These two basses were stolen in Belgium!

So please keep your eyes open for a

- carvin sb5000 purple

- marleaux consat straight 5 aged black

Contact: philmathy@hotmail.com


Lefthand Fender Jazz Bass Amercan Deluxe stolen!!!

Stolen in France June 2019

Sunburst with white pickguard

Serial number is FEN0194490

Please keep your eyes open!

For any infoirmation please get in touch with Jerome: jerome.rouquette[at]laposte.net

or let me know: ArniBi@gmx.net

Thanks for all help!

Fellow Lefties,

I wish you and your families a Merry Chrismtas in peace and harmony.

Enjoy the bass playing and have a good time!

I´m glad for welcome a new lefty on our website. So please welcome

Marcel Breuss / Austria

A note from Jim Graham:

I was looking for a true hollowbody bass, not a semi-hollow. The Electromatic was what I was looking for; a true hollowbody with a soundpost under the bridge, but Gretsch does not make a left handed version. But I bought one anyway and carefully converted it to left hand. It's probably the only left handed Gretsch Electromatic bass in the world. I may be wrong but I've never come across one which is why I wanted to share with everyone.

The conversion was straight-forward, being careful to drill holes in the proper positions, drill holes for black neck position markers and color matched the filled holes. I disassembled the bridge and revered all the pieces. The only part I couldn't reverse was the tail piece. I later upgraded the pickups to TVJones ThunderTrons and upgraded the tuners to the very solid Grover Vintage bass machines.

The bass is fantastic! Wonderful rich hollow sound, light weight and looks retro cool. I have it fitted with Thomastik-Infeld flats so the bass can really get "under the band." A The bass gets a lot of compliments.
I thought maybe other bass players would appreciate seeing a one of a kind bass.

Thanks, Arnie!
...and Merry Christmas!

Jim Graham--Seattle USA


Upside Down Bassists wanted!

Hello dear lefties,

a few weeks ago I received a message from Jeff Mueller (USA).

Jeff asked me to keep a list of "Upside Down" playing bassists with contact opportunities to share ideas and experiences.

I would like to take up this idea and ask for active support. I will gladly set up a corresponding section.

So if you are a Upside Down bass player, let me know and I will post your name on this list with your email contact, if you like.

Have a good time,



We have new friends! Thank´s a lot to ...

Ilker Ozalp / Turkey

Patrice Boulesteix / France

Greg Théveniau / France

Piotr Zajdel / Poland


Maybe that will be the reason!

The new Music Man Stingray Special

Take a look to the (german version) Music Man video.

Hope a lefty will available soon.

MusicMan has confirmed
that they currently do not produce left-handed basses. When this will change, is not known at MusicMan.

Does Music Man give up the left-handed production?
Note from Armin Klopfer:

On the website of Music Man is currently only the Sterling Bass left-handed version available!

Thus, Stingray, Bongo etc. are no longer available as left-handed bass via MusicMan!

What happens there?

Here is a metal bass for the metal bassplayers:

Jari Pasuri, lefty bassplayer from Finland, pointed me to Kiiras Instruments. Kiiras is located in Finland as well and builds instruments with all features you like. Custom order for a good price.

Here is Jaris bass from the Katras series:


5-piece maple-wenge laminate neck
24 jumbo STAINLESS STEEL frets
Fretboard radius: 12?-16? compound radius on fixed bridges
16? on Floyd Roses
Nut: Bone / buffalo horn for fixed bridges
Locking nut on Floyd Roses
Tuners: Gotoh SG381 MG – locking tuners with fixed bridges
SG381 regular tuners with Floyd Rose
Headstock veneer matches body wood & finish

Body & hardware
1+ body construction (ie. one board on the middle with two pieces glued to each side) with bolt-on guitars
No bindings
Stained to desired colour, wood grain is left visible
Satine laquer
Gotoh BB-04W 18V (2x9V) battery case with active electronics
Humbucker rings, jack plate and truss rod cover made of stainless steel

.New friends and lefthanded bassplayers on leftybass.com! Thanks!

John Schwetje / USA

Isacco Gioffredi / Italy

Farshad Shokuhfar / Germany


Matteo dè Virgiliis / Italy

Boban Pavlovic / Serbia

Update: Oliver Hinderle / Germany


Update: Dirk Wiese / Germany

Update: Armin Klopfer / Germany


Mauro Campus from Italy

Ruth Jochems from the Netherlands

Lefty and owner of JM Speakers Jules Meuffels with the new

Triton Bass Cab!



Marco Bruggeman with a updated website!

Bob Battersby´s blackies!

From left to right:

Fender USA Standard Precision with WD Music black pick guard

Rickenbacker 4004L Laredo - I believe this is either the only one - or maybe one of two - left handed Laredos ever made by Rickenbacker. I had to restore the bridge pickup, controls and electronics as the previous owner had changed a few things!

Fender USA Standard Jazz body with Warmoth fretless neck (birds eye maple, ebony board, T style headstock), Hipshot B bridge and Schaller Jazz pickups.

Musicman Stingray.

www.leftybass.com ---------------------------- Arni`s Lefthand Bassplayer Community ---------------------------- News from the world of lefthanded bassplayers---------------------------- This website needs your support---------------------------- Email: ArniBi@gmx.net

The Vik Cassis Collection (Canada)

Resonator, Charvel w/Kahler, 1998 Wal, 1978 Ricky 4001 w/ Bardens and Hipshot bridge, Ruokangas Steambass,

Status w/fret leds, 5 string Alembic, and my faithful wife of almost 37 years and more than 5000 shows...the 1st lefty Steinberger.

Thanks Vik!


Dear Lefties,

in recent months much has happened and things falling over themselves occasionally. Therefore, I can understand if the interest in our website subsides somewhat. A logical conclusion!
But are things happening that have shaken me and saddened. Therefore, I was forced to take various personal pages out of the net. There are now again in the Internet security and envy or jealousy can be lived without restraint. Him whom it applies, by sleepless nights are prepared. I, as usual, could not keep up to date my website and also wanted to do with these things.
I do not want to stop the operation of our "Lefty Bass Player Community" but strengthen in the coming months. And for that I need your support and your understanding.

Enough complained! : =)

I would like to mention that the profiles were revised by

Frits Jochems / Belgien

Peter Bertges / Germany

Bob Battersby / England

All the best for you,


(PS: Sorry for using a translation program. Hope you will understand my thoughts.)

Frits Jochems / Belgium

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Hello Arni,
Folks on my blog just pointed me to your website. I am the author of Music Theory for the Bass Player, a book that I published in August last year. I use lots of fretboard diagrams in that book and have gotten quite a few requests for a left handed version which I am reaching out for help for. This blog post explains a bit more. Would you be able to pass this on to your community?


Keep up the great work!

Typos by my iPhone

Ariane C. Cap
Bassist Educator


March, 6th 2016

Dear Bassplayers,

I like to introduce you to two more lefty bassplayers. I´m very proud to get the first contact to the Iran. So please wellcome


Payam Ghasemi / Iran

Giacomo Occhipinti / England


Where are they now?

Lucky owner of Gibson Lefthand EB-0 and EB-3 basses wanted!

As you konw, Gibson only prduced a small limit of lefty EB basses. I will try find out, how many of them are existing now worldwide.

So I need your help! Please inform these owners to get in touch with me!

Stay safe!

www.leftybass.com ---------------------------- Arni`s Lefthand Bassplayer Community ---------------------------- News from the world of lefthanded bassplayers---------------------------- This website needs your support---------------------------- Email: ArniBi@gmx.net

Who can help Joris?

hi Arni, I need an acoustic bass in Kansas City for 3 concerts on February 6 & 7, do you know anyone there? I checked the site but didn’t find anyone.


Joris Teepe www.joristeepe.com


Dear bassplayers,

I wish you will hav a Happy New Year and all the best. I would be very happy if we can continue to maintain contact 2016.

Since I enjoy our cooperation and our passion, especially in these days as a means of understanding and breakdown of mental barriers. Your contact means a lot to me! Thanks

Please wellcome new lefthand bassplayers in our community!

Jess Philip Philipsen / Denmark

Ettore Baldini Neto / Brasil


Petros Damianidis / Greece

Ben Poncin / Belgium


Upates a available from Kevin Salt / Holland, Freddi Lubitz / Germany and Peter Jordan / Ireland! Please check it out!



German prof. bassplayer

Andreas Düro

is a friend of our website since the beginning!

is an integral part since the early days, our left-handed side.

He gas given the German trade journal "The Bass Professor" an interview.

In this readable article is also mentioned www.leftybass.com! Thank you very much, Andreas !!!

Wanted! Not stolen!

Ibanez Roadstar II bass. I’m looking for the bass I sold on this page back in 2001.

I am the original owner of this bass and would like to purchase it back if someone has it.

The photo below is what I ran on Arni’s page when I sold it.

If you have this bass or know of its whereabouts,

please contact me at dougandrews1102@att.net. Thank you!


A few weeks ago I have received with help from the German bassist Markus Setzer a beautiful bass of the Finnish manufacturer Ruokangas and could admire him extensively and test it for a few weekes!

The company Ruokangs located in Finland and produces excellent instruments. The Steam bass has passive electronics and brings the full width to the sound amp. The playability is outstanding!

Curious? Then visited Ruokangs under http://www.ruokangas.com

Stay safe my friends and keep in touch!



Help needed in London / UK!

Hi Arni,

I have a concert at the London Jazz Festival on November 15. Do you know of any acoustic left handed bass in London to rent?

Hi Lefties. Maybe we can help Joris to find a bass for his concert. Thanks a lot!

Contact Joris Teepe: joristeepe@gmail.com

Joris Teepe on youtube: 7 minutes video



Help needed!

This bass guitar was stolen in France on 16. October 2015!

it's a lefty fender precision bass guitar! The bass is from 1976.

If someone has information, he can contact me at my e mail adress : marc.russo@neuf.fr



Dear fellow left hand musicians

I am excited to share that I received a reply from Rob Wallis of Hudson Music, the company behind the new Bass Guru App and other music instruction products, of his support with my asking educators to stop using specific references of hands that only are correct for right hand musicians.
In short, to instead refer to hands as either a picking hand or fretting hand.
Such labeling, without "right" or left" designation will apply to both Righty or Leftys.
Such a change does not cost anything to implement from today forward and will spare a young left handed student confusion when learning.
I thank Rob Wallis for stepping up to the plate, so to speak, and supporting my approach and making his producers and educators aware of this.

Jack Frisch
Left hand bassist
Owner of UprightGraphics.com and UprightTransport.com
Voting member of N.A.R.A.S (The National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences)



Hello Lefties,

I´m so sorry to tell you that we can not do the Lefty Bass Day in 2015. But CMS promised us to provide thier rooms for the Lefty Bass Day in 2016!

Hope we will see us there in 2016! I´m always glad to hear from you,

Your lefty bassplayer Arni


JM Speakers

Jules Meuffels

Lefties all over

Seen by Ulrich Herbst in Berlin / Germany

Just Music Berlin-Kreuzberg


Nino di Nolfo / Italy

Pelle Ericson / Germany


Zoltan Demeter / Hungary

Eoghan O'Reilly / United Kingdom


South Pawl Jones (Jason Eagan) / Canada


Updates von

Niels Broekema / Netherlands

Armin Klopfer / Germany

Peter van der Linden / Netherlands

Kevin Salt / Netherlands

Sorry bassplayers, no Lefty Bass Day in 2015!

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