I wish you and your families a merry and peaceful chirstmas time!

Keep healthy and stay in touch with your old german friend,


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To all our friends in the USA! Who can help Joris?

Hi Arni,
I'm going to perform at the JEN conference (Jazz Educators Network) in Atlanta (USA) on January 5.
It is a big 3 day event (Jan 3-6).
Of course it's difficult, risky and expensive to bring my upright bass.
Do you know a way to find out if any other lefty upright bassist is going to play there?
Or do you know of a lefty who lives in Atlanta?
Thanks for your help.

Joris Teepe


Help needed from Lithuania!

Assaf Hakimi (www.assafhakimi.com) needs help for a jazz festival in Kaunas / Lithuania end of April 2013. Who can help Assaf with a lefthand upright bass for this event? Ever idea can be helpfull!




Dear bassists,

in front of the 4th Lefty Bass Day, I would like to present an update. So we find more time to concentrate to this event on 22nd September.

At this update again many lefties were involved, and I would like to thank you all.

I want to follow the tradition and welcome our new friends and members of the community!

Alasana Faal / Gambia

Larry Williams / USA

Robin Niklasson / Sweden

Ján Kalafut / Slowakia


Simon Killip / England

Bruce Paul Allen / USA

Stewart Ferguson / Australia

Richard Davidson / USA


In addition, the following page has been added by our friends with trivia:

Freddi Lubitz /Germany

Flavio Mangione / USA

Bart Whitehurst / Australia

Roberto Iacovacci / Italy

Sylvain Peresse / France

Thank you all for your great and friendly support!


It´s time again for the 4th sensation!

How time flies! For the 4th unique event will be held!

CMS and I invite you to the 4th Lefty Bass Day in Duisburg! We want you to spend a nice day and I talk about everything, especially left-handed bass.

Who wants to show us his bass, bring him with you. Who wants to sell his bass can offer it for free on this day.

In addition, we will present excerpts from André Müller his solo program. A generous raffle, presented by the company CMS rounds out this brilliant day.

So until 22.09.2012! I look forward to you and your bass!



Jim Graham has an enviable job! He worked as a musician on a cruise ship and traveling the world. Its stations are located mainly on the American continent.


Jim Graham and his Cruiseship showband!

I've been using flat-wound strings on my 62 RI Fender P bass and running it through my Sadowski pre-amp and it sounds great in the house.



I just got an email from Thomas Blodig. He is the lucky and proud owner of a Kala-U-Bass.

Hi Arni!

Kennst Du den Kala-U-Bass?

Die gibt es jetzt auch als Linkshänderversion.

Ich habe mir beim Großhändler "meinen Bonsai-Bass" unter mehreren raussuchen können. Es gibt doch Unterschiede im Klang. Hätte ich nicht vermutet. Ein Schlaraffenland für Linkshänder.
Es ist (derzeit) die einzige Version, die es davon gibt.

Es ist immer eine Freude, wenn ich das Ding auspacke: Zuerst erstaunen und belächeln, aber dann, wenn ich einige Zeit damit gespielt habe: Hängende Kinnladen und Unglauben, dass das kleine Ding so einen gewaltigen Klang hervorbringt. Es macht mir unheimlich viel Spaß damit zu spielen.
Die Basis ist eine Bariton-Ukulele, weil es eine Bass-Ukulele nicht Gab/gibt. Bisher!

Die Bonsai-Version ist gestimmt wie ein Kontra-oder ein E-Bass. Deshal keinerlei Umstellung. Nur die Mensur macht etwas Probleme, wenn man die Skale von einem noralen Bass gewohnt ist.
Nicht unbedingt für Rockbands geeignet. Ich setze ihn in Folk-Formationen und bei Balladen ein.

A message from Vladimir "vovin" Scherbinin / Ukraine:

Hi Arni,
the band where I'm playing and back singing - Chorna Rada released album at the end of the 2011.
So, if you don't mind i would like to share it with other lefties,
Here are the details:
Band: Chorna Rada
Release:In the shadows world
Style: Pop Progressive Metal
Band page:
http://www.chornarada.com (unfortunately Ukrainian version only at the moment)
Download link:
click here
If someone would like to share opinion or invite us to play somewhere or even just drink couple of beers :) - contact e-mail is
We would like to hear as much feedback as it could be.

Vielen Dank.




Arni, Andreas Sindt, Ulli Goldbecker


The german music store, "Musik Produktiv" in Ibbenbüren has for some time a considerable selection of left-handed guitars or basses. On 18 August 2012 I drove to this place take a look by myself.

Together with lefty Ulli Goldbecker (Mixed Society) we met in this Lefty department a good friend Andreas Sindt, who´s responsible for this huge selection! My respect!


In dependence on the Kala-U-Bass: Does somebody has a lefty Ministar Bassstar bass for sale? If you have, let me know!

However, stay in touch and I hope to hear from you soon with news from the lefty bassplayer world! And of course,I wish to see you at the Lefty Bass Day 2012!

Always your friend, Arni

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Dear Lefties,

I am pleased to welcome you again for my next update. And again, a lot has happened and thanks to your support for newsworthy in the field of our community!

I am particularly pleased about the many activities and informations around our instrument.

Even the date for the 4th Lefty Bass Day listed?? If not, then do it now: 22/09/2012

We will welcome new friends at first. Welcome and thank you!

Neil Leveugle / France

Bob Battersby / UK

Manuel Malvar Marengo / Argentina

Gilles Linossier / France

Ádám Németh / Hungary

Updates are available from

Vladimir "vovin" Scherbinin / Ukraine

Jacky Grandjean / France

Ali Kulhia / Finland

Peter Van der Linden / Netherlands

Jules Meuffels / Netherlands

Josef "Zeppelin" Trestl / Austria

The lady with the lefty Ric!

Hey Arni - Still loving the site! I thought you would have a laugh that lefty bassists have made it into Japanese cartoons. This is FLCL (if you don't know about it already):


She can be our mascot! Sorry the clip is in English, I couldn't find a good one in the original Japanese.


Thanks to Sanford Santacroce

This is one of the rarest lefty basses, a Gibson Thunderbird.

It´s for sale for just $ 12495!

1967 Gibson Thunderbird II on consign from Tom Petersson


Yamato and Fresher known?

If you can help with informations..

I attach pictures of two of my basses. On the left is Yamato and on the right is Fresher.
In case anyone has seen similar basses before or knows more their production volumes etc. in detail I would like to know.

They have been bought from UK and are now in Finland.

BR Pekka Kivinen

Who can help Pekka Kivinen with informations to Yamato and Fresher?

Please send a message to: p_kivinen@yahoo.co.uk

Bassplayer Zeppelin Trestl from Vienna is a proud owner of a "Flo Custom Bass":

Basstyp: Neck-tru Bass
Korpus:Kernesche mit Wenge Sandwichbauweise
Hals:Riegelahorn-3 teilig mit Nussstreifen
Kopfplatte:3 Teilig -Wenge-Esche mit Ahornfunier Matching Headstock
Mensur:Extra Long Scale (888mm)
Halsbreite:0./12.Bund 57.67mm
Stringspacing:19.7mm (Brücke)
Preamp:Noll TCM3
Pickups:Hals-Quarter Pound for 5-string Jazz Bass® SJ5-3
Brücke-Delano SBC 5HE/S
Bünde:22 mit Nullbund
Brücke:Kluson Einzelstege
Preis: Unbezahlbar :-)

Four lefty Waja basses and their lucky owners!

André Müller, Hubert Döring, Stefanie Weidner and me

André Müller from Vienna and Hubert Dörung have been infected with the "Waja virus" on the last Lefty Bass Day.

On 3/24/2012 received both bassists their custom handmade bass from the luthier Wassilios Nikolaidis of Waja Bass personally.

The company CMS in Duisburg-Homberg took this moment as an opportunity to hold a small celebration.

Many thanks to everyone involved! It was a great event!


Hubert and André are checking out my basses at home.

The row of lefties at CMS

Four lefty Waja masterpieces.

Tips for southpaws


Our website was part of the american issue of the

Bass Player Magazine!

After the initial consultation with knowledgeable persons these kits are not recommended.

The overall symmetry is obviously out of joint, so that as the strings do not pass exactly over the pole pieces of the pickups.

Still, I try to edit this kit on and make it ready for you.

Will keep you posted and hope it´s only a individual case.


Finally I would like to take something room for me and my band to complete.

We Mixed Society, by the way a "double-lefty band", have completed a CD,

the few pieces of known artists and also includes its own material.

If anyone is interested in this CD, please turn to our drummer Jürgen Mische.

It´s avaiable for 10 € plus shipping costs.Mixed Society

Infos / Booking

Jürgen Mische: info@mixedsociety.de

A gift from Paolo Molinari (Italy) for us lefties!

Hi Arni,
I'm Paolo Molinari from Bologna Italy...
I only want to say you I have make a video of classic music a duet with a cello and me (LEFTY DOUBLE BASS PLAYER) from music composed by William Croft in the XIX century...


Thanks Arni

Thanks to all my friends!

I´m looking forward to get in touch with you all.

Your´s in music,





Last but not least!

The 4th Lefty Bass Day on 22.September 2012!

The Lefty Bassist Highlight this year!!!

"The Jethro Tull Bourée Performance!"

What´s that???

It an open stage for lefty bassplayers (if you like, play with your guitarplayer, keyboarder, or solo...) to perform

Jethro Tull´s bass solo from "Bourée" or the complete song with supporting musicians. (like this)

So start practicing on the bass in these dreary winter days and learn Bourée! Hope we will have a lot of fun!!

I'm looking forward to your performances!

That's it for today. I must go now, doing my exercisesstarted on bass.

Any questions? Please don´t hesitate to ask me: ArniBi@gmx.net

Best wishes from your old friend


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