Hier könnt ihr euren Linkshänder-Bass anbieten. Einfach eine Email mit Foto und Beschreibung senden. Ich werde ihn umgehend in das Internet stellen (kostenlos natürlich). Für die Aktualität der Angebote kann ich nicht garantieren.

If you like to offer your lefthand bass, please feel free to send me a email with pic and discription. I will publish it asap (for free of course). Sorry, but I can´t proof if these offers are up to date!

Hello, i sell this Sandberg TM5 custom order filet gen.

It's a wonderfull bass. It has Delano's pickups.

I want 1300 euros for this bass. The price was 2300 euros.



Email: pierrequittre@gmail.com


Marcus Miller M5 4-string:

swamp ash body, bolt-on maple/rosewood neck, 34" long scale, ebony fretboard, 2 Humbuckers, Marcus Heritage-3 way electronics.
The bass is mint, almost new. Has never left home and I bought it just a few months ago.

Sounds killer but, frankly, I should not have bought it, because I am now 100% committed to short scale basses and I never play it.
Will come with a free gig bag.

If you prefer a hard case, it has to be bought and charged separately.
Price is 450€ plus shipping and I would only consider a trade for a short scale.
More info and pictures at vfdezregueiro@gmail.com


OMY Custom Headless 6 String Bass

Black korina body
Figured ovangkol top wood satin mat finish
28 frets 3 pieces ( maple bubinga maple ) neck
Two way truss rod graphite reinforcements
Maple fingerboard
German fretwire (medium jumbo)
33 inch scale Compound radius (14..20 )
16 mm string spacing Hipshot headless hardware
Bartolini P46CBC pickups
Mike pope flexcore 4-Band preamp (Fodera)
Jim dunlop locking strap buttons
Fusion UG-01-BK Urban Serisi Electric Guitar Gig-Bag

This bass is handbuilt in Ankara, Turkey. Its black korina (limba) body is matched with a three-piece male and bubinga neck with two way truss and graphite rod reinforcements. Although it has a reduced 33-inch scale, the Canadian maple fingerboard holds 28 frets that almost reach the neck pickup. Electronics include a pair of Bartolini P46CBC pickups matched with a Mike Pope Flexcore (Fodera) preamp. Other features include Hipshot headless hardware, ebony finger ramp, and Jim Dunlop locking strap buttons.

The price is 1600 € + shipping costs (I can ship all over the world)

Please contact for more information and pictures: yalcinmuammer@gmail.com

Jazz bass squier vintage modified 70.

The bass has been repainted. In perfect working order. Low action. Handmade split coil pickups. Great sound. Quality pot and capacitor.
Including Hardcase.
Located in Italia.
More info/photo on request.
330 +shipping in Europe.



G&L L2000 Tribute Natural Finish

it was bought in February 2020 and in very good condition.

Currently has D'addario Roundwounds on it. Comes with a Gigbag

I wan't 620€ for it or would trade it for a equal bass (prefered P Bass).

Can be tested and picked up in Berlin.

Mail: konstantin.vogel56@gmail.com


Warwick Corvette Proline 4

made in Germany

It was built in 1994, the golden era for the German made models.

This means basses were mostly handmade and featured many fine appointments.

There is a volume with push pull to bypass active electronics, a blend, and a stacked bass
and treble knob that controls the 2 band EQ.

The bass has a thin neck, gold hardware, and MEC active electronics.

Overall this bass is in a good condition, it is supplied with DR strings.

Weight 3,60 kg. Comes in a original Wawick gigbag.

I sell it for EUR 600,– included EU shipping fee.

PS. Please don't hesitate to ask for more pictures via Email: otmarhauer@pos-hauer.com


Maruszczyk Elwood 4p FL LH

3 tone sunburst highgloss transparent

Serial-Number: 120089

Longscale 34“
21 frets
Bodywood alder
Top ash
Hard rock maple neck
Fingerboard east indian rosewood
Fred signs on fingerboard edge
Fingerboard radius 14“
2 Single coil pickup by Maruszcyck
Passive - volume - volume - tone
Chrome hardware makes a perfect optical finish!

The bass was made in 04/2017 - and is in new condition!
Weight 4 kg. Comes in original Maruszczyk gigbag with all original papers/certificates

I sell it for EUR 700,– includet EU shipping fee.

PS. Please don't hesitate to ask for more pictures via Email: otmarhauer@pos-hauer.com


Maruszczyk Hellwood 4a LH

Serial-Number: 017008
Longscale 34“
24 frets
Bodywood ash
Matched headstock black mate with red M-logo
Black mate hard rock maple neck
Padouk fingerboard
Fingerboard radius 14“
Singke coil pickup by Haeussel
Pickups coverd in padouk
Active 2-Band Delano - gives a great amazing tone and
the black hardware makes a perfect optical finish!

The bass was made in 01/2017 - and is in 100% mint condition!
Weight 3,70 kg. Comes in original Maruszczyk gigbag with all original papers/certificates

I sell it for EUR 700,– includet EU shipping fee.

PS. Please don't hesitate to ask for more pictures via Email: otmarhauer@pos-hauer.com


Squier pbass-SPECIAL 1997
Black pickguard, ecc ecc
Including HARDCASE.
More photo/info on request
Not negotiable.
Price 300 euro + shipping in Europe


Sterling By Musicman SUB Ray4 BK LH

it's in very good condition with Flatwounds. Comes with a Gigbag

I wan't 340€ for this bass or another equal bass.

Can be tested and picked up in Berlin

Mail: konstantin.vogel56@gmail.com


I sell this rare Ibanez sr1205 Premium.

It's in good condition, beautiful Woods and sounds.

I want 850 euros for this bass.

Mail: pierrequittre@gmail.com. (Pierre)


Claire Etna 5 string Handmade in Italy by Clair basses

Body: mahogany, padouk, maple

Neck: walnut, padouk, ash

Fretboard: padouk

Coolsound 3band Eq PKV trippel coil pickups Humbucker/singel coil switch.

Push/pull volume for activ/passiv preamp Slight damage on the neck pick up cover

600 Euro or trade for a 4string bass Open for suggestions.



Hi, i sell this Musicman Stingray 5 from the 90's.

That's the better Musicman that i have ever had. I had 5 Musicmans.

That's a player bass and it has some scratches and signs of life but that make vintage vibes for me.

I want 1200 euros for this wonderfull bass. It comes with hardcase.



Left-hand Warwick Thumb bolt-on four string bass.

Ovangkol body, wenge neck.

Manufactured in 2009, all original parts, in excellent working order.

Comes with a Japanese market-only padded gig bag (rare).

Asking price: 1000 euros + shipping costs from Japan.

More info on request.

Contact: jonogarr@gmail.com


Left-hand Kala U-Bass

Mahogany body

like new, comes with original gig bag.

Asking price: 250 euros + shipping costs from Japan.

More info on request.

Contact: jonogarr@gmail.com


Beautiful Jazz bass squire vintage modified maple bass body.

Including control plate and pickguard.

More info/photo on request.

Price 200 euro +shipping in Europe.



I spent about two years actively searching a lefthand model of the very first streamers as and you can see it has the warwick headplate and not the licensed one. While searching I only encountered one other lefthand streamer from that period.
The overall condition is pretty good, considering the age of the bass and it has no kind of typical neck-crack as some of these early models. The neck itself is straight and offers a very comfortable low action if wanted.
It has some minor dings and dongs, but nothing to extend. The Bass is located in Hanover, Germany.

With a push/pull poti you can bypass all eq settings.

Here are the specs supplied by Warwick:

- Bass Streamer Stage I 4 string
Serial Number F 1443 88
Year 1988
Month June
Number 1443
Neck Wood 5 piece wenge / maple stripes veneer
Fingerboard Wenge

Frets Bronce Warwick Frets
Nut Just a Nut Brass Version
Neck Neckthrough
Body Two piece cherry body
Surface Oil finish / waxed surface
Pickups Two passive Bartolini PJ Pickups
Electronic Active MEC 2 Band Electronic for passive pick up
Hardware Gold Hardware (Schaller)
Made in West Germany / Pretzfeld / Oberfanken

The battery plastic cover is gone, which I either will replace or find the plastic cover (it is in one of my gigbags). Apart from that all other parts are original.

The bass comes with a Gator hardcase and will be packaged safely. I am shipping worldwide but please c o n s i d e r that buyers from out of the EU will have to pay custom fees - which are on buyers side.
Also conisder, that due to the pandemic situation shipping might take some time, as well as preparing. Shipping quotes are subject to change, as it is dependant to which part of the world the bass needs to be shipped.
In case you have any questions, feel free to ask! Further pictures gladly on request.

As I am selling this bass on a private basis, I can not offer any refund, guarantee or similar.

Price: 2,899
contact: enehen@gmx.de


Lefty bass neck style Precision.
Maple with rosewood fretboard.
41mm at nut.
21 frets in perfect condition.
From a precision bass 1997.
Trussrod ok.
Tuners ok.

80 euro +shipping.
More info/photo on request


Warwick Teambuilt Starbass frettless for sale.

Serial number is GPS K 001900 15.

It´s made 2015. Comes with hard Case .

I am first owner of this bass. It is in top condition.

I am asking for this bass 1800 euros plus shipping costs. Bass is located in Finland .



Marleaux Mbass – Custom 6 Saiten, LEFTHAND

Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen verkaufe ich nach und nach meine Bässe, und biete hier meinen Mbass von Marleaux Bassguitars an.

Marleaux Mbass – Custom 6 Saiten, LEFTHAND

Er wurde im Jan. 2016 von mir bei Marleaux Bassguitars gekauft.

Der Bass ist vollständig i. O. Optisch und auch techn.

Er wird zusammen mit dem original Gig Bag verkauft.

Zur Zeit ist die Saitenfolge E, A, D, G, C, F

Es ist ohne Probleme natürlich auch die standart Saitenfolge H, E, A, D , G , C möglich.

In der Rampe befinden sich 3 Single Coils, die mit einem 6fach Stufenschalter angesteuert werden können.

Die Pus wurden hergestellt von Cristoph Dolf, Fa. Bassculture - http://www.bassculture.de/index.html

Der Bass hat weder eine Elektronik, noch eine Toneblende. Nur den Umschalter und das Vol. Poti.

Kaufunterlagen, Schaltplan der Pus sind vorhanden.

Am liebsten Abholung. Versand innerhalb Deutschland kostenlos. VB inkl. Versand 2800,-€

Kontakt: dl8xah@icloud.com


ACG Uber Finn LH5 June 2019 Perfect condition

Beautifully balanced, black walnut facing, black limba body, pau ferro fingerboard, with ACG MC5 Multicoils pickups and exclusive ACG DFM pre-amp. Huge array of tones. Complete specifications can be found on ACG website. Luminlay fretboard markers, black hardware.



email Patch.006@hotmail.co.uk


Rickenbacker 4003 Jetglo (Year 2008)

The bass is perfect and sounds good; it's the stereo version.

Weight: around 4Kg

It comes with its original Rickenbacker hard case (silver) and pickup cover.

The bass is located in Italy (Milan), I can ship all over Europe

Price 1850Euro

For more info and pics email me at: gilardi.teo@gmail.com04/2021


Precision bass standard US 2007.

Perfect condition.

Hard case fender élite.

More foto/info on request.

Price 1000.



Furlanetto BNF 6 Strings

-Alder wings body with tiger maple middle band
- Maple neck with ebony fingerboard
-34,5• scale
-One magnetic pickup, fbass electronic with high, meddle, bass active/passive pp and single humbucker pp
-Ebony bridge (like a Alaic Caron signature model)
The instrument is located in Italy and it comes with its Fbass original bag and leather strap.

Exceptional instrument, sound and comfort at the highest levels.
More pics on request.

2000€ plus shipping cost

Mauro Giannaccini,
Tel. +39 3427484267


1990 Warwick Thumb NT 5. From the 'Golden period' - 100% handmade and both rare and in immaculate condition.
Specs are as follows:
Model: Thumb neckthrough, 5 string, lefthand.
Made: October, 1990.
Neck wood: Wenge with bubinga.
Fingerboard: Wenge, with real mother of pearl.
Frets: Bell bronze.
Nut: Just-A-Nut (Brass).
Body wood: Bubinga.
Surface: Beewax (Natural).
Pickups: Bartolini.
Preamp: MEC 2 band.
Hardware: Black.

Had 2 upgrades:
Swapped from Just-A-Nut 1 to a Just-A-Nut 3. Original nut is included.
New trussrod, the old one still had some life in it, but it was nearing it's end, so a new one was installed. Original trussrod is included.
Bass is setup to perfection with super low action, spot on intonation and all witness points double checked. Had a complete deep cleaning, followed by 2 layers to wax.
Recently strung with Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats.
Comes with hardcase, Warwick Beewax, Trussrod tool and polishing cloth
If you have any futher questions, and for more pictures, please contact me at: Cic@live.dk

Price: 2000EUR + Shipping.
Located within the EU.


Tanglewood TW155 Acoustic bass

Hello Lefty colleagues,

I am offering my Tanglewood TW155 acoustic bass + Ortega case here. I'd rather stick with the electric bass. The previous owner swapped the original pickup for a K&K Pure Bass Piezo pickup and installed a bone saddle.I will add the original pickup.

There are some slight signs of playing, biggest is a paint damage on the
headstock. Nevertheless, I would describe the condition as very good.
The truss rod works perfectly.

* Tanglewood TW155A Lefthand
* Body shape: Super Jumbo
* Nut width: 42mm
* Scale: 34 "
* Top: Solid AA Engelmann spruce
* Body & Sides: Mahogany
* Neck: Mahogany
* Fretboard: Rosewood
* Bridge: Rosewood
* Pickup: K&K Pure Bass Piezo
* Ortega Acoustic Bass Case

Asking is 475€. Shipping inside the EU is not a problem. More pictures on request. Bass is located in Germany.

Contact: dominik_merz@gmx.de


Gut erhaltener Washburn MB4 Bass von 1992 mit Airbrush Lackierung. Korpus massiv (höchstwahrscheinlich) Erle, Hals Ahorn mit Palisander Griffbrett. Aktive Elektronik. Gewicht rückenfreundliche 3,9 KG. Aktuell aufgezogen sind neuwertige Rotosound RB45 Saiten in 45-105. Eingestellt, spielbereit und voll funktionsfähig. Weitere Fotos gerne auf Anfrage.

Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net
Abholung gegen Barzahlung in Düsseldorf oder Versand nach Überweisung. (Innerhalb Deutschlands für € 20,- mit GLS). Ein Koffer ist dabei. Auslandsversand auf Anfrage möglich.


Model: Fender American Standard Precision Bass left handed
Made: Corona USA 1998 (Serial N83344xx)
Finish: Black
Hardware: Chrome
Body: Ash with tortoise pickguard (+ additional 3ply white WD Music pickguard)
Bridge: String-Thru Body Bridge Design
Neck: Maple with Rosewood fretboard, C-neck, 4 string
Weight: 4,0 kg
Pickup: P-Bass Split Pickup
Strings: New Fender Super Strings 7250 ML 045-100 Nickel Pl., Roundw. Longscale
Modifications: All original with no mods, but extra 2nd white pickguard (comes of course with original tortoise pickguard)
Cosmetic condition: overall this instrument is in fantastic condition for its age of 23 years. Some belt scratches and minor dings on the body back and front, frets are in great condition. This is a fantastic player. Professionally setup and ready to play.

More information, pictures on request
Bass located in Germany
Will ship within Europe
Price 1.590 Euro + Shipping
Email: mathias-roth@web.de

Sandberg California TM 5

Delano pick ups, Glockenklang preamp

In excellent condition

With hard and soft cases if required

Great range of tones available

Mother of Pearl inlays, matching headstock

Looking for €1125 + postage

Any question, please feel free to ask



Model: Music Man Stingray Left handed
Made: USA 1996 (Serial L001xx)
Manufactured: Dec 20th, 1996 delivered to Music Meyer
Finish: Black gloss
Hardware: Chrome
Body: Ash with black pickguard
Neck: Maple with Rosewood slab board, oil and wax finish, 34" scale, 4 string
Weight: 4,8 kg
Pickup: Music Man Humbucker, 3-band active EQ
Case: Original vintage hard case
Modifications: All original with no mods
Strings: New D'Addario Nickel wound
Cosmetic condition: overall this instrument is in fantastic condition for its age of 25 years. Only some belt scratches on the back of the body, frets are also in great condition, I guess the bass was disassembled for the first time from me when taking the pictures

More information, pictures on request
Bass located in Germany
Will ship within Europe
Price 1.550 Euro + Shipping
Email: mathias-roth@web.de


2014 F bass (VF5) for sale

Ash body, maple fingerboard, F Bass preamp, and F Bass vintage single coil pickups.

19 mm string spacing. The bass comes with the original padded F Bass gigbag.

Serial number #591113

It is in absolute mint condition with all original parts!

More pictures on request.

Price 2400€ plus shipping.



This beauty is a custom made Mayones Jabba Classic 5, SUN-B gloss finish, LH, made in 2012. I believe the quality was way more higher back in that years.

Its a real high end bass, super easy to play and so beautiful in real life!
Im selling it because Im into four strings.

Alder body, Flamed Maple top, Rosewood fb, Maple neck, Delano JMVC pickups, Mayo 2eq preamp, Schaller bridge, tuners and security locks.
Feel free contacting me for mor details via www.payambass@gmail.com

Some videos :
- https://youtu.be/uPpjEB1dZJs
- https://youtu.be/oNTnjBVssbA
- https://youtu.be/i4Tmja5CfUY
- https://www.instagram.com/reel/CIJMhITBrn_7YO3TOlh0mZzjgarFgNXQyvFJzw0/?utm_medium=copy_link

Price: 2000€ + transfer fees from Europe.


Höfner (Hofner) 500/1 Beatles Bass Baujahr 1966

Sehr gut erhaltener und kaum noch käuflich zu erlangener Höfner 500/1

Pot dating: 356 (35. Woche 1966)

Preis: 4600 ,- € (kein Tausch oder Inzahlungnahme)

Fotos und Informationen bei ernsthaftem Interesse.

Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net


Hello all,

I wanna sell or trade this beautiful Stingray 5 to sell or trade.

The bass is from 2013 with is Musicman case.

The pickup switch has been changed by an original piece and the bass come with a new pickguard because the first a been crack by the first owner just above the neck.

Model: StingRay 5
Size: 13-3/8" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 45-3/4" long (34.0 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 116.2 cm long)
Weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kg) - varies slightly
Body Wood: Alder
Body Finish: Natural
Bridge: Standard - Music Man® chrome plated, hardened steel bridge plate with stainless steel saddles;
Pickguard: Standard - Black
Scale Length: 34" (86.4 cm)
Neck Radius: 11" (27.9 cm)
Headstock Size: Only 9" (22.9 cm) long
Frets: 22 - High profile, wide
Neck Width: 1-3/4" (44.5 mm) at nut 2-3/4"" (69.9 mm) at last fret
Neck Wood: Select maple neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood

I demand 1300€ + Shipping. for the trade i don't have idea but make propositions in 4 or 5 strings bass.

Contact : Basssoul.girardot@gmail.com


Ilianni bass 5

body ash & top brazilian rose neck maple & rosewood pickups SBS onboard preamp Aguilar OBP 3 bridge and

trimmings Portland

Excellent instrument of the most famousconstructor in Serbia, you can see his works on the site Ilianni guitars.

price 650e with soft case and transport is paid by the buyer.

Bass is in Serbia and I can send it anywhere in Europe



ilianni jazz bass special 5 body

mahogany neck maple pickups SBS onboard preamp Bartolini NTBT 918 bridge and machine Schaller

This is an exceptional instrument of the most famousconstructor in Serbia, you can see his works on the website Ilianni guitars.

Price 950 with a soft case and transport is paid by the buyer.

the bass is in Serbia but I can send it anywhere in Europe.



1995 WAL MK II Coustom IV fretless

Der Bass befindet sich seit 2001 in meinem Besitz und wurde nur selten gespielt.

Hervorragender Zustand, lediglich ein Kratzer auf der Rückseite.

Original "lightweight fibreglass" Hardshellcase mit Schlüssel!

Fotos und Informationen gerne bei ernsthaftem Interesse.

Preis: 4950,-€ plus Versand und Versicherung

Siehe: http://www.leftybass.com/BassQuarterly/bq1-10_LE_LeftyWal_v1.pdf

Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net


I'm selling the holy grail of the p-basses, my Fender Custom Precision Bass. He has been with me for the last years but I will no longer use it and leaving it in the case would be a betrayal and almost a crime!

A Fender Custom Shop instrument is extraordinary. You know it when you play one; it’s definitely more than the sum of its parts. It’s filled with intangible, electrifying elements that add a new dimension to your playing experience. It’s as if the instrument itself is imbued with history, alive with the spirit of the place where it was built and the devotion of those who crafted it.

Weight: 8 lbs 13 oz
Journeyman Relic® Lacquer Finish
2-Piece Alder Body
1-Piece Tinted Quartersawn Maple Neck with '57 "V" Backshape
9.5 "Fingerboard Radius
20 6105 Frets
Hand-Wound '62 P-Bass® Pickup
Black Anodized Aluminum Pickguard
Bone Nut
Vintage-Style P-Bass Tuning Machines; Disk String Tree
Deluxe Hardshell Case; Strap; Certificate of Authenticity.

Asking 2600€ + Shipping.

More photos:https://photos.app.goo.gl/GTKCztAWVyXtLaP9A

Do not hesitate to ask in my email: pelayovb@gmail.com


Beautiful light relic'ed (Journeyman) Fender Jazz Bass with the original case and case candy. It sounds like a jazz bass should and plays very smoothly, thanks to the superbly finished neck. The pickups look and sound fantastic and the typical dual concentric knobs give you the opportunity to set the 'tone' for each pickup separately. It sounds like 'the jazz bass sound in your head'.

Bell covers are currently not installed, but I can install them if you prefer it that way. The bass was bought in July of 2019 and has only been played inside for obvious reasons. Also obviously: it has nicks and dents, but that's the point of the Journeyman relic finish. It's absolutely in the same condition as when I got it. The bass weighs a comfortable 4kg / 8.8lbs. The case has never been used and still has its protective pad around the grip.

Some specs from the spec sheet that's included with the case candy:

- selected lightweight alder body
- maple quartersawn neck
- '60s style U-profile neck shape
- rosewood fingerboard
- bone nut
- 20 frets
- vintage hardware
- 4-ply tort pickguard
- handwound Custom Shop Jazz pickups

2650 euro. Shipping is possible at buyer’s cost. Contact me for more photos and info: sam.manise@gmail.com


I`m sad to see this one go but I’m selling this beautiful sting ray 5 in tobacco burst. Comes with original case. In amazing condition no dings or marks. There is a picture of the serial in the photos.

Model: StingRay 5
Size: 13-3/8" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 45-3/4" long (34.0 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 116.2 cm long)
Weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kg) - varies slightly
Body Wood: Alder
Body Finish: Vintage Tobacco
Bridge: Standard - Music Man® chrome plated, hardened steel bridge plate with stainless steel saddles; Optional - Piezo bridge with nickel plated brass saddles
Pickguard: Standard - Black
Scale Length: 34" (86.4 cm)
Neck Radius: 11" (27.9 cm)
Headstock Size: Only 9" (22.9 cm) long
Frets: 22 - High profile, wide
Neck Width: 1-3/4" (44.5 mm) at nut 2-3/4"" (69.9 mm) at last fret
Neck Wood: Select maple neck
Fingerboard: Maple

£1600 + shipping



Sehr gut erhaltener Squier Vintage Modified 70s J-Bass.

Laut Herrsteller wird dieser Bass nicht mehr neu produziert. Aufgezogen sind Elixir Nano Web Strings (seit Anfang April 2021), die sich noch immer wie neu Spielen. Ansonsten ist alles original.

Ich muss mich leider von dem Bass trennen, weil meine Wohnung einfach zu klein ist. Angespielt kann das gute Stück in Berlin werden.

Preis: 350+Versand VB oder Abholung vor Ort in Berlin (Ohne Gurt :)).

Mail: d1337e@googlemail.com für Mehr Bilder und Fragen!


Seltener, in Deutschland handgebauter Medium Scale Bass vom Gitarrenbauer Mathias Heerwagen. Laut Herrn Heerwagen ein Einzelstück (der einzige in linkshändiger Ausführung) und in jedem Fall vor 1987 gebaut wurde. Der Korpus massiv (höchstwahrscheinlich) Ahorn mit einer Decke aus Mahagoni. Der Hals ist ebenfalls höchstwahrscheinlich Ahorn mit Palisander Griffbrett. Die Tonabnehmer sind zwei jeweils einzeln per Schiebschalter splitbare Humbucker, welche über einen 3 Wege Schalter angewählt werden können. Sie sind zudem individuell in der Lautstärke regelbar. Sowohl die Grundform als auch die 32" Mensur gehen in die Rickenbacker Ecke, er ist aber klanglich deutlich flexibler. Das Gewicht beträgt angenehme 4,2 KG. Aktuell aufgezogen sind neuwertige Fender Flatwound Saiten in 50-100. Eingestellt, spielbereit und voll funktionsfähig. Die üblichen Gebrauchsspuren sind natürlich vorhanden, aber nichts gravierenden, der Bass ist schließlich mindestens 34 Jahre alt. Weitere Fotos gerne auf Anfrage.

Preis: € 490,- Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net
Abholung gegen Barzahlung in Düsseldorf oder Versand nach Überweisung (innerhalb Deutschlands für € 20,- mit GLS). Auslandsversand auf Anfrage möglich.


HUMAN BASE "BaseX" LH 5 String Bass

Aufgrund der Corona-Situation muß ich mich leider von diesem Bass trennen.

Dieser Bass ist von dem Human Base Meister Siggi Jäger persönlich in absoluter Handarbeit für mich gebaut worden.

Er verfügt nahezu über unzählige Soundmöglichkeiten, da man die Delano Pickups als Humbucker sowie parallel- und seriell geschaltete Single-Coils betreiben kann.

Der Korpus ist eine Kombination aus Bubinga und Padouk

Der Ahornhals ist 6-fach geschraubt und hat ein Palisandergriffbrett.

Der Bass ist generalüberholt und neu besaitet!

Preis 1.700 € netto + Versandkosten

Bei Interesse einfach melden unter meiner Emailadresse: andreas.duero@t-online.de



The bass is like new. No scratches or knocks. Imported from the USA. Not easy to find... Body: Mahogany body with a solid carved maple top bound with a Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. Stop-Bar Tailpiece, Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Skirted Control Knobs. Neck: Mahogany neck with a comfortable '50s rounded profile. Bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl trapezoidal inlays and 1 5/8 •nut. Grover tuners, 34 •scale length. Pickup / Electronics: Gibson Thunderbird neck and bridge pickups with dual volume and tone controls and a 3-way selector.
Includes original hard case gibson.
1800 euro +shipping cost.
Bass located in Italy.
Photo /info on request.
Contact: misterbass82@gmail.com


For sale Fender precision standard made in usa.
Year 2007.
Bass in good condition,
fretboard in excellent condition.
Including original hard case elite fender.

Foto/info on request.
Price 1100euro+shipping cost
Located in italy.
Contact. misterbass82@gmail.com


For sale is my 2006 60th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass in original mint condition.

Serial : DZ6035891. Quite rare in this configuration with a very lightweight of 3,85kg ! Plays like new. Specs :
- Body : 3-tone sunburst,
- Neck : Maple with slab (rare !) rosewood fingerboard, graphite trussrod, mother or pearl dot inlays. 60th Anniversary metal inlay on the back of the neck (see other photos),
- Pickguard : Original parchment pickguard, along with a USA custom made WD tortoise pickguard, if interested,
- Electronics : Original 3-band active EQ + original Fender Noiseless pickups,
- Others : Original Fender USA molded hard case.

Stunning condition with almost no wear. I have been loving this bass and taking good care of it along the years, barely gigged it and always cleaned and polished it as it deserves. I hope it finds a new caring owner.
Straight neck, frets are in very good condition, nut is like new, trussrod turns smoothly. The bass is set up with 2mm action, perfect intonation, a set of new Fender flatwounds and new batteries, ready to play. Almost never goes out of tune with the deluxe tuners.
Extremely versatile instrument with the active EQ, from Motown to Metal through Jazz, this bass can do it all with the unique Jazz Bass growl.

Many other photos available on request (e-mail / Whatsapp...).

Asking 1100€ for it, quite a bargain knowing the price of current Fender active American Ultras and American Pro II Jazz Basses at around 2000€+.
Bass is located in Germany.
I can ship in whole Europe at buyer's charge (+50€). For shipping outside Europe, please let me know first and I will work out a dedicated quote.



Warwick RB Starbass Lefthand zu verkaufen!

Ich biete hier einen Warwick RB Starbass Lefthand 4-String Halbresonanz-Bass an.

Korpus: Ahorn, Halbresonanz
Hals: Ahorn, 3streifig
Griffbrett: Palisander, bundiert (22 Bünde)
Mensur: 32“ / 810 mm
Elektrik: passiv, 2 Vol.-, 2 Ton-Potis, 3-Wege-Schalter Pick-ups: 2 Single-Coils, MEC

Der Bass wurde 2014 gebaut, von mir als zweitem Besitzer gespielt und ist in einem nahezu neuwertigen Zustand.

Er lässt sich dank des schmalen Halses und der Medium-Mensur sehr leicht spielen und zieht auch nicht so an der Schulter (Halsresonanz!).

Der Bass klingt hervorragend und sehr flexibel. Aktuell sind Roundwound-Saiten aufgezogen. Ich habe aber auch einen Satz Flatwounds dafür, die ich mitgeben würde.

Ich hätte gerne für den Bass € 850,00 plus Versandkosten.

Mehr Info´s unter m.schopf@lautmacher.com


Hagstrom Viking Bass Sunburst LH 2013

-from first owner

-all parts are original

-with its own "hagbag"

-the reason I sell it: I have an other identical one

-location: Hungary

-can be shipped worldwide

-contact: Dénes Török, Szeged, Hungary, krixkrax@gmail.com

Price: 800 Euros


Claire Etna 5 string

Handmade in Italy

Body: mahogany, padouk, maple

Neck: walnut, padouk, ash

Fretboard: padouk

Coolsound 3band Eq

PKV trippel coil pickups Humbucker/singel coil switch.

Excellent condition.

Trade for a 4string bass (warw. Streamer,infinity,) Spector, fender, Musicman. Rickenbacker.

Open for suggestions..

Contact : averagepeople@live.se


Warwick Corvette Proline 4 strings (1997)

Colour orange

comes with Warwick gigbag

Bass is located in Brazil.

I´m open for offers. The payment could be by paypal or transferwise. And the ship overseas should be done by DHL (they do a good insurance).

Ascing price: 1000 U$

For more informations:paullhevers@gmail.com


Fender Jazz Bass lefty tauschen mit Fender Jazz Bass Righty

Fender Jazz Bass linkshändig tauschen mit Fender Jazz bass rechtshändig

Body Alder, neck Maple/Rosewood

Pickups EMG, from the USA

Verkauf Preise: 750 euro



Warwick Teambuilt Corvette Ash LH
Hallo Ich verkaufe hier eine E- Bass Gitarre Linkshänder
Sie ist gebraucht aber in einem Sehr gutem Zustand .
Ich Hätte gerne 800 € VHB

Gerne Dürft ihr aber Angebote machen unter Bibi050292@gmail.com

  lefthand / Linkshand Modell
  CO2-neutrale Produktion
  Pro Serie
  geschraubter Ovangkolhals
  Mensur: 864 mm (34" Long Scale)
  Griffbrettradius: 20"
  Sattelbreite: 38 mm
  Just-A-Nut III Tedur Sattel
  24 Neusilber Jumbo Bünde
  Tonabnehmer: 2 aktive MEC J/J Single Coils
  aktive MEC Elektronik mit 2-Band EQ
  Regler: Volume mit Push/Pull-Funktion, Balance, Treble und Bass
  Warwick 2-Piece 3D Steg und Tailpiece
  Saitenabstand: 19 mm
  Abstand zwischen E- und G-Saite: 57 mm
  Warwick Mechaniken
  Warwick Security Locks
  Chrom Hardware
  Werkbesaitung: Warwick Black Label Strings .045" - .105"
  Gewicht: ca. 3,6 kg
  Finish: matt (UV-Lackierung)
  Farbe: Burgundy Red Transparent
  inkl. Warwick Pro Series User Kit und Starline RockBag
  made in Germany

The Jack Casady bass was - for a long time - an elusive bass for left handed players. However, Epiphone pulled through in 2020. This is your chance to buy an almost brand new one. It sounds very fat, like a p-bass on steroids and with the impendance switch, you can make it sound even fatter. This bass really has some 'oomph' in it, but it can also sound crystal clear.

The bass will be shipped adequately decent and will come in its original box, including all the originally included case candy. There are some marks on the screws of the bridge from using a screwdriver to adjust the action. On the back there are some swirls from playing it, but obviously, it hasn't left my home and thus has only been played inside.

Price: 600 euro. Shipping is possible at buyer’s cost. Contact me for more photos and info: sam.manise@gmail.com


Beautiful 1992 Rickenbacker 4003 for sale.

Has a very fast neck, easy to play.

Bridge pickup has been replaced with the much-loved Seymour Duncan SRB-1B.

Bass has a some very small nicks, you can't really tell they're there.

Due to its age it could use a fret dress and the lacquer is coming off on the last few frets, nothing to worry about and inexpensive to fix if you have a good luthier.

Asking price is 2000 euros excl. shipping. Willing to trade against AN Alembic Spoiler.

For more pics or info contact: matthijs(dot)smits(at)gmail(dot)com.


Warwick Starbass LEFTHAND. Zustand: "Gebraucht". Versand mit DHL Paket bis 5 kg.

Ich habe mir den Bass letztes Jahr gebraucht gekauft. Toller Sound und gute Verarbeitung. Aber einfach nicht so meins (Spiele eher JJ).

Ich denke, daß jemand anderes mehr Spaß an diesem Instrument hat. Bei Rückfragen einfach melden.

lefthand / Linkshänder Modell
Decke, Zargen und Boden: Ahorn
geleimter, 3-streifiger Hals: Ahorn mit Ekanga Furnierstreifen
Griffbrett: Wenge
Griffbrettradius: 508 mm
Mensur: 813 mm (Medium Scale)
Sattelbreite: 38,5 mm
21 extra hohe Neusilber Jumbo Bünde
Tonabnehmer: 2 passive MEC Vintage Single Coils
passive Elektronik
2 Volume- und 2 Tonregler
3-Wege Kippschalter für Tonabnehmer-Wahl
Warwick Mechaniken
Just a Nut III Sattel aus Tedur

2-teiliger Warwick Steg
Saitenabstand: 19 mm
Warwick Security Locks
Chrom Hardware
Werksbesaitung: Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - .105"
Gewicht: ca. 3,8 kg
Farbe: Solid Black High Polish




’84-’87 Fender Jazz Bass Fretless (made in Japan)

The bass was professionally defretted by Mike Lull.

Non-original Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass pickups.

The bass has been played. It has some dings but otherwise clean.

More pictures at: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqJbzz7S9N4njgMI91n8O_34DlRR?e=u8Qvvd

Price : $700

The bass is in Seattle

Contact: leftybass@joubertnet.com


’91 SGC Nanyo Bass Collection SB330 Fretless

Made in Japan. Active pickups in a two soapbar configuration. Feather light and easy to play.

The bass was professionally defretted by Mike Lull.

Apart from a few dings, the bass is in great condition.

More pictures at: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqJbzz7S9N4njg01thAMjZ-4YDQw?e=MkxKWz

Price : $350

The bass is in Seattle

Contact: leftybass@joubertnet.com


Perfect condition!
Finish Wild Cherry Transparent Gloss
Body Wood Mahogany
Body Top Mahogany
Neck Wood Mahogany
Construction Set Neck
Truss Rod H-Expander
Fretboard Resinator Wood
Frets 21 Frets
Inlays Hagstrom Pearloid Block Inlays
Scale Length 30.75" (781 mm)
Nut GraphTech Black Tusq XL, Nut Width is 43mm
Machine Heads Diecast Hagstrom Design 21:1 Gear Ratio
Bridge Long Travel Tune-O-Matic with Stop Tailpiece
Pickups 2 x Hagstrom Custom 58'B
Pickup Selector 3-Way Toggle Switch
Controls 2 x Volume / 2 x Tone with Push-Pull for independent Coil Splits / 3-Way Sound Filter Toggle switch (center bypass)
600+shipping cost
Located in Italy.
Contact :misterbass82@gmail.com


Bass guitar assembled with hand made lutherie parts.

Body: padouk alder With tonal chambers. Neck: jet king bass (purchased new)
Pickups are split coils.
Bass located in Italy
Price 270 euros + shipping costs.

Contact: misterbass82@gmail.com


This is a Fender Squier Precision Bass.

It has a PJ pickup configuration, as the bridge pickup is a J and the neck pickup is the traditionel P.
It is made fretless by a luthier by sanding down the frets.
According to the serial number, the bass is from 2007 and crafted in Indonesia.
It has its dings and small scuffs, but is otherwise nice and clean.
You can always email me for more pictures.

Will ship it from Denmark.

Asking 245 Euro



Fender Japan Jazz Bass 62 reissue

Colour : sunburst

Rosewood fretboard

Professionally upgraded by with new Delano JC4 pickups.

Sold with the original pickups.

In good condition except a few scratches (photos on demand)

Located in Belgium. Comes with a gigbag.

Asking price : 700 €



Spector Euro 5LX 35• scale 5 string bass (Neck-Thru)

-2010. Made in the Czech Republic

-Transparent blue

-Hard case

-More pictures on demand

-Asking price 1.550€ plus shipping

-This is located in Barcelona (Spain)



Lefthanded Furch B40 bass bought in 2008 in Prague.

The bass is sold with a hardcase.
Located in belgium.
Price: 600 + shipping.
Doublebass being my first instrument, the bass hasn't been used a lot, mainly for concerts abroad.
More pictures on demand.



Sadowsky NYC Transparent Dark Cherry Vintage 4-21 P/J

Selten benutzter Sadowsky NYC 4-String P/J

Nur im Proberaum und zuhause verwendet, sehr guter Zustand.

  Sumpfesche-Korpus, vintage Style
  Morado Griffbrett
  Dark Transparent Cherry Lackierung
  P/J Hybrid Pickups
  Parchment Schlagbrett
  Schaller Straplocks
  Sadowsky / Hipshot D-Tuner (separat, kann auf Wunsch installiert werden)
  Sadowsky Portabag

Aktueller Neupreis: $ 5.400; inkl. Einfuhr-Umsatzsteuer und in EUR: 5.379 EUR
Mein Angebot: 3.980 EUR zuzüglich Versandkosten
Kontakt: mka_fra(*at*)yahoo.de

Rarely used Sadowsky NYC 4-String P/J

Used only in rehearsals and at home, very good condition.

  Swamp Ash J-Body, vintage style
  Morado fretboard
  Dark Transparent Cherry finish
  P/J hybrid pickup configuration
  Parchment pickguard
  Schaller Straplocks
  Sadowsky / Hipshot D-Tuner (separately, could be installed upon request)
  Sadowsky PortaBag

Current price (new): USD 5.400, including import tax, in EUR: 5.379 EUR
My offer: 3.980 EUR plus shipping
Contact: mka_fra(*at*)yahoo.de


Sire V7 brand new 4 strings ,

top conditions no scratches.Preamp Nordstand 3B for a best sound, Elixir strings.I offer an original gig bag Sire great conditions.Careful shipping everywhere in Europe. Bass located in France.Other picks on demand.

Basse 4 cordes en très bon état flambant neuve pas un éclat , équipée d'un très bon préampli Nordstand 3B lui procurant encore un meilleur son Cordes Élixir neuves.J'offre une housse Sire de très bonne qualité avec.Expédiable dans toute l'Europe. Basse situee en France.Autres photos sur demande.

Price 400e

mail : toujousoukonpa@laposte.net


Yamaha BB1100S

Made in Taïwan 1990

General volume

Passive tone

3-band active EQ

Switch active-passive

Switch pickup selector

The range of sounds is large (from vintage to modern) with a lot of character!

The equalizer is very effective

The guitar has lived and used a lot ...

The neck is perfectly straight

The truss is adjustable and the frets are good.

Everything is original except the keys (schaller), the tone potentiometer and the precision pickup

This pickup is much better than the original (benedetti custom france) the original needs to be repaired

Comes with a hard case

I bought this bass a short time ago out of curiosity as I did not know it and was very surprised at the quality but I am selling a lot of material to finance another more ambitious project.

picture on request


400 €


Dear reader, what you are looking at is a true unicorn. A left handed Rickenbacker 4004 Laredo - Only 5 are known to have been made, and they since stopped producing the 4004 entirely.

This 4004 is from 2004, which means it have the neck pickup in the sweet spot (Rickenbacker moved the pickup futher towards the neck in 2006, due to truss rod installation) AND it have that sought after necksize (Between a Jazz and a Pbass) - Rickenbacker uniformed all their neck sizes after the standard 4003 later on.

It have been modded with a harness done by the talented Dane Wilder (500K Pots / Blend knob / Coil Split). The mod is totally reversable, original harness is included - But the one from Dane Wilder is infinite better!

Currently strung with LaBella Copper White Nylon strings. These are MODERN tapewound strings, so you maintain a roundwound sound but with the tapewound feel.

How does a 4004 sound? Imagine a Pbass and Rickenbacker had a bastard child - All the growl and punch you will ever need, while maintaining the characteristic Rickenbacker sound.

I will include a few goodies like trussrod tool, notched straightedge for Rickenbacker scale etc.

Email: Gomi.loki@gmail.com

Price: 1500EUR (Firm price)

Shipping within EU *ONLY*



Linkshänder,Lefty, Pre Ernie Ball (Leo Fender Era)

Selten !

alles Original, ausser die Bünde: diese wurden von einem Gitarrenbauer aus Frankfurt in den 80`erneuert

in 2021 vom Gitarrenbauer eingestellt

(Rechnung: Halsstab funktioniert, Bünde polliert ...) Gewicht 4,9 kg

VB.3900 E

Versand möglich, Abholung besser.Keine Rücknahme.

Zusendung weiterer Fotos möglich

(Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss jeglicher Sachmangelhaftung)



Lefthand Warwick The Alien Fretless Deluxe (!) (nicht Rockbass-Serie) spitzes Cutaway,

nur wenig im Studio gespielt,

4 Saiter

Decke: Fichte, Boden und Zargen: Ovangkol Hals: Mahagoni mit Satin-Finish,

Griffbrett: Wenge Mensur: 32" (Medium Scale),

Fishman Prefix Plus T Elektronik

Stegeinlage aus Knochen,

Warwick Mechaniken verchromte Hardware, Warwick Security Locks

Farbe: Natural Transparent Satin,

mit Luxusgigbag ,

für Vb. 1100 EUR zu verkaufen



Warwick Streamer LX5.

Made in Germany in 2006.

Virtually brand new. Has never left home. No gigs, no rehearsals.

Solid flame maple body. Ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard.

Active 2 way electronics.

Price is 850€ plus shipping. Would ship worldwide.

I would only consider a trade for another 5 string (34") or a short/medium scale 4 string of the same quality.

No 34" scale 4 strings,

More details at vfdezregueiro@gmail.com



2009 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, purchased (by the previous owner) in Queens New York (original receipt present).

The previous owner installed a D-tuner from Fender (neatly done, although he lost the old normal tuner) and the bass currently has a fresh set of flatwounds.

As for all 2009 models and onwards, the bridge is an improvement over the older one's and it's a string through.

The bass looks and sounds excellent, with only some fretwear but no damages or other inconsistencies.

I'm looking for
€850 (ex shipping).

The bass is located in the Netherlands

For further information, email @ sjoerdjsteenbergen@gmail.com


F bass piccolo fretless 6 strings

Very good condition.


Pictures on request.

The bass is in Paris, France.



G&L L2000 Tribute for sale!
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
Body Material: Ash
Finish: Natural
Number of Frets: 21
Scale Length: 34
Pickups: Two L-spec G&L MFD™ humbucking
Pre-Amp: G&L Tri-Tone
active/passive electronics, 3-way
mini-toggle pickup selector, series/parallel
mini-toggle, preamp control mini-toggle (off/on/on
with high end EQ boost)

Awesome and very versatile bass.
I'm asking around 600 euros+shipping
I can also think about trading for another 5string bass on humbuckers, also with my extra pay.
More pictures on request


- Crafter BA400-EQL/H Electro Acoustic bass

- Brand new Strings on it

- Natural Color

- Satin Finish

- Rosewood Fretboard

- Located in the UK

- Shipping Within EU

- Price: 300£ + Shipping.

- More pictures on Request



Verkaufe einen seltenen Peavey Foundation Bass, black mit matching
headstock, handcrafted in the USA.

Der Bass ist gemäß Seriennummer Baujahr 1987 und befindet sich in sehr
gutem, unverbasteltem Originalzustand mit nur sehr wenigen Gebrauchsspuren.

Es handelt sich um die gesuchte 1. Serie mit dem dreieckigen
Saitenniederhalter, der Brücke mit den massiven Reitern sowie den
legendären Super Ferrite Pickups.

Er kommt inklusive dem abgebildeten Koffer. Standort Düsseldorf, Versand
innerhalb Deutschlands mit GLS für € 20,- möglich, Auslandsversand auf

Preis: €650,- Kontakt: felix_n@gmx.net


Claire pj slim (monster Relic)
Body red alder
Neck maple
Fretboard rosewood
Active coolsound preamp.
Pickups pj Area
Bass located in italy
(open trade)
Price 950 euro plus shipping cost
Contact : misterbass82@gmail.com


Warwick Streamer Stage I, 5-Saiter, Baujahr 1991

Verkaufe meinen langjährigen Begleiter und eindeutiges Juwel meiner Sammlung. Dieser fast 30 Jahre alte Bass ist von hervorragender handwerklicher Qualität und in einem ausgezeichneten Zustand. Er befindet sich seit 28 Jahren in meinem Besitz. Sein Lebenslauf ist lückenlos bekannt.
Ernsthaften Interessenten muß ich zu diesem Bass nichts Weiteres, außer zu seinen individuellen Merkmalen, sagen.

Antesten ist nach Absprache gewünscht.
Versand innerhalb Deutschlands möglich.
Versand innerhalb der EU ggf. machbar.
Tonabnehmer Bartolini Humbucker aktiv / passiv
Elektronik: 1x Volume, 1x Balance, 1x Bass, 1x Treble.
Gewicht: 4,8 kg

Weitere Auskünfte und Fotos gerne auf Anfrage.
2250,- (Kein Tausch oder Inzahlungnahme)

Contact: ArniBi@gmx.net


Ibanez SR605L for sale.

This is an active bass with a 3-band eq. The action was setup nice and low by the previous owner and the strings have plenty of life left. He also installed strap locks and took care of the bass really well (it is as new) and installed notched eq buttons. The bass is very light and has a relative slim neck, whilst it is a 5-string. It looks gorgeous.

The bass is 100% functional and has no damages. I'd like €500,- for it (excluding shipping).

I can ship it in a gigbag (inside a cardboard box).



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