Frans Vollink und Udo Pannekeet

(Hellendoorn / Niederlande)

In front of Jimmy Haslip´s concert in Hellendoorn / Netherlands on April 17th 2006 Frans Vollink and I arranged a meeting. Frans Vollink is a great dutsch bassplayer. I could made of sure for that by his CD "One Spirit".

Frans came to this meeting with his friend and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen, who took part of this CD. We met Frans and Sebastiaan (who lives in London) in a small pub in Hellendoorn and talked a while about the music scene and the upcomming concert.

Than Frans got a phone call from
Udo Pannekeet who was in Hellendoorn too. Udo, a impressive dutch bassplayer as well, came to this pub and so 3 lefthand bassists talked about about bass playing.

At last Sebastiaan gave me a CD called, which was recorded with Udo Panneket on bass and himself.
This CD contains impressive songs of fusion style music so I can recommend these two CD´s.

I was very impressed of these friendly and sympatic musicians!
There a lot of contacts between bassplayers in and out of the Netherlands.
This was a short, but extreme nice evening in the Netherlands and I´m sure to meet Frans, Sebastiaan and Udo again.

Sebastiaan Cornelissen -----Frans Vollink ------Udo Pannekeet-------- Arni