
Electronics: 9V, active 3-band EQ
Pickups: Yamaha Alnico V humbucking PUs
Hardware: Gold plated (bridge, tuning keys)
Colour: Amber burst
Weight: 4,5 kg

If you’re interested feel free to contact me at: tomtomolya@gmail.com


Cort B5 Fretless

Hi! I’m selling my fretless Bass due to lack of useness. The bass is in excellent condition, I’m the first owner and bought it around 2009 or 2010 as my first bass ever. For this kind of money, I think this is one of the best option for an active fretless bass. It is now tuned from high C- to E, but to change the setup to low B, you Don’t have to buy a new bridge!

Ash body
Mahogany and Maple 5 piece neck
Rosewood fretboard
Cort preamp (active/passive switch, bass-mid-treble, master volume and balance)
Bartolini MK1 humbucker PU-s
Ash ramp, with black painting (which also can be took down easily)

I’m asking for 215 Euros + shipping from Budapest, Hungary

For more pics and info feel free to hit me up at sardiadi [at] gmail.com



Hello everyone,
I am selling this very rare Koa-Ubass by Kala, hand built for me in early 2014 in Petaluma, California by back then Kala-luthier Jason Villa. According to Jason, there were about 25 to 30 Koa-Ubasses made in total, and this one is the only left handed one ever made. It is as well No. 2 out of the Koa series, No. 1 was built for Abe Laboriel. Eventually, the Koa series got discontinued by Kala, so these special Ubasses are no longer available.

The bass is in mint condition: I did play it much, but did not take it on the road a lot. It´s equipped with the great sounding custom L.R. Baggs "Elements" pickup, which contains a piezo system and a preamp with volume, bass and treble controls. The original Kala Ubass tweed case is part of the deal as well.

You can see and hear the bass in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYDPWnZ4ayI

Asking price is 2000,00 EUR. Please check out my other Ubass auction as well, if you are interested in both, we can talk about a special deal.

Pickup in Wuppertal, Germany is possible, shipping via UPS can be arranged.

For further informations and more pictures, feel free to contact me at armin.alic@googlemail.com



Hello everyone,
I am selling this fretless Ubass out of the Maple California series. It was hand built for me in 2012 by back then Kala luthier Jason Villa in Petaluma, California.

It is in very good condition and has just a few scratches on the back of the body due to extended touring I did with it.

It is equipped with the MiSi preamp with volume, bass and treble controls. You charge the preamp for 60 seconds and it allows up to 8 hrs of playing time.

The charger is included, as well as the original Kala gig bag.

Asking price is 800,00 EUR. Please check out my other Ubass auction as well, if you are interested in both, we can talk about a special deal.

Pickup in Wuppertal, Germany is possible, shipping via UPS can be arranged.

For further informations and more pictures, feel free to contact me at armin.alic@googlemail.com


ESP Custom, 4-saitig, LH, made in Japan
Hals: Ahorn, einstreifig, aufgeschraubt
Griffbrett: Palisander, bundiert
Bünde: 21 medium
Mensur: 34“, 863 mm
Korpus: Esche, 2-teilig
Pickups: 1x Bartolini, P-style, 1x Bartolini, J-style,
Elektronik: aktiv/passiv umschaltbar (Vol.-push/pull-Poti), 2-Band-EQ, 1x 9-Volt
Mechaniken: offen, vernickelt
Brücke: Schaller 3-D-4, chrom
Ich habe den Bass vor ein paar Jahren gebraucht gekauft. Er ist, soweit ich recherchieren konnte, Ende der 1990er Jahre in Japan gebaut worden als Custom-Order. Der Bass ist in gutem gebrauchtem Zustand. Es gibt ein paar Dings und Dongs (Kopfplatte, Body-Rückseite), Hals und Bünde sind aber tadellos. Der Hals ist (J-Bass-untypisch) recht flach (mir zu flach) und breit (Halsbreite am Sattel: 42,8 mm). Die original passive Elektronik habe ich gegen eine Noll 2-Band-Elektronik getauscht (Volumen, Balance, Bässe, Höhen), ebenso die ziemlich verrottete Brücke und die Halsplatte. (Die Originalteile sind vorhanden und werden mitgegeben).
Der ESP ist – wegen des Esche-Bodys – ziemlich schwer (5,2 kg), klingt aber wuchtig und bei Bedarf auch knackig direkt.
Ich hätte gerne für den ESP € 1200,- plus evtl. Versandkosten (EU) und inkl. professionelles Flightcase.
Mehr Fotos gerne auf Anfrage.
Anfragen bitte an: ricky.heinen@web.de

ESP Custom, 4-saitig, LH, made in Japan
Neck: Maple, 1 piece, bolt-on
Fingerboard: Rosewood, frettet
Frets: 21 medium
Scale: 34“, 863 mm
Body: Ash, 2 pieces
Pickups: 1x Bartolini, P-style, 1x Bartolini, J-style,
Elektronics: active/passive switchable (Vol.-push/pull-pot), 2-band-EQ, 1x 9-Volts
Tuners: open
Bridge: Schaller 3-D-4, chrome
The Bass is from the later 1990 years, made in Japan as a custom order. There are some dings and dongs as it is normal after long time use (headstock, backside of the body). The neck is straight and there’s no fret-wear.
The Bass is heavy-weight (5,2 kg) but sounds both powerful and – if you want – brilliant.
Price is € 1200,- including a flight-case, plus shipping (within EU)
More pictures on request.
You can contact me: ricky.heinen@web.de


Fender Jazz Bass Japan

Der hier angebotenen Fender Jass Bass wurde laut Seriennummer (J006XXX) im Jahr 1990 in Japan hergestellt

und befindet sich in einem ausgezeichneten Zustand.

Im Laufe der Jahre wurden lediglich die Elektronik eines 1984´er Fender Jazz Bass eingebaut und das Pickguard getauscht.

Farbe: Butterscotch

Gewicht: 4,3 kg

Price 670,-€

Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net



Verkauft wird mein Hero IV Made in Germany

Hervorragender Rockbass und Leichtgewicht

Korpus: Esche

Hals: Ahorn

Mensur: 864 mm

Regler: Tone, Volume, 4-fach PU-Wahlschalter

Gewicht: 3,1 kg

Preis: 490,-€ incl. Gigbag

Bericht: https://www.musiccraft24.de/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=6853&token=47e7d495d671a9f9dab47ce86080829faf48da79

Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net


I’m selling this beautiful Wood & Tronics 5-string bass.

Very good conditions, complete with strap and Schaller straplock.
Model EJ with Nordstrand pickups, Glockenklang preamp.
Bolt-on with ash body, maple neck and quilted fretboard.
Weight about 5,2kg.
Here are some links where I play it:

Price: €1300 + shipping
Location: Fogliano Redipuglia, Italy
For more info contact me at webioslap@gmail.com


I sell this beautiful musicman bongo 4h with a dtuner.

I want 1350 euros fort this bass.

Please contact me at pfquittre@hotmail.com


Hello i sell this custom Sandberg tm5 with Delano's pickups.

I want 1300 euros for this beautiful bass.

Please contact me here: pfquittre@hotmail.com


Hello i sell this stingray 5 from 2005.

It's in good condition please contact me if you want to know more things about this bass.

I want 1350 euros and I don't want any trade.

Email: pfquittre@hotmail.com


Hello i sell this musicman sterling from 2007.

It's in good condition. Please contact me if you want more informations about this bass.

I don't want any trade.

Email: pfquittre@hotmail.com


I’m selling my NS Design NXT5 lefty Electric Upright Bass.

The upright is in very mint condition and plays awesome (very low action). I used it in various jazz and acoustic settings and it’s a great sounding (and convenient) alternative to a „real“ double bass.

It has one little scratch on the „body (approx. 1 cm) - nothing that affects playability. Other than that, it looks like like new (I bought it as first owner in 2012). Further pictures are provided on request.

The bass comes with its original soft case and tripod stand. It also has the original strings (D’Addario, low B), which are still in good condition.

Specs (from NS Design website):

Length: 132 cm (52")
Witdh: 15 cm (6")
Thickness: 10 cm (4")
Weight: 4.8 kg (10.5 lbs.)
Scale: 106 cm (41.73"")
Body/Neck: Solid, straight grain maple with flame maple face on body.
Fingerboard: Hand-graduated. Intonation referenced with cascading dot markers.
Truss Rod: Single Action, accessible at nut.
Tuning hardware: Fully encased worm gear tuners, black finish.
Bridge Pickup: The Polar directional piezo pickup system responds selectively to either vertical vibration (for the sustained plucked sound, like an electric bass guitar), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).
Electronic and controls: Passive circuit with high impedance output, no batteries required. Volume control, tone control (treble roll off) and a switch to change between arco and pizz. mode.

The bass is located in Stuttgart/Germany. Personal pickup and testing preferred. Shipment within Europe is possible and will be on the buyer’s expense (bulky freight).

Asking Price: 1.699 Euro

Contact: julianmaier128@gmail.com


KEN ROSE LH Akustikbass mit Gigbag

Preis: 250€ netto + Versandkosten

Bei Interesse einfach melden unter meiner Emailadresse: andreas.duero@t-online.de


I´m selling my old Jerzy Prodigy V fretless 36 frets custom serial 16101, disassembled.

This bass is unique!!!. This is a custom instrument that Jerzy built for me in 2002. Was used in about 1000 gigs and with this bass I recorded about 30 albums(mostly flamenco music). As you know I´m lutier (Javier JanAid) so years ago I started using my own instruments so this bass was in my workshop until now. The bass was refinished years ago, because was used a lot, but I always take care of my instruments. I´m selling it disassembled. So I´m selling the bass without pickups, preamps, nut, tuners and straplooks. Trussrods works fine. I thank if you have some crafts you can buy your favourite preamp, pickup , nut...and assembly it. This is an stunning instrument with an unique fretless sound. I haven´t any time for assemble it, but the price is so good. No discounts because all the money will be used in a altruistic project in India. If you need some aditional information feel you free for contact me. In this video(min 1:24) you can see me and the bass(before the refinishing):


There I was younger and with more hair :-) . If you need to listen some audio clip I can send it to you. I ship overseas, shipping and case not included



Musicman Sterling Ray34.

SR13582, black on black with a Rosewood Fretboard.

Comes with locking straps installed and in the original gigbag.

No real damages and functions great.

I'm looking for €650 (ex shipping, from the Netherlands).

For more info and pictures, please email me at sjoerdjsteenbergen@gmail.com


Hello everyone,
Reluctantly, for financial issues, I am selling a piece of my heart.

It is a Warwick Corvette Pro Double Buck ($$), 5 String. One of the last totally made in Germany. Check the serial (D15005909) on the Warwick website.
It is the most versatile bass I've ever owned. Between the various combinations of pickups wirings, the equalizer, and the possibility of switching between active and passive, you have infinite tones at your fingertips. You can play almost any genre with it.
The bass has been regularly checked by one of the most capable luthiers in Italy (D'Arienzo), and it is in perfect aesthetic and functional condition.
Accompanying it, its original RockBag case, and the case including all the accessories (manuals, truss rod, beeswax for wood). I even kept the store labels, so you can understand how I feel about this instrument.

This selling price is great - have a look around the web. Unfortunately I need money given the bad moment, and trust me it is the deal of the decade. No time wasters and no beginners, this is a professional bass. It must be well preserved, waxed regularly, and checked by a luthier on a regular basis to keep it in the great shape it is.

More pictures available.

Price: 950 Euro + shipping
Location: Rome, Italy
Contact: mauro.truglio@gmail.com


Warwick Streamer LX5.

Made in Germany in 2006.

Virtually brand new. Has never left home. No gigs, no rehearsals.

Solid flame maple body. Ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard.

Active 2 way electronics.

Price is 950€ plus shipping. Would ship worldwide.

I would only consider a trade for another 5 string (34") or a short/medium scale 4 string of the same quality.

No 34" scale 4 strings, thank you.

More details at vfdezregueiro@gmail.com


Mayones Jabba Custom 5 string

BUILT IN 2009) ,CONSTRUCTION:- bolt-on NECK:- Maple

SCALE : 34.25" (870mm) FINGERBOARD:- MAPLE MARKERS:- Custom inlay 3-7 + black block inlays 9-12-15-17-19-21-24


- Nordstrand / NP5 Precision style NP5-BLK (Neck)
- Nordstrand / MM5.2 Music Man style MM5.2 (Bridge)




Beautiful powerful custom order bass, plays amazing in great condition.

£1100 email patch.006@hotmail.co.uk for more pictures

Located in UK


Jon Shuker precision deluxe bass 4 string

2009. CONSTRUCTION:- bolt-on NECK:- Maple SCALE :-34"

FINGERBOARD:- MAPLE MARKERS:- black block inlays




Great light bass that plays amazing in perfect condition

£950 email Patch.006@hotmail.co.uk for more pictures

located in UK


Yamaha BB300 Black (Made in Taiwan in the early 90's)

All stock, with some scratches and marks, but playing and sounding good!

Asking price: 250€, shipping from Lisbon.

Contact for more pics, shipping costs and other details: ricardonjventura@gmail.com


Biete hier meinen Fender Squier Fretless Lefthand an.

Der Bass wurde modifiziert.
Er ist optisch und elektrisch im Top Zustand.
Er wird mit einem Thomann Case zusammen verkauft. Das Case hat ein paar unwesentliche Gebrauchsspuren, dafür der Bass nicht.

Der Hals
Der originale Hals wurde demontiert, und durch einen neuen Hals ersetzt.
Mensur 34"
Saiten, 4
Bundzahl 20
Layout fretless
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Halsmaterial Hard Maple
Bohrungen Schaller 17mm

Der Hals wurde handgefertigt, eingesetzt, justiert, von > https://www.nature-shock.com/

Die Bridge:
Die Fender Bridge wurde durch eine Bridge von Schaller ersetzt.

Der Body, PU, etc. sind original Fender Squier Teile.
Das ist dieser Body - Fender SQ CV 70s Jazz Bass

Soll 340,-€ kosten. Plus Versand



Music Man Stingray, 4-Saiter, Lefthand
made in USA, all original
Seriennummer: L03650
Baujahr: 2007
Natural Gloss
maple neck
black pickguard
Security Locks
inkl. Original Music Man-Koffer
Guter Zustand, einige kleine Kratzer

Der Bass befindet sich in der Schweiz. Antesten möglich. Zusätzliche Fotos auf Anfrage.

Verkaufspreis: 1350 Euro + Versand

Music Man Stingray, 4-string, lefthand
made in USA, all original
Serial number: L03650
Year of construction: 2007
Natural Gloss
maple neck
black pickguard
Security Locks
incl. original Music Man case
Good condition, some minor scratches

The bass is located in Switzerland. Testing possible. Additional photos on request.

Retail price: 1350 Euro + shipping


For sale: 1977 Kasuga RIC copy made in Japan.

All original apart from the electronics, which is from Rickenbacker.

The bass is a neck through.

This bass is located in The Netherlands.

Contact: olaf_reijnders@hotmail.com

I ask €800,- for it.


Biete hier den einzig jemals gebauten Xotic Xj-1t Lefty als 4 saiter.

Er wurde durch einen Händler in Spanien nach Italien verkauft und dort habe ich ihn im Jahr 2018 aus erster Hand gekauft.

Hier die original Anzeige:


Der Bass ist in einem gebrauchten, aber doch guten Zustand, kleine gebrauchsspuren vorhanden. Alle Teile sind von höchster Qualität, ist der Bass erst in der Hand, kann Mensch die unzähligen Arbeitsstunden spüren die in den Bass geflossen sind. Soundtechnisch bleiben keine Wünsche offen, der Xotic Preamp klingt grandios.

Ich gebe diesen Bass ab, da ich mich aus der Musik zurückziehen werde und lediglich in einer kleinen Stonerband weiterspiele, hier gibt's mit nem Thunderbird auf die Nuss und der Xotic steht rum, viel zu schade.

Versand ist möglich, Abholung wünschenswert.

Freundliche Fragen werden gerne beantwortet.




For sale a left handed 1988 Washburn B10 ABT fretless. Not a converted fretted, this one was born as fretless bass! Ebony fingerboard, maple neck, mahogany body.

Bass was upgraded with DiMarzio model J pickups and Sadowsky VTC active preamp (volume/blend/passive tone control/stacked bass-treble). I have the original pickups and electronics still available and would gladly send with the bass.

Excellent condition, bass is located in Italy: for any other information or photo request contact me: p.biagiola@gmail.com

EUR 450 + shipping within EU


Fender Jazz Bass 62 Reissue Lefty Ice Blue Metallic

Beautiful sounding and extremely rare lefty Fender Jazz Bass '62 Reissue Made in Japan

Ice blue metallic (serial number U044069, ca. 2010).

All original except the strap buttons.

Excellent condition!

Weights 3.85kg

EUR 1100.- + shipping

Contact: tonee@gmx.ch


Music Man Stingray 3-Band EQ.

Maple neck und Griffbrett.

Hard Case ein nagelneuer Ledergurt und Security Locks sind dabei.

Der Bass ist in gutem Zustand, wurde jedoch benutzt und hat 3 oder 4 Dongs.

Seriennummer: L05292

1300.- Euro + Versand.

Ich würde auch tauschen gegen einen passiven 4-Saiter Jazz Bass oder ein ähnliches Teil von entsprechendem Wert oder mit Wertausgleich.
Sandberg, Maruszczyk, ...



I sell this MusicMan StingRay 3EQ H - 2015

The bass is in very good conditions, no scratches, used only at home.

Colour black; Maple neck and fretboard.

SERIAL: L05458

Original hard case

The bass is located in Italy (Milan) but I can ship everywhere

I ask 1450Euro

For more info and pics email me at gilardi.teo@gmail.com


Sire Marcus Miller V7-Ash-4 Lefty Tobacco Sunburst 1nd Gen

Body material: ash.
Body shape: Marcus Miller Jazz Type.
Neck material: 1 piece hard maple, satin finish.
Neck shape: C.
Scale: 864 mm.
Fingerboard(Rolled Edges): maple.
Fingerboard radius: 241 mm.
Frets: 20, medium.
Bridge: Marcus Miller Heavy Mass Standard.
Tuning gear: Premium open-gear.
Hardware finish: chrome.

Pick guard: Ivory Pearl.
Colour: Tobacco Sunburst

Price:350 euros + Shipping Cost
AS NEW never used out of house and only a few times
more photos : juanrojasmancha@telefonica.net


Biete hier einen 5 Saiter Bassinger Custom von Börjes Bassguitars an.

Einzelheiten zu den Bassinger Bässen von Börjes---- hier > https://www.bass-guitars.de/

Der Bass ist im Top Zustand. Elektrisch und Optisch 1a. Er wird zusammen mit dem Rockcase verkauft.

Besonderheiten: In der Rampe befinden sich 4 single Coils. Gewickelt und in die Rampe eingebaut von Christoph Dolf ( Bass Culture ).

Näheres zu Bassculture----> hier

christoph dolf
veilchenstr. 11
D-41466 neuss

Diese single Coils werden über einen 7 Stufen Umschalter geschaltet.

Zusätzlich ist die Basstronic von Börjes eingebaut, mit der sich der Klang nochmals entscheidend verändern lässt.

Abholung und Vorort anspielen ist die Beste Lösung.

Preis: 1600,-€ plus Versand

Versand ( versichert ) in Deutschland biete ich kostenlos an!

Fragen? Mehr Bilder? an dl8xah@icloud.com


Dean Exotica Electro Acoustic Bass for Sale

with Ashpex Pick Up + Built in Tuner .

Exotic Wood's and Custom Thumb Rest on the Sound Hole ,

Immaculate Condition with Case £500 + Shipping From Manchester England .

PayPal or Banker's Draft



I sell this Sandberg tt passive fretless.

It comes with fender 60'custom shop pickups.

I have the original Delano too.

I want 1000 euro for thiss bass.

The bass is located in Belgium.

You can buy my sandberg and my Jazz deluxe for 1800 euros.

Contact: pierrequittre@gmail.com


I sell this Fender american Deluxe.

It's in good condition and it comes with 2 pickgards (Black ans ocre).

I want 1100 euros for this bass.

The bass is located in Belgium.

You can buy my jazz Deluxe and my sandberg for 1800 euros.

Contact: pierrequittre@gmail.com



Wonderful bass great conditions.

Enjoyable mapple neck

Dual soapbar humbuckers.

In a hard case brand new.

Shipping all over Europe

Other pics on demand

Price: 1000 €

Mail: Toujousoukonpa@laposte.net


Musicman Sterling from 2007

in his hard shelled case.

Rosewood fingerboard version.

Don't hesitate to contact me to get more details and pictures.

The bass is in France, Metz city (near Germany and Luxembourg ).

Price : 1300 euros.

My email address is juan.caribeno@gmail.com


Stevie G precision 54 faded sonic blue light relic


for sale, a stevie G precision 54 faded sonic blue in light relic finish


Body in swamp ash light relic finish (very discreet relic, you have to have
your nose on it to see it) faded sonic blue color (paler than a classic)

Pickgard custom mint green

Hefner Neck, profile like a japan precision (width 41-42 at the nut, vintage
radius 7.25, not too plump) nitro honey finish and lolipop tuners)

hanwired pickup Hepcat 51: https://hepcatpickups.com/
CTS potentiometers, vintage capa and cavity shielding, zero buz

bridge with 4 adjustable saddles, currently set at around 2.5mm

strings flats labella FS

thumb rest wood same color not yet assembled

weight 4 kg all round

all in excellent condition, it's beautiful and it sounds crazy for those who
love the pb roots sound, with fingers as with a pick.

some sound here: https://soundcloud.com/philippe-krako/give-me-one-reason-so-useds-cover

Price: 950 euros postage included

bass located in France

Contact: pkrako@hotmail.com


The Vintage LV4BB keeps the low end pumping by virtue of a classic split coil pickup design. Utilising Alnico V magnets, chosen especially for their preservation of the sub frequencies, the LV4BB provides a rock solid foundation on which to build your groove.

Whether you're searching for your first bass or your last, every member of the Vintage ReIssued Series is a keeper. Play on.

Eastern Poplar body provides resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort.

Wilkinson compensated, three brass saddle bridge for improved intonation all over the fretboard

Solitary Wilkinson BP (M) WBP single coil pickup provides clarity and definition.

Independent master Volume and Tone controls.

Machine heads:
Wilkinson WJBL200 machine heads provide simple, effective action for maximum tuning stability.

Hard Maple Bolt On with classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.

Lignum Rosa™ for outstanding tonal transfer, responsiveness and durability with a traditional 12• radius for superb playability and feel.

20 Medium Jumbo profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage LV4BB.

42mm Graphtech NuBone for smooth and friction-free string bending and tuning.

Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.

The V4™ is an original Vintage® ReIssued Series bass, designed and created by Trev Wilkinson and the UK Vintage design team.

price: 200 euro excl. shipping



Fender Hot rodded Precision Bass 1999

I don't play with a band anymore so i'm selling this Fender Hot Rod Precision Bass, year 1999.

Color transparent orange with tortoise shell pickguard.

The whole bass is working great.

Cosmetic conditions arent perfect, it sports a lot of chips and dings, plus there is a huge area where the paint went away. The conditions are the same than when i bought the bass five years ago from the previous owner.

The neck is stable and the truss rod is working, but it is slightly bowed on the body end (where the neck sits inside the neck pocket), so as a result the action will never be low. This hasnt been an issue for me in five years as the bass is perfectly playable, but maybe its a no-go for some other people.

I can provide you with photos, videos etc just ask.

I'm asking 650 EU or best offer. Shipping costs may vary depending on your country and whether you like the bass to be shipped inside hard case or with body/neck detached to lower the shipping costs.

The bass is located in North/Eastern italy

Please contact me @ macott.daiato@gmail.com


Fender precision 1976 made in USA modified (JB pick-up added)

killer sound round and warm !

Ash body

Serial number 649288

Weight: 5kg (a bit heavy for me !)

Very good price because everything is not original !

Very great player and superb tone

Hep Cat pickups !

Sold with original case, cover pridge and cover micro neck

I am not the first owner and I do not know her story except she lived her first 30 years in the USA.

My asking price is 1500€

More picture on request



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