June 2007

These days it´s very quiet. Maybe most of us are very busy or enjoying these wonderful spring time, sitting in the garden or doing some vacations. However, I hope you enjoy the following informations.

What´s on in the lefty sceenNono Blazquez got his Clover Aperiron H.5 Edition bass in the meantime. He enjoy this bass very much and we wish him all the best with it. Keep on rock`in, Nono!

Nono Blazquez and his won Clover Aperiron H.5 Edition bass

The lefty community is growing up and I´m glad to introduce you to the lefthanded bassplayers

Jules Meuffels / Netherlands and

Josh Oliver / USA.

You will find new informations on

Ash Milligan / England and

Sam Manise / Belgium

personal websites.

Please chek them out.

Maruszczyk Basses

Adrian Kuban-Maruszczyk is a wellkown bassplayer and luthier from Germany. I´m in touch with him for a while. So he want to infrom us about his new coustom made lefty bass: A Maruszczyk Elwood X5AH.

Maruszczyk Elwood X5AH

Maruszczyk Elwood X5AH

5-string bass with following specs:

splittable Humbucker (Bassculture) in bridge postion, aktive 2-band electronic (Noll), treble pot in passive modus is a
tone controll

Maruszczyk Elwood X5AH in high gloss finish coss 1450,-- Euro (inklusive gigbag and strap!).

For further informations please get in touch with:

Public Peace
Adrian Kuban-Maruszczyk
D-52457 Aldenhoven


Some days before I got this message from Andrew (Canada)

Hi Arni,

How are you doing? I wanted to let you know that Lakland will be making Skyline Decade basses soon and they have offered (as usual) to do lefty Decade basses if we can get 30 people interested in getting one. If you think anyone from your forum might be interested please let me know.

take care, Andrew

Lakland Skyline Decade

Lakland Skyline Decade

To those of you who are intrested in this limited run of a Lakland Skyline Decade bass, please let me know. I will give you Andrew´s email-address.

"I hope I die before I get old" BULLSHIT!

Long time ago I heard from the rockband "One Foot In The Grave". All the members were in a high age, but since my brother pointed me to the british Rockband "The Zimmers" (with leadsinger Als Carretaa, 90 years old, all the members are 78 years old on average!) I´m full of hope for the last years of my life. :=))

Here is the video of the coversong "My Generation" (The Who).

If you don´t know this great band, please take a look to this meaningful old-age pension. By the way - there´s a lefty too! :=))

Turn your volume to 10 and enjoy it!

Enjoy your life and keep healthy!


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May 2007

Hello Southpaws!
I think most of you have notice that the Clover Aperiron raffle is over now. The lucky owner is Nono Blazquez from Spain. This great bass is just on the way to him. I would like to thank Jörg Neugebauer of
Clover Basses (Germany) again for his unique present for us lefties.

I hope we can repeat such a raffle again sometimes and I´m waiting for offers. We will see.

I´m glad to tell you about the support from lefties who had send me their profils. So please wellcome

Thomas Berntsen / Norway

Niels Dorsman / Netherlands

Yvan Burke / Spain

Mick Murphy / Ireland

Following websites got a update

Roland Jullin / France

Michael Bernicker / Germany

Julian Michel / Germany

Rudyblizz / Singapore

Frederik Lubitz /Germany

Thanks to all of you!

Hmm, I don´t know why, but the contact to lefty bassplayers from America is reduceing. Maybe the reasion is my bad English. If someone of you can help us to make our website a little bit popular, I would be more than lucky. Get in touch with me for any ideas.

Good news from Ibanez! The good old Ibanez ATK bass is available again and I hope lefties ATK will follow soon.

At this moment you can purchise the Paul Gray (Slipknot) signature ATK.

Ibanez ATK PGB1L

Neck: 5pc PGB4 Maple/Walnut neck
NeckType: PGB4
Body: Light Ash body
Frets: Medium frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: PGB special
Bridge: ATK 4 bridge
NeckPU: ATK triple coil pu
EQ: ATK 3-band eq w/Tone character sw
HWcolor: CK

Thanks for all and keep in touch!


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March 2007

Hi lefties!

I`m sitting here in a nice holiday flat and snow is falling outside. Originally it´s spring here in Germany, but it´s snowing endless.

I have the time and opportunity to create this new update. I´m sure you are waiting for it!

A lot of things has happend and since Clover spent this great Apeiron bass of a raffle, our website get more and more encouragement.

Thanks again to Jörg Neugebauer of Clover basses. We get a wonderful feedback and I think this raffle was a great idea. I hope I could answer all the emails. If not, please get in touch with me again!

In the meantime I had the chance to proof the Clover Apeiron bass and I must tell you, that these bass is a very very nice, good sounding bass with a wonderful handling. I´m sad, but this bass will leave my home whan the dealine comes: April 30th, 2007!!


Use this chance to win this lefty Clover Apeiron bass. It´s a masterpiece of Jörg Neugebauer and I´m sure, such a raffle will not come back.


Since the last update more lefthanded bassplayers joined out list of lefty bassplayers. I´m proud to welcome friends from all over this world:

Jerry Ploeg / Netherlands

Daniel Batliner / Austria

Rudyblizz / Singapore

Michael Schlecht / Germany

Nono Blazquez / Spain

Desire Mazurat / Canada

Tim Becker / Germany

Brendan Grieve / United Kingdom

Paul L Collins / United Kingdom

Bruno Murgia / Italy

Eric Muno / Luxemburg

Andy Gibbons / England

Following websites got a update! Please check them out:

Peter Jordan / Irland

Reto Bauert / Schweiz

Sam Manise / Belgien

Andreas Sinth / Deutschland

Björn Swedin / Schweden

Steve Clarke/ USA

Jean Van Holder / Belgien

Alexande Staff / Deutschland

Francesco Gabbanini / Italien


I got a message from Daniel Fritz / Germany.

He points us to the

lefty G&L L-2000 Tribute-series bass.

This lefty bass is available in April this year for a price of 580 Euros.

Thanks Daniel!


More about Ampeg basses:

Hi Arni
Yes Joe Long had an Ampeg Scroll bass. I played one in London in a Vintage shop (a lefty) so there is more than one.

Bruce Johnson makes the new Ampeg Scroll basses, with modern updates. They are not cheap though, and he will make a lefty.



Raymond Quek (UK)


Maybe I´m too modest, or why I was so surprised about the Blackwood company?

Why they are so intresting in lefty musicians?

This and many other things were subject when Martin Schrader, importer of Blackwood Guitars came for a visit into my home on Feb. 2nd, 2007.

Martin had 3 lefthand basses inthis luggage and I had the chance to check them out:

1. Blackwood Bluesmaster Bass (Wine Red)

2. Blackwood Metalhead (Age Tiger)

3. Blackwood Roxster Bass, neck through (Transparent Black)

I was absolutly astonished about the high quality of this basses, made in Korea. The handling is great and the design is unusual.

You get a lot of bass for your money!

Coustoms wishes are wellcome. So I´m proud to say, that the inlays of the Bluesmaster bass was my idea.

The Bluesmaster bass is on the top of my list.

For further informations, please check out the Blackwood website: www.upstroke.de

Martin Schrader, importer of Blackwood guitars

came for a visit with 3 Blackwood basses in his luggage!


I think most of us would like to play with famous musicians. Here is your chance if you have some money in your money box.

A very intresting event, I think.

Check it out and jam with your idol!

This Camp is THE ultimate Rock 'Roll fantasy that one could ever imagine! This once-in-a-lifetime experience has limited space so book your spot now! Rock' n Roll Fantasy Camp™ is going to England and we want you to come along for the ride of your life!

LONDON - 5 NIGHTS (MAY 24 - 28, 2007) and Liverpool 6th night option (May 29).
• Record at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, including Studio 2 where legends such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Who have recorded some of the most famous albums in music history!

• For 5 days & nights, you will jam with some of Rock ‘n Roll's biggest stars such as JACK BRUCE of Cream!

• Rock out with GARY BROOKER of Procol Harum ("Whiter Shade of Pale")!

• Counselors include Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Paul Carrack (Sqeeze and Mike & the Mechanics), Spike Edney (Queen), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Neil Murray (Whitesnake & Black Sabbath), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Mark Hudson (legendary song writer, producer & star of X-Factor, the UK version of American Idol), Jamie Moses (The Pretenders), Bruce Kulick (KISS), Mick Ralphs (Bad Company), Sandy Gennaro (Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett), and many more!

• "Battle of the Bands" will be at Abbey Road Studios, where "Live from Abbey Road" tv show is filmed!

• MAJOR rockstar guest TBD!
• Your band will be not only be recorded for a CD, but filmed for your own personal DVD!
• Attend master classes daily by our Rock 'n Roll talent!
• Play & write your own original song!
• 10+ hours of daily jam sessions with your bandmates and rock star counselors!
• Daily meals & transportation with stars and campers included!
• Eat at Abbey Road Cafeteria and dine next to the stars!
• Play with Gibson guitars and top notch musical equipment such as Marshall amps!
• We provide all equipment!
• Be shuttled on the Gibson tour bus!
• Rehearse at the world-famous John Henry Studios!
• Record with expert recording engineers including Will Schillinger (attach Bio)!!
• Plenty of photo and autograph opportunities!
• Receive complimentary Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp™ tour jacket!
• You can stay at the trendy Mayfair Hotel where Rockstars are a daily fixture!

• If 5 nights is not enough for you, you can add on to your trip for yet another ultimate rockstar experience! For an additional fee, you will travel to Liverpool!

• Play live at the legendary Cavern Club as The Beatles themselves once did!

• Your band's performance of Beatles songs will also be recorded so you have a lifetime of bragging rights!

• Be taken on a private Beatles tour around Liverpool before you fly out of Manchester and back to reality.


I´m in touch with Rob Swanson for a long time. I´m the lucky owner of one of his basses.

Rob has send me his new CD! This CD contains wonderful jazz music and I hope you are intresting in listening his music.

Take a look to his website and listen to Rob´s "The Terra Soul Project" at www.robswansonmusic.com


That´s it for now. I hope you enjoy this update and you could find intresting news for lefty bassplayers.

Let me know if you have informations which are intresting for us! And if you like to join our community, I would be more than glad!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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January 2007

Hello fellow lefty bassplayers.

let us start this new year with full of optimism! At beginning of the new year I got many emails from you and I´m sure, this year will be one of the best! Maybe it´s the beginning of a new era. For myself, the last year ends turbulent and the new year began as well.

And now I have to present you a sensation! At first time in history (let me know if I´m wrong) a lefthanded bass is ready for a raffle, exclusive for the users of this website, www.leftybass.com!

At every time only righthanded bassplayers had a chance to win a bassguitar. But now this terrible time is over, because the wellknown company "Clover Bass Guitars" (owner Jörg Neugebauer) has a big heart for lefthanded bassplayers and treat a expensive, handmade Clover Aperiron H.5 Edition lefthand bass!!!!

This high end bass has a value of 1769,-- Euros!

Check out the Clover website: www.cloverbasses.com

For details to this raffle click here! Good luck!

Please use my guestbook and let me know what you think about this great support from Clover!

Now it´time to say hello to lefthanded basists, who have send me theire informations! Please welcome to:

Ethan Newman / USA

Carl Scarborough / Australia

Ash Milligan / Scotland

Michael Bernicker / Germany

Mehmet Tahsin Tansu / Turkey

Rick Lopez / USA

I also got new informations from

Andrei Gorodetsky / Russia

Roger Romain / Belgium

Vladimir Scherbinin / Ukraine

Thank you very much!

I´m in touch with the German luthier Adrian Kuban-Maruszczyk for a long time. Adrian creats exellent basses and supports lefty bassplayers like Clover with all wishes we have for a lefty bass.

Adrian likes to present you his new masterpiece, a Cazpar bass, in a shortscale version, which is made by coustom order.

You will get this Cazpar lefthand for about 899,-- Euro. For details take a look to www.public-peace.de


And than I got some emails, I don´t to keep them by myself.

1. Peter McCulloch / USA

I'm writing to tell you that Eastwood Guitars is currently making an Ampeg AEB copy for 2007, and they are willing to make lefties if we can get a minimum of 12 orders.


Eastwood Guitars are very cool about offering left handed guitars, and I was pivotal in getting the lefty Mosrite Ventures bass made. If you are not familiar with these Ampeg basses, they are the coolest looking basses ever made, IMO. Rick Danko can be seen playing one in, "The Last Waltz". There is only one known lefty Ampeg AEB in existence, and it was specially made for the bassist of the Four Seasons back in the 60's. I believe Route 66 Guitars owns this bass.
I'm asking if you could spread the word on your site and mention that Eastwood will make us a lefty Ampeg copy with only 12 orders minimum. I want to get the word out to as many people in the lefty community as possible.

If you are intrested in one of this unique bass, please get in touch with Mike Robinson from Eastwood Guitars. Here is his email address: michael@myrareguitars.com


I also have some other good news:
There's a company called Waterstone Guitars that is currently making basses for Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick and they are now offering a left handed Tom Peterson signature 12 string bass model! Check it out at:
www.waterstoneguitars.com/bass_tp12_34.shtml. It's a very cool looking bass, and it's probably the cheapest and easiest lefty 12 string you can find.


Thanks and all the best.

Keep on thumpin',

2. Chris Badynee / USA

Hi Arni,
this may be the worlds first ambidextrious upright bass.
The Bogdon Box Bass is a 2-string upright bass that is shipped as a kit. The oak neck assembly is pre-cut and pre-drilled. The only tools needed are a screwdriver, a hot glue gun, packing tape, and a razor blade for cutting along-the-dotted-lines on the cardboard box. The box bass looks absurd yet sounds wondeful.

here's a bass solo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6cTbaBApM4

and here's the box bass webpage

So if you are looking for a cheep upright, take a look to this crasy bass!!

Rick is looking for help! He´s the owner of a lefthanded Guild acoustic bass and needs some information to this bass!

Serial number: B300148 and the model number is: B30CSB or 5B i
Please get in touch with rick@ricklopez.net

What do you think? Isn´t it a good start for 2007?!

If you like to get a exciting year 2007 for the lefty bassplayer scene, stay in touch and send me your informations. Let us show the righties what we are able to do! :=))



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